Chatango review – what do we know about it?

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How does Chatango work?

Chatango is a chat application that has the ability to post your messages to the website. This way it is visible to all that can view the website. It will be unlike any other chat service that you have used before.

Registration – is it really easy?

To register, you don’t need to download any software first. You simply enter a username (often your email address) and password and you are in.

Chatango is like Facebook. Logging into your account is literally as easy as providing your username and password.

Chatango is like Twitter. Each message is sent to a specific list of people based on your settings.

Chatango is like a mailing list. You can be on one email list and post a message to another one.

Chatango is like a blog that is not publicly viewable. Discussions are archived and are usable at any time.

Best for Group Chat

Chatango has group chat. Just like you can send 1 post to a mailing list or group chat on Facebook, Chatango allows you to send 1 message to a group chat.

Chatango allows you to make private groups. You don’t need dedicated apps or software to join a private group.

Chatango is great for group chats or teams, especially when you have a project or task to do.

There are private groups and public groups. Private groups are visible only to members, and public groups can be viewed by you or anyone you invite.

What about design and usability?

The design is awesome. They have put a lot of work into it looking nice and cleaner than usual chat applications. It has a pleasant user interface, but it doesn't look like your computer desktop.

In fact, it looks like a mini-webpage that knows how to chat.

It is really intuitive but it will take a couple of minutes to learn how to start a new chat session, and how to make a new account. Chatango has a very basic interface but it is certainly intuitive.

Now let’s move around. Chatango offers more than 300 colors, many fonts, and also silhouette or block characters. Everything looks well developed and nice, but the primary thing is that there is a lot of creativity and it feels original.

Also, they have a lot of options at their disposal to provide support for various languages and various devices. They are very good at keeping auto-detection fresh and they are certainly going to support their applications for a long time.

You can even set a special way to flag rude/offensive users.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Profile quality shouldn’t be a major concern; the type of content you share on your profile is more important. However, your profile quality does matter for how people react to your profile, so you’ll want to be certain that the text is easy to read, the profile picture is appropriate, and the experiences looked back on fondly.

The mobile application

Anyone who likes the Xbox's exclusive games list can't wait for the seventh generation of consoles, the Xbox One and PS4. They are accessible from mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. The social network application, which was launched in September 2014 by the name of Chatango, was the reason for this. These days it's widely accepted as the most useful app for Android for gamers who want to keep connected and share experiences.

Safety & security

‒ How secure is Chatango against cyber-crime?

Chatango cares greatly about your security. We carefully designed our system to ensure the best possible protection.

‏ Chatango has been audited by the security specialists at Comodo and has been reported as having no known security issues.

‏ All of the web infrastructure used to run Chatango is SSL-powered. This means that you get the full protection of the Transport Layer Security protocol.

‏ Rollback and emergency rollback procedures are setup in case anything goes wrong. This is done by manual recovery using secure backups of database and logs.

‏ Chatango is hosted in a dedicated server in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. This means that we are highly aware that our infrastructure is highly secure and that physical security is tight as we operate in one of the top 5 datacenters in the world.

‏ To protect Chatango from data-leakage and identity theft, the connection between the client browsers and our servers is protected by double encryption.

‏ We also make sure that our servers are placed in the Far East where we have an extremely low chance of being hacked, which means the privacy of your communication is highly secured.

Pricing and benefits

Chatango is the ideal opportunity to capitalize on your desire to find someone wanting exactly what you do – generally somebody who is really into the very same things that you are.

Also, it is a chance to trade a part of your privacy for content. One could sell their possessions in return for a fancy gold Facebook status allowing them to keep their private life to themselves.

Chatango could be competing with MySpace or some other social networking platform. It's not something that is unique.

Help & support

Chatango is an Internet service provider (ISP) with a U.S. address, that offers free DSL internet service and also free unlimited chat.

The company claims to be the largest interactive chat network (IM network) in the world, offering usernames and an instant messaging client in more than 30 languages and through multiple operating systems.

The service is available in more than 200 countries and also offers online games, chat and web hosting.

The company is backed by famous venture capitalists, such as Ventech, Dow Jones Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital, and has become profitable after a decade of service.

Chatango focuses primarily on international customers and the company is present in more than 50 countries worldwide, including the US, UK, India, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and China.

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Chatango has servers in Amsterdam and Vienna, as well as Colonia, New Jersey and Ashburn, Virginia.

It counts with more than 2.5 million members from all around the world that speak more than 50 languages and uses multiple instant messaging clients.

But despite the fact that Chatango is a good provider and has a good network and customer support, it is quite expensive, being the most expensive option on the list, it is not suitable for everyone.


With Alan D'Silva, founder and CEO of Chatango.

Chatango is a chat room social network. It offers real-time social networking for individuals and companies around the world. Chatango provides a platform for people to chat and interact with each other using high-end Web 2.0 technologies.

Chatango is a private, hosted solution for social networking. Customers of the Chatango service can manage their own social networks. A standard chat application ensures a very simple on-boarding process for people wishing to use the service. It also has the ability to integrate with websites.

Chatango’s mobile app is a solution for people on-the-go. It has features exclusive to Chatango’s app such as read alert, direct messaging, push notifications, search, and a scheduler’s list (or task list).

