Blendr Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How does Blendr work?

Blendr is a location based social network that allows you to be everything that you want to be, which is a great way to meet new people. Blendr has over 100 communities for you to join. You can basically log on and move about, basically doing what you would normally do, but you will come across other users in the area.

If you like what you see, you can connect with the users and start chatting instantly. You can find friends there and if they are interested, you can be their friend too.

Blendr is a great way to meet new people but the social network is also more of a fun way to chat and meet new people. The apps have many features that you can use to use to meet people at parks, live music venues, during sports games, at universities and different organisations. Also, you can register to hunt for friends based on different parameters.

However, no matter what you do on Blendr, it is all about interaction. There are no rules to follow, except to make friends and socialize with people. Therefore, a big benefit for Blendr is that you can meet people in your local area. When there is a big event, you can search for friends there and meet people.

Registration – is it really easy?

Yes, you can sign in on blendr's website every time you open the app. This ensures there is always a login available, and that you're not logged in more than once.

If you don't have an account, blendr will prompt you to create one, which is very easy and fast. Once you have one, it's easy to login again when you reopen the app.

With blendr you can access your Facebook account and search in it. So you can easily just click on "People nearby" or "Nearby" in the app and instantly show that you are searching in Facebook.

The result: You can access your facebook account with just one click.

Furthermore, you can connect your Facebook account to the app with just one click in settings.

By doing this, it’s easy to see that you are in the minority because if you are really popular, you will receive a lot of "people nearby" requests.

In your settings in blendr you can set who can view your profile. So you can select who can see your profile. If you want to make sure that you are always remembered by single men, you can set it to "Single Men Only" and you will only see its from Single Men or "Single Females".

What about design and usability?

The most striking feature here is the design right off the bat, which is pink, and that is saying something. I appreciate this, because guys know what the inside of a vagina smells like, and it is not pleasant. This app feels good visually, which is good because you will be looking at it.

It brings a lot of the main parts of a popular website like Facebook into one place. This way, you don’t have to leave your neighborhood and go to a different website to meet someone. Instead, you can just do it right at your own location.

It has all of the same features, including the ability to tag a person or group of people so you can record details about them in a separate section.

You have a searchable database, so it’s easy to find your missing friends. Once you find them, you also have the option to give them an invite.

That way, if you take out your crush from the favorite people list, you can still get in touch with her. And meanwhile, people who match your sexual preferences can go to your page to find you.

I also think it brings all of the best aspects here, on a dating website, to an app. Like the site, people can choose to see who is already on Blendr or who is interested in them.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Though Blendr offers anonymous chatting, you can see the profile picture of your potential date, however, you can also cross your fingers and hope they will not look the same.

Albeit impossible but at least the dating app or website can guarantee that the person you are chatting with is a real person and that their age is at a reasonable level.

A person’s profile picture can reveal their personality and his or her preferences. This is helpful especially when you are just chatting with other individual without knowing when you will meet them.

This app suggests you to exchange your cell phone number so that you can stay in touch and communicate in case either one of you would like to meet up.

Blendr chat shows you how busy the person you are chatting with is. You must remember that when a person is busy, they may not always have time in everyday’s hectic schedule.

Since this app is also free to use, you can use it as much as you want. It does not cost anything to use it.

This app does not define you to a specific category such as Male or Female. Moreover, it does not define you to a specific race such as African American or Caucasian.

The mobile application

Allows users to meet other Blendr users, as well as find people who are traveling to or living in a particular location. The application will help these users to date or simply make friends by exchanging information. The app is a progressive step in meeting people and meeting new friends. You can also use the app to advertise events of particular interest to people.

Blendr allows people to add photos, pictures, interests and other details about themselves, which helps users to browse other users who share similar values and interests.

Safety & security

Protects your personal information – Fake profiles are banned from the app, which can help you avoid scammers and unwanted matches.

Pricing and benefits

This app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

There Are Some Extra Features that Come with Blendr – the Premium App

available for a fee.

Blendr is a location-based dating app, and it’s safe to say that it’s the biggest when it comes to meeting people that travel in the same niche as you.

Users can switch between geographic location, gender, sexual.

Orientation, and age group too.

Help & support

The customer support is very friendly and well-trained. You can simply do a phone call or send them an email.

They will always be available best to answer any questions you might have.


This app is something that has just started and people are still learning how to use it. Thankfully though, Blendr has that live connection with the community by providing the chat facilities.

Get out and Have Fun

As I mentioned before, the app has some great ideas of what you can do with it. It’s a good way to sort of meet new people you wouldn’t normally encounter.

You can also make some real connections.

Overall, Blendr is a cool app to have. I love the general dating world and this app is only going to improve that. It’s got some great ideas and I wish it all the luck!


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What is Blendr?: Blendr is a matchmaking app aimed at introducing and connecting people with other people who share their interests. You can use the app to find other people nearby, friends of friends, or to just correspond with someone you are interested in. Blendr is a great addition to the Grindr app that allows people to find others that are close to them or that they want to talk to.

