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How does AntiChat work?

AntiChat is a spam blocking and cleaning utility released by the developer who also has the CallBlocker application. It is a plugin for Skype which follows the technology used on CallBlocker and the new release promises more security and stability. Password protecting and blocking known numbers is the main feature and enhancement of the product.

Security and Stability

The anti-spam system from AntiChat works in two ways to provide a layer of security. AntiChat blocks spam callers by using CallBlocker for blocking spam phone calls and Skype rules to automatically block spam messages (emails, instant messages and chat). It will also block users with blocked numbers (number blocked by CallBlocker), numbers blocked by Skype, a blacklist specified by the user and individual users. These policies lock down the internet for bad elements and let the good ones get on with their stuff with full protection. The second thing the anti-spam system does, apart from the blocking, is track and log spam callers to reduce the chance of recurrences in the future. It is also worth noting that users can permit specific numbers to call in Skype, without blocking the caller, should they wish.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration has become the new favorite tool for many webmasters. They are falling over with love and excitement when they find the possibility of a free submission form. As an affiliate marketer, I will be honest, I have never seen anything that is able to attract 100% new clients as much as AntiChat did. The sign-up process is really easy, and there is no limit to the sign up process. You can start working right away. At the AntiChat review, I became a member myself, because I was also looking for a serious and high-quality Earn Money Online program.

So in the first place, it is supposed to be a professional and high-quality "Earn Money Online" Product.

My personal experience with the registration process was very simple, and after logging into to my account you will see the features. In order to become a full member you have to fill in a form. All fields in the form have a detailed explanation. I don’t see any difficult questions.

This is the list of all the features of AntiChat program in the registration process:

{1}. A professional, well-developed, and high quality Hotline system, that is part of the Professional Affiliate program.
{2}. All paying methods accepted
{3}. Very easy to follow the instruction, FAQs, videos, and Q&A

What about design and usability?

Anti-Chat is a user-friendly application for chatting and video talking with your friends.

This application is simple enough; users can easily install it on their device.

Here is a list of added features in this program:

  • Prevent spying
  • A list of 'Contacts' can be pre-loaded on the application to guarantee that no one sees what's being said in the chats

A unique security feature that is rarely found in other programs, Anti-Chat can be used not only by friends, but even secretly by you. That's right, Anti-Chat lets you chat with your friends, family, teachers, colleagues and more without anyone knowing what the chat is about. This way, you can finally chat freely without any problem. But wait, why would you want to hide your conversations in the first place? Well, in the current cyber society, we live in, people are quite keen on eavesdropping on other people's conversation, because they all do it for amusement.

To prevent others from spying on your conversation, Anti-Chat provides you with the option to hide your conversation to make sure that only you and your special communications partner can read it.

Beyond that, Anti-Chat is simply a great chatting/ video-chatting application.

Let’s talk about profile quality

While all Instant Messengers offer a similar set of features that allow you to enjoy staying in touch with friends and family, some will cost more than others. In this section, we’ll set out to explain why this is the case.

Every Instant Messenger service is the same in terms of the language they use. With Kaspersky AntiChat for example, messages between friends and family members will be written in English.

The language used is important, because it’s a big part of this Instant Messenger’s success. If Kaspersky AntiChat had an interface that was written entirely in a foreign language, it’d be pretty difficult for most users to understand the type of information that can be found here.

In addition to that, the layout of the messaging options is also important. If the instructions for setting up a conversation with a friend are overly complicated, or if it takes too long for them to be made, this can be a big hindrance for many people.

Luckily, Kaspersky AntiChat has a friendlier interface than almost all other Instant Messengers out there. Plus, you can get chatting with almost anyone in a matter of seconds.

So, regardless of what sort of online conversations you’re going to have, getting them set up on Kaspersky AntiChat is easy.

The mobile application

AntiChat employs the method of Internet filtering, known as AdBlocker. But this one is specialized for specific browser-based games.

This program allows the gamer to protect themselves from a lot of unwanted ad, charge or pop-up ads. We provide an efficient system with simple interface, simply click to block spacebar and all ad will disappear!

