AfroIntroductions Review – what do we know about it?

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How does AfroIntroductions work?

AfroIntroductions is a lot like other dating websites. But you can tell that the people behind this website really go out of their way to make sure that the women they get are truly looking for meaningful relationships and not just looking to hook-up.

Beyond that, the website also lets you search for your specific ethnic groups. So if there is a race of people you are searching for that you are unsure of, you can narrow down to races that you are interested in.

There are more than 10 million people currently using their service, and the number is growing by 40% per month. That is huge.

They also have several worldwide offices that you can contact with questions about the service or if it is something that you would like to take advantage of. Because of this, you can guarantee that they will be able to help you figure out whether AfroIntroductions is right for your ethnic group or not.

There’s a free trial you can use to see how the website works for you, so you can make sure that the service is right for you before making a commitment. You can even extend the free trial to a full membership if you’re still not sure and want to continue playing around with the service.

Registration – is it really easy?

Considering the average time people spend registering, it takes only few minutes to register for AFRI-101. This has made the course even more popular, considering the knowledge and abilities of its users.

Many users have stated that it is a great alternative to traditional online courses. While most online courses offer a 50% discount on the first month at the release, it is only the case with AfroIntroductions.

AFRI-101 provides a discount of 50% on the first month for registration. Although the price is lower than the other courses, it still supports the education of new creators. It also seems that new users have been happy with this decision, considering that they are getting a chance to try the product with a lower investment.

This course provides not only the standard content you can find in other courses but also has its own highlights.

The content of AFRI-101 contains a lot of information on the basic numbers and concepts of the African culture. For those people who are studying Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latin and Afro-European cultures, you can expect to learn a lot of numbers concepts that are specific for this culture.

Overall, the course is a great deal for new developers.

What about design and usability?

AfricanAfroIntroductions has 3.5 Stars out of 1 Review on Capterra. This is quite an appropriate score.

It is a perfectly OK african dating site “quality” in my opinion.

An interface of the not too old dating site looks quite average.

The last two things that I see on design are functionality of the website and user experience of the site itself.

Everything is done in good style, text is well-worded and understandable, navigation is quite good, all the necessary information is available in the menu.

It is an estimation that male and female a very serious Russian or Ukranian user will dismiss the site on the basis of number of women, form of registration, number of the permanent users of the site “, “I want friends, not dating!”.

Presto, the site does not exist.

So, I would have simply discarded the website from the rating scale, if it were not of the reputation of users in the African and Russian countries.

It is a pity that the large number of poor users influences the rating of the website, since male and female European users are perfectly happy with the present situation.

Let’s talk about profile quality

This is one of the key factors that need to be considered carefully before determining if AfroIntroductions is a good site for you. This is where the team behind the platform reveal their profile information and bio information.

At the time of writing of this new article – (11th May, 2017), there are currently 76,944 members on the site. You can also consider the number of verified profiles. I’m going to assume that most of the profiles on this site are of real people and may, therefore, exist in the real world!

Therefore, you ought to consider the information this real people have to share and compare that with AfroIntroductions yourself.

This profile information, as all other information on the site, is known to be completely legitimate. Within a few minutes of being on AfroIntroductions, you will receive the chance to select your country. You will also have the chance to select the continent, city and area of the country you wish to locate your profile in.

Therefore, the information in the members’ profile is totally reliable and legitimate.

This is a critical part of the profile information pertaining to the validity of the members on this site. All of the profile information about these members have been verified to be 100% legitimate and accurate. The Bio section is also shown to be 100% legitimate and accurate even when completed by real individuals.

The mobile application

Aims at making it easier to meet new people based on their cultural background.

Looking for someone to date, it is smart to look for someone else who may not otherwise be obvious. If you are Asian and want to date a person from a different background, you need to be aware that your dating pool is limited by the demographics of the people you know.

· If you are Caucasian, the largest dating pool is found by looking at people from other ethnicities. If you are Asian, the largest pool would be found if you were looking at people who were not Asian or Caucasian. There are many more ethnicities than the two major groups of people in the U.S.

· Keyword search engines are great for quick searches, but they do not always show you what you need to know.

· Afro Introductions is a mobile application that's available for both iOS and Android devices.

A well designed mobile app with all the features that you could think of – to make the online experience as close as possible to the real world.

· Sending messages and chatting online:

This is a new feature exclusively to Afro Introductions. This is an innovative approach that automatically appends your first message with your full profile photo which is being viewed by the recipient. That means your message now reads “START WITH THIS PHOTO OF ME.”

Safety & security

We checked the AfroIntroductions website to see if they had put many safety instructions on their website. Here is what they had to say:

Should you decide to order from anywhere else, we would like to stress that while the website may suggest you that you are dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy company, you are always very welcome to double check with our customer support team.

Some things to consider when you order from anywhere else:

Your money is NOT SAFE:

There is a possibility for a third party to get their hands on your money; since money is handled by companies like PayPal, your money is at risk.

Therefore, it is vital that you use a credit card when you buy. This way, your money would be protected by the chip and you have the power to dispute an unauthorized transaction by the seller. Thus, your money is protected by the credit card company during the transaction.

There is also a possibility of the company being unprofessional. They could be a part of a ring that steals information, scamming you. There is nothing you can do if you are scammed, but a single cycle of emails could be enough evidence for you to dispute a chargeback with your credit card.

Do NOT use your personal information

Pricing and benefits

Help & support

The maker of AfroIntroductions, Brian Fredrick, is a world-renowned commodity expert helping to direct and optimize the commodity market.

You can contact him through his website, and use the Contact Form, to get hold of him and to get any support needed.


