BBPeopleMeet Review – What Do We Know About It?

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How Does BBPeopleMeet Work?

Here is a quick overview of how the BBPEOPLEMEET mobile application operates, as it…s designed to fit all your needs.

For a better user experience we provide an opportunity to meet new people, chat with members and finally choose freely who to contact.

When you open the app you are faced with the profile who posted the first message, with no doubt you quickly accept his request for the meeting and choose wisely the right time and place for getting to know each other.

As soon as you agree on a meeting time we will create a recurring calendar event with a time slot, which will help us to synchronize our schedules.

When you arrive at the meeting point we will meet each other by showing a picture on our phone for confirmation of our identity and then we can start our meeting.

If you have no internet connection while your meeting is happening we have a rule, which will guarantee the right communication to flow: you can communicate with us until the set time is over, or for a half hour, whichever comes first.

After this time is over you can continue your conversation which will still be on record and will not be deleted until the end of the meeting.

Experience shows that you will spend the most time in the first few minutes of the meeting, then the conversational interaction will be of a shorter but never interrupted length.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Yes. Registering for BBPeopleMeet is just as easy as it is to sign up for any other online dating site or any other social media website. You'll need to create a free account, and select a few of your preferences (which you get to control) such as your age and your gender.

What About Design and Usability?

BBPeopleMeet is a website where you can seek love and find dates with other and it has been created for our user’s needs. It is highly intuitive site where people can find their perfect match.

The basic idea of BBmeet is to bring together people meeting and its best to find your dream partner according to your own needs which suits also according to your own preferences.

The most attractive thing is that it is completely free to access this platform, you will get detailed information about any person including their background, age, job etc. The interface is very user-friendly and user-friendly which is nice and easy to navigate according to the requirements.

BBPeopleMeet works on principle of matchmaking by asking all of your questions to the person you are interested in. You can become familiar with other user’s profiles and select best match for you.

The criteria which are devised by the advanced algorithms developed by the team who have a deep knowledge of algorithms and data sciences.

The main feature though is that you get to learn about your match according to their own choice. Therefore you do not need to fill any information and go through your own information.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Eye Color and Thumbs Up.

You guys know how BBpeoplemeet is renowned for its easy and effective way to find your soul mate. And everyone is busy in today’s technologically advanced world and people looking for a life partner are also busy in exploring new hookups sites and apps. They are sometimes searching various options in order to broaden their horizons and options.

Well, for the purpose of this review, I’m going to talk about what is BBpeoplemeet all about. You might be aware of all its features but if you are new to the site then here is a quick and compact way to understand the essence of it.

What is the profile rating system and is it relevant to you?

Yes, I’m talking about the importance of profile rating and assessing its value in your personal life. Well, don’t get me wrong but I see so many people burdening their profiles with high profile ratings and adding a lot of nice looking images and even having a high profile status which a lot of people are not going to be interested in, but with which they brag about themselves.

The Mobile Application

The documentation is full of examples of how to create some great profiles that will appel to more people. There are a lot of examples and guidance to help you make your profile even better. You can see the profiles of other members which are great for inspiration. You'll be able to find common interests between two other members and maybe even find a best friend. When you finally find someone who interests you, you can have fun in a private chat with them. They can ask you suggestive questions like, Are you really single, “Are you really hot” or “Are you really attractive “, “Ask QUESTIONS”. You have to be at least 18 years old to create a profile on BBPeoplemeet.

Safety & Security

BBPeopleMeet could easily be described by their value of transparency. They are known for providing their users with trust, as they do not hide anything from you, before and after you have registered with them.

BBPeopleMeet also states their dedication to your security. They will not keep any of your personal information in their network. Your personal information will be protected by a third-party security system, so you can be sure to have no worries about security.

Pricing and Benefits

T his full featured social networking site started out in 2008 and now is one of the top rated online dating websites.

One thing BBPeoplemeet does have going for it is they have an affiliate program where advertising revenue is shared with those referring others to this particular dating site.

The more traffic you send to the site, the bigger the cut you will receive.

The site has been around since 2007 and they claim to have been the pioneer of this particular niche. They have a long history, and also say that their site has been referred to as one of the best for many years.

Social Networking is a bit different than most online dating sites and BBPeopleMeet dating has a little twist to it. You can use it as a dating site or a social networking site.

Their site has 1 million members currently and has over 3 million registered since 2007. The newest, so is a very old, dating site. So in fact, they have been around for over a decade.

One thing I like about this site is that they claim to have 3 million members and over 1 million people are joining each week. That’s a very active dating site if you ask me.

They also have a blog and have quite a lot of information.

The site has a 1 membership plan:

P18 Plan:

18 compatibility questions

Help & Support

You do not have to be a tech-savvy individual to use it. It is easy to install and configure.

The video tutorials work like a charm to walk you through the BBPE setup.

The customer service is also very good. They respond quickly and give you good advice.

They have a forum where you can ask any questions and they also give you specific explanations to things.


How does By The Bay People Meet react to BBPeopleMeet?

When the meeting was first reported on BBPeopleMeet, By The Bay People Meet was very open to the idea of meeting the BBTeam. By then, we were already in contact with them and we have been in contact ever since to generally talk about how to improve both websites and our user experience in general.

Now that the BBTeam has started meeting by the Bay folks at BBPeopleMeet, we look forward to keeping in contact and continuing the conversation about the experience of meeting people online.

Is BBPeopleMeet Safe?

One of the biggest MyBB security concerns has to do with the use of third-party platforms for communication and integrating with social networks.

BBPeopleMeet can be a very effective way of making friends, striking up conversations and meeting great singles, which is why it is so popular among those interested in online dating.

The BBPeopleMeet dating system is completely free to use and allows you to browse, chat and even check out other members in realtime using a livevideo profile.

