ChinaLoveCupid Review – what do we know about it?

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How does ChinaLoveCupid work?

ChinaLoveCupid is a one-stop-shop for Chinese dating. You can get to know singles, and share your Chinese love interests with whomever you like. You can search by location, and of course, you can write a message and hope for a reply.

The app has millions of users across China who are looking for fun, love, or friendship.

You can use the Myface feature to meet in real life! You can chat directly in the chat window or you can say hi using your face to make a great start on a meeting.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration at ChinaLoveCupid is so easy. We recommend that you register there while other dating site in order to find your better matches and online love.

Registration at the site is totally free of charge and the super easy.

The site provides a very easy-to-use interface. You only need a couple of clicks to set your profile complete. You can come to the site with your Facebook, MSN etc. Whatever devices you want to use your account on, you can use just one click to register.

Once registered to the site, you can start adding your friends and like your friends.

Guys, do you want to chat with pretty lady? Just click the chat button. Girls, you can chat with many single men as well as you can check the guy nearby using the function "near me" of the site.

If you want to upgrade any account, you need to pay the specific fees and only the upgraded accounts are available to you during the upgrade. Also upgrade your account one-monthly, or once a week.

Please note that there are some sites can be contacted in general, here you will contact women in special fixed time. So you should be very careful to make the right choice.

How to Make Friendship, Love or start on the right foot with a chat.

What about design and usability?

It has a very good user interface which is available in Chinese and English. The software provides a 3 day free trial, which is a good opportunity to test run the software.

The main advantage to this software is the great compatibility it has with devices. It can authorize in a number of different versions of OS.

If you own a smart phone, then you should be able to use this software without issue on a Smart Phone.

It also has a compatibility Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. Let’s say that you want to pay for premium at your leisure at a later time.

In this case, be sure to go through the 30 day trial before paying for premium. Best to see if it’s a software that you will use before paying for a longer plan.

The company is based in Hong Kong and they offer their services in a number of different countries.

Which means that you can contact customer support if you have a problem with your account on the software.

ChinaLoveCupid is a decent software with positive reviews from the majority of people.

You should give this software a try and see what you think. It’s only available for a limited time, so try to make sure you sign up before it expires.

Let’s talk about profile quality

ChinaLoveCupid is one of the top rated Chinese love sites for a reason. ChinaLoveCupid stays true to the core philosophy of online dating by focusing on providing a great service and quality to the consumer. One of the most popular topics of conversation amongst members is the strength of the profile, and this is certainly one to take out of the bag because of its quality.

Key things to look for:

{1}. Compatibility … Profiles should be compatible with one another because this will influence the degree of success you will have when communicating with your future girlfriend.
{2}. Language Skills … There is no point in advertising that you speak four languages if you are unable to communicate with another human being. When it comes to language, proficiency is a big deal.
{3}. Personality … The personality of a person is what makes one single individual more attractive than others. Individuals are inseparable from their personality. It is a good thing to have one that you can comfortably relate with.
{4}. Private Information … When it comes to online dating and maintaining your privacy, only give out the private details only when you feel comfortable.

The mobile application

ChinaLoveCupid – a free dating service that connects singles in China with people living in America.

Together with the facilitating services of this application, the system of online dating can be achieved in a speedier and more efficient way because of the gathering of the members of the dating website, using various types of digital technology to bring together singles who are searching for a partner. It is an easy way for lovers from China to meet Americans living in the United States, using the online system of the application.

This service currently operates in Washington, Oregon, California, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Connecticut, Montana, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, and Maryland.

Therefore, the opportunity to meet today’s most wanted man or woman is at your fingertips and within reach via a personal computer of the application. The system will work as soon as the registration procedure is finished. You can register by a simple registration form and by providing all the required information.

Safety & security

Most users who have invested in ChinaLoveCupid are really happy with the service and product. Although there aren’t any major complaints, some users have expressed worries about the safety and security of the service.

Additionally, a quick search on the forums or social media reveals some users are not happy with the results and others have received fake profiles.

According to the creators of ChinaLoveCupid, they provide 100% real Chinese girls.

Also, their payment system is completely safe and risk-free. They say that their customer’s data is very well hidden to ensure complete security.

Pricing and benefits

Help & support

If you cannot find the answer to your question on the main page – just ask a question right here on this review.

This is also the place for people who want to thank ChinaLoveCupid for their service!


Q: Is ChinaLoveCupid a scam or legit?

A: OK, there is no denying that ChinaLoveCupid is an online dating site for meeting Chinese women. At present, ChinaLoveCupid is still the ONLY site that does NOT hide the nature of its services. If you are a man, a woman is looking for you. If you are a woman, a man is looking for you. If you are a man who is looking for a Chinese woman. If you are a woman who is looking for a Chinese man of your Chinese heritage. If you are a Chinese woman who is looking for a Chinese man from your Chinese heritage. If you are a person who has a non-Chinese partner and would like to date a Chinese person. If you are another person of Chinese heritage only looking for people of Chinese heritage.

Q: OK, so if it is so simple to find someone, why have I not heard about ChinaLoveCupid before?