Chatango offers other services such as social monitoring. Social monitoring is the ability to detect potential problems on popular social networks and see if your users are engaging the proper way. Social monitoring is also a platform where people can ask for suggestions or help troubleshooting a problem with a platform.

Chatango offers services other than social networks as well. Chatango offers service level agreements for hosted solutions. Chatango can customize its service level agreements for customers based on their needs.

Is Chatango safe?


Chatango is a free software that allows users to translate chats and instant messages. It works by injecting a variety of scripts into the chat box, which allow it to send messages through various channels depending on the software version and internet service that you use.

Although it may be free, it can be a major source of distractions and other potential unwanted operations on your computer. The spam popup will eventually redirect you to the scam page itself, which will then attempt to scare you into believing that your PC is infected or compromised.

These hacks only work at the time of installation, so to avoid getting scammed, it is best to uninstall them as soon as possible.

Is Chatango a real dating site?

Chatango is a pop-up for various dating sites.

A pop-up is a piece of software that appears while you’re trying to use another piece of software. In most cases, the pop-up advertises a dating site.

Chatango is not a dating site. Chatango is designed to make you sign up for other dating sites.

Chatango encourages redirecting to other sites by rewarding you with points for the link you provide.

Chatango Helps Its Users to "Stickers"

Have you ever encountered a friend with a sticker, saying "Do not open until Christmas Eve"? Stickers that say "Do not open until New Year's Eve", "Do not open until April Fools Day" etc.?

When being redirected to other dating sites, you run the risk of "opening the page on the wrong date". For example, you hear about the page opening on a date specified via Set Once and Close All. You could open and close the page 0 times in a row, but if you open the page on the 1st or 4th of April, the date is now wrong.

Is this the site where you can get a date?

No. Chatango tries to force you to sign up for other dating sites.

Chatango creates a large network of false visitors to other dating sites, so that the dating site's statistics can say the higher traffic.

How to use Chatango?

Chatango allows free users to sign up through Facebook accounts. This means that you can gain a following in minutes.

Chatango allows users to have unlimited chat/message threads for free. You can gain a following and build their trust, while your customers/followers/fans can chat/message with you, the owner, for free, forever.

Chatango has an auto renewal subscription and 99 cent subscription. The auto renewal subscription is cheaper and you can easily cancel it at anytime by going to your account settings. They offer a 99 cents special for tests or advertisement purposes.

Chatango has an online store where you can promote your Facebook shop/page/group or just sell your products for free, forever.

Chatango has an amazon affiliate program where you can earn money every time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase on amazon.

Chatango has the ability to post pics to your wall or profile picture.

Chatango has a live chat feature for free users, where you can make realtime news/files/quotes etc. and they will appear live in your chat window.

Is Chatango free?

Yes, Chatango is a completely free video chatting service that allows you to video call people anywhere in the world.
Before you can sign up for Chatango, you’ll have to download one of their apps and make a username for yourself.

You can simply register your device using the username and password you’re provided and start video calling from my device.

Chatango requires a phone number to verify your device’s identity, but this is not a problem as every carrier has a number on file for you and you can easily provide your phone number once you’ve registered.

Chatango uses the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their video calls, which allows you to video call anyone in the world from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

When you start a call on your end, you’ll be presented with a number of features to choose from during a call.

These include things such as being able to be selective about which features you use, having multiple calls open in the same window, viewing a call history of your previous calls, sending voice notes, or using voice control during a call to have the other person speak.

Is Chatango really works?

Chatango uses bots to promote accounts on the website pushing them in search and social.

Does Chatango works?

It's possible that Chatango works, but there are several reasons why you shouldn't trust this platform.

First of all, the majority of the traffic will be generated by affiliate and miss-ussenpreter. Many times, you will see a huge increase of traffic in the first few days of your activity, but this will slow down over time.

You can also promote Instagram accounts through Chatango. As a result, you will get an increase in traffic but for a period of time.

Chatango is also not the best place to get traffic. It may work momentarily, but you are really just promoting accounts. All of the accounts you promote will have a different method of ranking,


What does it all mean?

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Chatango has a great deal of features to help parents to keep track on their infants diet, increase creativity and motivation, record a baby activities, follow-up with health check making a 24/7 baby care our top priority. Besides, Chatango has dedicated page for the latest and best products an infant needs.

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Pros and Cons

Chatango is a community of instant messaging for public and private messaging. The site is for free. It first appeared in the public in February 2013. It was created by Chatango, Inc. Shortly after this, Datehookup and MyLOL have already joined the chatango team. Lots of people can use this popular chatango.

Chatango runs by JavaScript. It is a new innovative technology, being used for the first time with Chatango. That is why it is very hard to transfer data to other programs when you want to use Chatango. There is no other information on the website than the description. It is not possible to find any data sheet on the website. There is not any security system which can help you to transfer your information to your computer easily and safely.

Chatango is a website which gives you a chance to make any private chat. You are given the access to your chat, which means that you could access your chatbox at any time. You can also use this chat box to make a chat with other people who want to chat with you.

At any time you will be able to use this chat box to chat with anyone you would like to chat with. No matter where they are in the world. There is no boundary between you and your chat partner, so you can chat with someone whenever it is convenient for you.

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