How does BLOCK ADS AntiChat for games work?

With AntiChat’s AdBlockers you can simply and quickly remove the intrusive ads and pop-ups from all web-based games. This amazing program is free and supports all games!

AdGuard has a very beautiful design, which makes it easy to configure it. It makes a great choice for you if you need to remove all ads from some game or you want to protect your privacy.

In the case of playing online games, your children also need to be protected from harmful addictions. With the help of our AntiChat you can block all unwanted and dangerous sites as well.

We have a professional team—AntiChat has many years of experience in the field of creating efficient and usable software.

We do not recommend anyone to try this program without testing and it is very important to be very careful. These are the main reasons for which we decided to develop AntiChat:

Unseen web start to remove all unwanted ads;

Safety & security

AntiChat was not designed for illegal activities. Your computer must be virus-free and scanned regularly to make sure this is the case. Even if your browser is clean, AntiChat might be ineffective due to other processes on your computer. Be certain you have a trustworthy Anti-cpy utility on your computer to protect you from malicious programs.

AntiChat is a program, not a service, and so does not guarantee anonymity or security.

No Guarantee for Seurity or Anonymity Is Delivered because the Following

You have no connections to your proxy re-connect, and can never be detected.

Pricing and benefits

The AntiChat software is provided for free to the market.

The plan is divided into five different price plans: Free, Basic, Premium, Pro and Enterprise.

The Pro plan includes a 20 use per day license and offers the following benefits:

  • One link to 3 different websites
  • One list manager with support of 150 contacts
  • Improvement of 32 messengers and social networks
  • Broadcasting notification in the news feed of multiple social networks
  • Continuous protection of messenger accounts
  • Custom responses per station
  • One-click protection for common phishing tricks
  • One-click protection for spyware applications
  • New spamwork via a dedicated server

Also it can add support for VR, Rich Presence and collaboration within the network.

The Enterprise plan includes all the advantages of the Pro plan but with the following additional options:

  • One link to 40 websites
  • Support of 300 contacts
  • 24 messengers and social networks
  • Broadcast notification in the news feed of multiple social networks
  • Performance of 500 hours of caching and processing of the information
  • Centralized management of all data on a server
  • Automatic updates and adjustments in the configuration

It was developed by the company Intelligent Computing (Intelligent Computing SA).

Help & support

For all the antiChat update, antiChat user's.

Email and other programming problems,.

Please Refer to Our FAQs Page

Also, you can forward relevant questions to us.

We'll answer your question asap.

An experienced antiChat user as well as developer of antiChat.

We Will Do Our Best to Answer User Request

To Improve AntiChat and improve user experience.

Simple System like antiChat Will Easly Get Trolls

And other bad bots.

AntiChat Uses Strong Anti-Bot System Which Will Protect

As a result antiChat is Anonymous as well as easy to learn and easy to use.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.

AntiChat is the most effective tool for your network,.


Q: What is – what is AntiChat?

A: AntiChat is an unknown bot that can be found on the net. This tool's primary purpose is to spam some services with adverts, including Youtube. These adverts are for many different products.

The bot can be downloaded on your PC, and your computer may be infected with a virus as a result.

We have no idea what this program does or does not. The antivirus part is to protect your PC. AntiChat is the one product that would be responsible for this program. AntiChat is nothing more than a virus, and it is downloaded to your computer when you visit its site.

Q: Why is AntiChat dangerous? Did AntiChat make my computer more vulnerable to viruses?

A: AntiChat will try to infect your computer, which in turn will make your computer more vulnerable to viruses. AntiChat is a virus, and your computer is now open to attack through the anti-virus. If you want to keep your computer protected, follow the steps we suggest below.

After installing anti-virus, we can move on to removing anti-spyware products.

Q: What is the best way to delete AntiChat?

A: AntiChat is a virus, and there is no single best way to remove these. Follow our removal guide below to get rid of these. Good luck.

Is AntiChat safe?