A: You don’t know about ChinaLoveCupid. It exists and it was launched in 2006.

Q: What is there to know about ChinaLoveCupid?

Is ChinaLoveCupid safe?

ChinaLoveCupid is 100% safe as it is operated by one of the best online dating agencies. Site has been providing safe, reliable and genuine services to dating agency members since 2001.

Is ChinaLoveCupid a real dating site?

What kind of online dating agency could possibly make a dating site even more prohibitive? The answer is ChinaLoveCupid. Considering that every other dating site or online relationship site has the word ‘free’ in its name, it doesn’t come as a shock that ChinaLoveCupid is breaking all the rules of what constitutes a successful online dating service.

The truth is that ChinaLoveCupid cannot boast an impressive list of members, many of whom don’t even have accounts themselves. What they can boast however, is the most complete array of bespoke trappings available online.

If your mission was to launch a dating site with the broadest stereotypes of China at your fingertips, then you’d enter your details on ChinaLoveCupid.

Beyond that, there are a few other rather noticeable features to impact your decision to join. These include:

  • A new name almost every day
  • A website that’s forced to use template content
  • The ever-present advertising

How to use ChinaLoveCupid?

There are thousands of items available online and in local stores, and navigating through all of them can be confusing. One of the advantages of using ChinaLoveCupid is that the service makes it easy for you to find the best products you need from the comfort of your home. They provide the best products available online that are rated highly by the customers. You can use the service to look for a list of the best rated products and choose the one that suits you according to your preferences.

You can also use the service to discover the latest products in your category. The website has a search feature that is specifically designed for customers to use. Simply type the word you wish in the search bar and the service will display the best products available in the market. Each of the products featured in the website has been rated by the best customers and are proven to be high quality. You can find out more about the products by clicking on the rating given to the product. There is also a link to the social media account of the company that manufactures the product.

Another advantage of using the service is that you can effortlessly make the payment. The service is supported by all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. They also have their own VIP offer that rewards you for using the website regularly.

Is ChinaLoveCupid free?

ChinaLoveCupid is absolutely free of charge.

However, you have to sign up for a profile at the site. You’ll get your own page for free, and as you make more and more contacts, you will be able to set up a team and invite more friends.

In your profile, you also get to upload 200 photos – again, this is free.

Is ChinaLoveCupid really works?

ChinaLoverCupid offers a variation of their service specifically that helps people find a Chinese lady girlfriend. This variation differs in that it attracts Chinese people on their own and not in a group-matching format. If you are serious about this endeavor, it is better to do this knowing you will work with a single sexy online lady.

ChinaLoveCupid is a 100% free tool and hence no credit card information is required. Only the user’s email address is included when submitting your contact information.

The Chinese ladies that your contact information attracts will be from China, but you can also contact others who are international. Mass communication is now easier on the Internet, and that is your secret weapon!

It will be up to you to decide for yourself whether you prefer this variation, or joining a group. However, the big downside to the group-matching is that international Chinese ladies burdened under a large number of introductions only tend to email back less often.

Some people prefer to try to work with Chinese women who are more open-minded, and to not worry about the group-matching format. They maintain that the one-on-one contact format will be more accommodating.


We loved the app. We used it with my kids on the observation trip. We also helped our Chinese friends to shop for some video cameras. So it is a great app for various backgrounds. You will love the app very much.

Happy China Dating!

Pros and Cons

China Lovecupid is a reputable dating service that has been around for several years. While this is the company’s first venture into the Western world, it is not a brand new concept.

The website uses functional yet animation-heavy design for both the homepage and search page. While navigating your way through each page, it’s easy for women to see the high-quality pictures of men before signing up for the site.

Pictures of the men on the website are clearly and professionally taken, showing many in their native environment and at various events. The website uses plenty of efforts to help women find her perfect partner online.

The features on the website even include a video streaming system which allows couples to experience each other personally without having to meet in person.

When it comes to the actual mechanism of matching women with men, the website is impressively progressive with features including rating systems as a safety net for women wanting to find a good man. It’s a good idea, and we were excited to test it out.

The process is speedy, although a bit too direct for our liking. Women are required to have a full name, e-mail address and phone number on the website before men are notified of any results.

Which dating site is right for you?

The largest and most convenient of these dating sites are for foreigners to meet Chinese women. ChinaLoveCupid is one of these sites. It was created by a Chinese media company that has offices in New York City.

The site itself is relatively new and doesn’t have as many members as established sites like Badoo and Tinder. However, for its size, the site is a very big player in online dating. There are currently over 1 million active users making it one of the most popular online dating sites in China. The site has an unaltered layout but there are a few features that some users will find particularly useful.

ChinaLoveCupid offers both the most and least amount of verification. Foreign women have no verification requirements and as a result can make profiles without photo IDs and contact numbers. If the site detects something suspicious, it will simply move the woman’s profile out of the public view.

China Love Cupid offers a review of the most popular pages on their website, such as the China Love Cupid contact page. This information can be very useful to someone trying to figure out what pages other people find useful and what they are more likely to visit.