Users can instantly see each other’s profile pictures and contact details at their click of a mouse.

On top of this, BBPeopleMeet’s dating platform is completely owned and operated by its own staff, and does not fall under the same surveillance that some websites may have.

The BBPeopleMeet dating platform is also primarily focused on offering a safe environment for its users, which is why you can expect all of the online features of the platform to be fully accredited and secure. It is 100% safe. No scamming or hacking or any of that (worried about private information leaking on the internet? That’s not a problem with BBPeopleMeet’s security features, as they too have extensive web security). And if you do wind up having security questions, they have 24/7 customer support and an active forum for quick, easy help.

Is BBPeopleMeet a Real Dating Site?

Yeah. I mean. No. I mean. BBPeopleMeet is not a real dating site. It doesn’t meet anyone. It’s just a scam. They use the good name BBPeopleMeet as a false identity so that people will visit their site to check out all of the “members” they say they have.

Sound familiar? It’s basically the same concept as every other online dating scam out there. And honestly. Nothing new here.

How to Use BBPeopleMeet?

BBPeopleMeet is a social networking website dedicated to gay and lesbian singles.Using BBPeopleMeet gives you the opportunity to meet new people from around the world and share their ideas and interests to come out and build positive relationships with others.

BBPeopleMeet Has Been Recognized as an Incredible Gay Dating Website Due to Its Great Range of Innovative Features and Functions that Allows Users to Find Only What Suits Them the Most…

Here are the main features that are available on BBPeopleMeet:

  • There are many groups on this gay dating site… The Gay Interests category gives users the chance to find a partner based on their interests under different categories, which helps them find what they want easily.
  • You will notice that BBPeopleMeet has both messaging and chat features…In the messaging system, you can start a conversation with anyone who you think might be interested in you or you might feel the same. You can also add special added pictures to make your messages stand out even more.

Is BBPeopleMeet Free?

Yes. BBPeopleMeet is absolutely free to join, unless you want premium features (which are highly recommended).

Is BBPeopleMeet Really Works?

There are quite a few romantic and dating sites on the web, and BBPeopleMeet can be found among them. The existence of BBPeopleMeet suggests your chances of finding your soul mate are not as grim as you may think.

BBPeopleMeet may not be the best site in the world, but everything you could accuse it of, other sites do worse. If you opt for a site which has too many problems, you could end up with a load of them.

As you make your decision to join BBPeopleMeet, just keep in mind that nobody has made your life perfect and there will always be problems in the world. That is why it is better to focus on the problems of the sites you opt to join, instead of setting up your own.

BBPeopleMeet is no different. It has a few issues, but they’re usually ones which you’re able to fix yourself. And if you do get issues, there’s a team of moderators ready to help out.

The most important thing to focus on when joining a dating site like BBPeopleMeet is your profile. If you’re on your phone, you can probably tweet about it or share it in the usual social media ways.


BBPeopleMeet is surely the best dating platform available for singles like you that are looking for open minded and love-minded people to meet. For those of you who are critical about all online dating and are so much against it, here is your best shot at Love and Happy Together. After using this app and comparing its functionality with others available online, I have come to the conclusion that BBPeopleMeet is the most unique and uncomparable application available. It comes with amazing features that many other dating sites or app don’t boast of and it comes with its very own share of positive reviews to back up its claim in quality and reliability.

When assessing the positives and negatives of this app, I have carefully put them to the test and I have come up with a conclusion that BBPeopleMeet is the best. This is what I found.

Positive Points

{1}. It promises to deliver real people while other similar apps do not.
{2}. Its compatibility with people of different means, religions and races makes it one of the most unique dating sites even today.
{3}. It offers verified profiles and its own compatibility checker makes sure that your matches have similar values and thinking as you instead of just being just a list of women and men based on your preferences.

Pros and Cons


BBPeopleMeet is an excellent website for social activities in which you can make new friends & meet new people while sharing interests & activities. It is user based and users remain anonymous. You can use this platform to find someone that has similar interests and hobbies as you. The members here are very friendly and helpful.


It is not so easy to use however, the site is very helpful for making new friends and meeting new people with your interests. This site is good for people who are looking for friendship, but it is not helpful for people who are looking for dating.


Even though this website is not so easy to use, you can find many users here. I think that this can be helpful for meeting new friends and dating. I have used this website and it helped me to meet friends and find a room-mate. It is a reliable dating site.

Which dating site is right for you?

We all have a unique style and preferences when it comes to love and can’t all be satisfied by a single application.

Therefore, there is no single dating site that is tailored to satisfy your needs completely.

Our complete BBPeopleMeet review consists of a detailed description for each and every dating site. We list their distinctive features, products, services and other important aspects of their dating website.

So before making any decision, browse through our complete review and see for yourself which dating site is the best for you.

BBPeopleMeet … BBPeopleMeet … BBPeopleMeet … BBPeopleMeet.

Bbpeoplemeet is a safe and secure dating site which helps singles find dates with real people. It is free to become a member and you can either connect with other members or utilize the free chat to meet new people. The site is easy to use and has their own BBPeopleMeet Review.

In the review, BBPeopleMeet is referred to as a CDating App for singles as opposed to a personals dating site. The founder's vision was to have all the singles from across the world meet online and hopefully fall in love with each other online.

It is free to sign up and the site is easy to navigate. You can view profiles, send messages and even make video connections with other members. If you have products or services to sell, they offer an online store where you can sell your products and services.

There are currently over 64,000 users registered on the site and new members are added from time to time. It operates through a browser and mobile app, so you don't have to have an app to use the site.

They have a detailed information about their site and the features of their dating app.

To check the BBPeopleMeet review for yourself, just visit BBPeopleMeet.

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