AntiChat comes in a capsule, which looks like a multivitamin. The product is made and controlled by a third-party, who is also the manufacturer, called Genetic Health. AntiChat is completely natural, and no side-effects have been reported in its use. The manufacture of AntiChat does not neither test, or test the ingredients of the product.

AntiChat reviews mention that it works for both men and women, and that it even improves sexual performance, a benefit that you have to suffer to wait for to see.

Scientists from US have found its highly effective in improving mental performance too.

Is AntiChat a real dating site?

The program is supposed to be better than any existing dating software products in the market. So, is it a fake program? Or a real dating site?

Because of the feeling that the software is too good to be true, there is a sense of skepticism about it. Some people think it is not true at all. Others think it is too obvious to work, because it is so simple. We will not try to convince you, but it is very true.

How to use AntiChat?

In the internet, there is a lot of scam internet program, some of which we can do a free version of, some charge money to do it, and there are some really useful. In last few days AntiChat has become very popular in the internet, to know what all they are and do and what are its features, you can go on their official website. Here I just give a brief summary of its features and how to use it.

AntiChat is a kind of browser add-on/plugin that was launched back in 2006 and was established with the purpose to help you in your online activities. In other words, it provides you a way to do over 80 different basic functions online that lets you do your tasks and needs in a guaranteed way.

It is one of the most popular browser add-on or plugin from AntiChat which helps you or let you browse the internet with ease. It also operates and offers a good security for your data by not storing any on their server as well. So, passing of your important data to others isn’t possible.

One more manful feature is that you don’t need to worry about viruses as it comes with a security system that maintains a perfect protection for your data, that is, all the information that passes through this add-on/plugin is not saved on their server, so your data stay at secure place.

Is AntiChat free?

Yes, it is!

AntiChat is a downloadable program that you can use as long as you like. It doesn’t have any restrictions or limitations.

You can download it on your computer and use it as much as you want without any subscriptions or fees.

Let’s move on to the next question.

Does AntiChat really work?

The short answer is yes! AntiChat IS A REAL, WORKING SOFTWARE. And it works like any other online chat program, just like ICQ, MSN, AOL Instant Messenger, XIM ooVoo or any other online chat program.

AntiChat is the most cost effective solution for you, if you are interested in chatting with your clients or acquaintances. It gives you maximum privacy and allows you to organize your online communication in a pure and easy way.

Keep in mind this program is working only on Windows platforms with a modern Internet browsers (IE 8, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) installed.

You can easily start using it with a "Single-Click ” installation. So don’t wait, make your order to order your own copy of AntiChat and start getting paid for FREE by using our program.

Since you pay for the program with a "FEE", the access to the program and all the other inside features is permanent for you in the future (no monthly fees)!

And what is even more important: IT WORKS!


`+ ~~~~ AntiChat does not at all guarantee any of its claims and usage of their software must be at your own discretion to avoid future inconveniences or any type of losses such as loss of data and confidential information of your website, as well as many other things that could happen. `+ ~~~~ AntiChat is a scam software and you should not invest a single dime in this software as it is not safe. They keep a deceitful interface and it's quite hard to find a good alternative for the software. They are not truthful about their ratings or ratings of their competitors and the reviews by their users are written by them and they are not trustworthy.<br>

Cheated by AntiChat?

`+ ~~~~ If you are planning to use AntiChat, we suggest you not do so. They use and abuse all innocent people who are actually using the software. AntiChat claims to have added a new feature to their software in December 2016. Their following claims are all false which makes them even more guilty. The company uses unethical business methods as they blackmail their users. If you want to gain better results try to use the "Websites of your Choice" method. It is a much better method and you don’t have to be scared of any 3rd party company.<br>

Cheated by AntiChat?

Pros and Cons

Initial set up is not very difficult and many people can do it themselves.

When something goes wrong you can open a ticket and a live chat will update you on your case.

Instant chat with the people at least make you feel you have some support.

Instant chat is not accessible for everybody.

Possible for you to get some extra help from our –professional” members.

Bottom line: it’s a great service if your server is online and free for you to use.

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