What type of complaints should I expect?

A: AfroIntroductions won't necessarily have all the answers, although their team is very knowledgeable and super friendly. Most of the time, the general consensus and the term used to describe your hair condition in your search should be the answer. Do your homework and research any company you are looking into carefully before you make a commitment. AfroIntroductions gives you tons of information, so don't just head right in. Take your time and do some homework.

Is AfroIntroductions safe?

AfroIntroductions is a scam website and has been blacklisted by various blackhat forums. This scam site was launched a couple of years ago to take in money from victims. In order to lure people into investing in this site, the creators have developed misleading content on the site that makes it seem like it offers safe opportunities to connect to beautiful african ladies and mingle with them.

But, once the victims enters into the site, they can find out that all the members are not beautiful and cannot communicate in English.It is a perfect scam because they can make the victims think that they are on the trusted site.

The site itself takes most of the money inorder to pay the membership fees, maintenance and other operations. After that they pay the African ladies a small amount of money only to scam the victims completely. The site brings in money from various sources which include the joining of their programs and the payments from the advertisers. AfroIntroductions works on the similar platform of the dating sites where people can contact with the attractive ladies.

This site will blow up the bellow ingredients in a system and uses the similar strategies to make money from a person. The site takes away the money of the membership fee and is not successful in generating any other profit from the site. AfroIntroductions is considered as a scam and it is not possible to talk with the ladies using their online platforms.

Is AfroIntroductions a real dating site?

Yes. AfroIntroductions is 100% fine website to meet Black, African American, and Black British singles looking for a serious relationship.

How to use AfroIntroductions?

AFROGUATION utilizes an entirely secure platform that utilizes HTTPS and SFTP protocols. Readers can logon to the site via email and obtain all the necessary information to find who exactly they would like to communicate.

First thing first when signing up for this platform is to upload a few photos of yourself – avoid submitting any face photos including your gmail account. Although you may send your face pics to others via this platform you would not be able to see who they were.

After you have submitted your profile pictures you are free to communicate with other people looking for partners. Afrointroductions is geared towards meeting people from Africa and the Diaspora.

This is a very large social network that has an incredible amount of functionality and applications that makes it very easy to meet people.

All of the pictures of the people you will see on this site are updated by the customers themselves so you can rest assured that there will not be any mistake.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to call AFROGUATION the best site for finding African singles to date and subscribe to.

Is AfroIntroductions free?

Yes, AfroIntroductions is free for all to use.

Does AfroIntroductions really work?

In short, yes, AfroIntroductions is a legitimate service that helps you find the right dating site to connect with African singles based on their similarities to you. Membership is free and to the best of my knowledge, it’s true to its description.

What are the benefits of AfroIntroductions?

  • Receive a membership to a network of 30+ dating sites in Africa and across the globe. The sites feature some of most exciting dating opportunities in the world for those who seek a partner in an intercultural relationship.
  • Have better success with your introductions by using the data science-based matching algorithm.
  • Meet new singles from different countries and communities, ensuring that your romantic interests are diverse and genuine.
  • Find your soul mate and explore their similarities with you to see if you have a future together.
  • Connect with people who share the same passions, hobbies, beliefs and values as you.
  • Learn about new cultures, heritage and careers from within Africa.
  • Meet a true African through their blogs, archives, press interviews, and authentic profiles.
  • Stay in touch with members that are nearby and across the globe.
  • Take part in the ongoing success of our dating site service while seeing how it impacts your results in the future.


AfroIntroductions is a new and upcoming dating service that gives you access to African men living in the U.S.A and Canada … These men are all ready to meet you and find you the perfect match. AfroIntroductions has a variety of dating tools to help you in your search for love. They allow you to meet men that are online, or men that are in your local area. They have Social Media features, so if you want to meet a man that you’ve seen passing you on the street, it is possible. These men are seeking women that will appreciate them and only brings out the best in them.

They have fun and original voice recording in the chat rooms so you can find your dream man. Have you had the chance to speak to someone in person and found out you had a strong connection? Well, they have voice chatrooms where you can hear what someone sounds like. You have complete control over it, so you can make it as noisy as you want. In this way, you can match with the perfect guy based on his words that he speaks.

Pros and Cons

Of AfroIntroductions.


  • The site is very well laid out. All of the content is user-friendly and conversant with all levels of English speakers. It features a wealth of information on black culture for an African American audience for anyone curious about the black experience in America.
  • There is a very large amount of information to choose from: not only do the writers talk about black culture and provide education on current issues, their articles also can cover a variety of other topics as well. This makes for a vast and extensive database of information, whether you’re just in need of a fun story or want to learn how to cook a great meal.
  • The writers take the time to listen to their subscribers—one of the biggest issues with the site is that they talk exclusively to an audience of African Americans. Because of this, when someone decides to introduce a white or a Hispanic person to the site, it can be a little difficult to grasp. To remedy this, the writers often feature an “All-in-One” section, so that people can see the articles they are very familiar with alongside those from guests. A thick black line separates the two. This is in place to make the site user-friendly to as many people as possible.

Which dating site is right for you?

If you are looking for free things to do with your children or for dating or chatting with singles and want to date and meet someone near you, AfroIntroductions is the best place to meet people online.

Whatever site you are using, we suggest that you go to the chat site first just so that you can see how it works in the first instance.

This will then lead you on to choose one of the many dating sites available to you.

We collected the most important facts about dating sites and shared it with you.

Find out which dating site is right for you.

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What is the difference between Afro Introductions and other African American dating sites?

Practice What You Preach

Introductions are made for the African American community in Stockholm, which is almost exclusively African Americans.