Beware: Blendr is one of the top apps for online dating and can potentially have lots of negative implications. If you don’t know what you are doing, Blendr can expose you to unsafe people and can lead you to situations you might not want to be in. This computer or smartphone app that matches you with other people is a great way to meet new people or continue talking to people you may have met in person or through other methods.

What is the cost?: Your operating system has the ability to be free and provides the other options available to you through membership with additional costs. It has both a free version and a paid version that will allow you to contact more people or have additional options available. The free version of Blendr will accommodate needs and has more than enough features but will only allow you to contact someone who has also downloaded it for free or through a paid deal.

Is Blendr safe?

Yes, Blendr is 100% safe to use.

The only person who will know that you used Blendr is you, not Blendr.

Use it for fun purposes only and never share your personal logins.

Blendr is only an app to talk to other Blendr members, nothing more.

There are no further risks by using Blendr provided you take the following precautions:

  • Always agree to meet at a public location
  • Always verify someone’s identity
  • Text someone's number to verify authenticity
  • Never meet with a stranger alone
  • Never use Blendr to arrange a meeting with someone who lives too far for you to be fully aware of dangerous travel situations
  • Be sure to pull out your phone if you’re approached by a suspicious or dangerous individual
  • Any threatening or hostile behavior should have police called immediately
  • Never accept a ride from someone you meet through Blendr
  • Seek immediate police assistance if threatened
  • Always meet up with someone through Blendr because Blendr is not a public transportation program
  • Blendr is used, among other things, for adult purposes only
  • Blendr is not used for any type of payment
  • Blendr is not for anything illegal
  • There is no monetary value or exchange of goods or services on Blendr

Is Blendr a real dating site?

Blendr is a new app for both gay and straight people looking to hookup. It was launched in 2013 and is estimated to have around 30,000 users in the US. The app has a Facebook-like design and is meant to encourage users to share photos and a little bit of biographical information.

Since it launched, it has been featured by numerous major media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

How to use?

Using the app is quite simple. First, you choose male or female and then swipe right to indicate that you like what you see. If you then swipe left on someone (who also swiped right), that, along with some other information, will be shared with others so they can view your profile.

Blendr gives you an option to invite people to chat for free or upgrade to have the ability to message them.

Like other online dating apps, Blendr has a rating system to gauge personal success on the site. Steer clear from users with a negative review.

Useful features:

Due to its early age, Blendr has not had much time to develop features such as filters and saved searches. However, it is quite intuitive to use the app and the notifications are an added bonus.

How to use Blendr?

Best location – another is the bathroom at your workplace as you will then be able to listen to the beautiful sounds of orgasm after orgasm. As well as this, some have found that the best location to use Blendr is their favourite bar as people are drunk, they are easier to talk to and they are more selective about who they talk to.

Most users of Blendr are looking to find a sexual encounter, not just a friendship. This is why the forum is a good place to browse because it shows you what people are looking for. However, there are other places where people can use Blendr.

So what is Blendr? It's the perfect app for finding sex – otherwise known as 'hooking up' – without any of the normal "adult" stuff. Basically, if you want to get laid, you can do just that on Blendr.

With Blendr, you need to be careful and pick the right people to connect with. In older days, there would be sex clubs with lots of opportunities, but might be paying too much money and spending too much time away from your girlfriend or wife. Blendr helps you solve that problem.

Is Blendr free?

Yes. Blendr is a completely free social networking service that can be used to find people sex buddies.

Is Blendr really works?

To give you an idea how it works, let me tell you that my profile is online on the dating app Blendr. I agreed to have my profile on the platform that is called by people as the Tinder of the gay scene. It is a dating app aimed at gay men, bisexuals and transgenders.

I checked it out, and I found out there is no middle ground about the app. So if you are looking to have a date only for sex, the app is the best solution for you. The app works well. Many of my personal experience with the app was outstanding. However, it is not that simple, to get a man you have to be interested in. But if you are really keen on having a date through the app with this possible partner, I would strongly recommend you Blendr.


“When you have allergies of any sort, the affect them in more than one way. Having hayfever is a negative and will affect your life, having allergies to food will affect your life because you’re constantly thinking of how to avoid certain foods.

I have found having a food diary helps, but not being able to go out with my friends, which I find is obvious the most frustrating part as I love going to places and eating out in restaurants.

However, for people like me, who can’t go anywhere and have a food diary, and for people who can’t go out anywhere and have a food diary, just going online is helpful, and Blendr is such a great app for someone like me, who can go to places online!”

Why Do We Love It?
I don’t think you’re a MGTOW man or woman if you don’t love peace and harmony. ”

Pros and Cons

Which dating site is right for you?

Social networking is a large and useful tool that can help people find romantic love. Though in addition to these services, the modern world has developed more dating sites than one can think of. The questions concerning the rise in the number of dating sites are of real interest and the new question arises, which is the best dating site for everybody.

However, there is not one right answer to the question of which is the best dating site in the world. When it comes to dating sites, there are a lot of high-quality ones, but finding one that satisfies all your requirements can be tricky. Our review of Blendr will set you on the right path, regardless of whether you are interested in dating, online hangouts or sex.

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