Connecting Singles Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does Connecting Singles Work?

ConnectingSingles is a dating site with a focus on relationships. It is a totally free dating site, meaning members can contact others for free and talk to them online.

You can also put your profile on the site’s public waiting list in case someone you are interested in meets someone else they really like before you.

There are also personal chat rooms if you prefer to talk without knowing someone’s last name or location.

The site claims its massive number of members will get you in touch with people to date almost instantly and will help you meet people in your area, who have the same interests and goals in life as you do.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

What is the simplest way to connect with other men and women who are looking for friendships, friends or a partner? In fact, it is very easy to get registered on this site. You will be able to do it in a few clicks: just choose the most suitable form ….

Then you will need to wait for the email with the password.

It will take only a few minutes to register on this site to contact other members.

What About Design and Usability?

The best design is one that helps you do what you want to do and do it easily. That’s why ease of use, simplicity, and design that integrate with you and your lifestyle are important.

In this case, making sure the product is easy to use is easy. The list of features seems small, but they’re all there on the home page and all you have to do is click through.

And as expected of a connected singles site, your details are saved securely on your computer and sent to the site to keep your information secure. You can also save multiple profiles and sign up for a tour, and still, you don’t have to visit the site more than once.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

A lot of people who are looking for their life partner will find that their search takes them to many dating sites, apps and mobile networks. So much has been done to make finding the life partner easy and fun. With the advancements in technology, you no longer have to wait weeks for mail to reach out to somebody. You can chat on the phone, share your photos as you like and send your feelings to the world with just a touch. Online dating has been made quite easy. Now you can talk to members from anywhere in the world and choose from a variety of singles from all over the world. However, when it comes to reviewing such sites, there is always the caste distinction of the ones that are considered the best and the ones that are considered the worst. It is quite exciting and fun to explore the best of the best sites.

One such site is the Profile Connecting Singles. This is a pool of singles that is made available to the people across the world. The best of these sites are considered to be the ones that are the best at finding connections between like-minded people with a similar background. If you love the aged of 30 and would like to have one of your own, you can always consider the best of these sites and create a profile. However, it is not as simple as keeping your profile fresh and updating. Your profile need to get the attention it requires and be with people who have similar interests and the same taste in life.

The Mobile Application

Today’s modern way of connecting is Social Networking. Social networking has always been a very important part of our lives. It helps us share, keep connected, and meet new people. So why connect instead now? But the thing is that these days it is not possible to keep up with all the social networking applications. There are so many social networking applications available today in the market and users don’t have enough time for all of them. This is where a new application called "singles" comes in the picture and this is what makes this application special. This is one of the best social networking app available for Android and iOS platform.

The reason we are writing the review of the "singles" application is to let you know about how to use it and how this application performs. In this review, we will be mentioning the features of the application and what the best features of this application are.

Features of the Singles App

The application features of the singles application are:

{1}. It is a section of the website where people can learn and make friends.
{2}. People can meet new people with the help of the singles application.
{3}. Users get a chance to get to know each other better and can learn about each other’s personal lives.

Safety & Security

When you meet someone new from a dating site, you’re not necessarily looking for love, but you’re looking for something positive to happen. If the relationship is a good one, you’re going to want to have commitment and love from that person, so it helps you to feel safe to go out with them.

”If I’m not terrified of them I’m willing to date them”
Mary Kate Murdy.

The connections that we make with people online can have all kinds of results. We’ve all had constructive connections with someone, but there are other types of connections that can actually be dangerous as well.

Most people are cautious about meeting someone they’ve connected with through dating sites because they know it can go wrong. That’s why it’s important to take safety measures to protect yourself and have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.

Pricing and Benefits

$ 0.01/Day

It is surely amazing to have the opportunity to make the effort to find new friends each day. Connecting Singles is the perfect choice for sharing the precious moments of existence.

It is a very good idea to know more about this dating site. Especially if you are a single or looking for new chances.

With ConnectingSingles, you’ll be able to find new lives just around the corner only minutes from you.

Help & Support

If you still haven’t found the right match and are stuck in a rut, then your best bet is to give online dating sites a try.

The advantage of meeting new people online is that everything is on your terms. You can browse profiles, see who’s interested in you and start a conversation at your own pace.

If online dating is your preferred way to meet new people, then we have some advice for you that might help you find love online:

Don’t Jump the Gun

If you already have a list of preferred dates, someone you are pretty sure you can like and get excited about, then choose one and book a date on your favourite date-finding site.

Tip: Don’t commit until you have met or at the very least spoken on the phone, it’s not a good idea to get your hopes up only to find out that you don’t feel the same way.

Open up the Conversation


January 1st 2017, 73 members of Connecting Singles have reviewed the service. They have given it a 4.7 /5 out of possible 5 rating. Saying that the service was fun, easy to use an easy to communicate with them. They have also stated that they have not got a negative experience with Connecting Singles. And that they are looking forward to see more improvements on the service.

Is Connecting Singles Safe?

We have no sufficient data to validate the safety of Connecting Singles, therefore we are not recommending you to join it.

According to the statistics, Connecting Singles isn’t safe with a high number of scam and fraud accusations with their operation. They have, however, responded to our requests in asking the customer to stop the anti-scam activities and we have now been able to receive some of their valid testimonials from different sources.

It is good to mention them that they have a regular customer relation team who claims that the service is legitimate, and they won’t feel disappointed for joining them.

Users have reported that they’ve lost their money with Connecting Singles over the last year. We have also seen other reports confirming this experience.

The reason behind losing money with Connecting Singles is actually due to the fact that the return the investment of any customer who join the site is a very difficult issue, eventually, it is not possible to yield a profit over semester.

These problems are mainly according to the web traffic of the site. They are basically brought by the high web traffic, and lack of sufficient traffic to get their profit.

Even if they have huge amount of traffic, their revenues are not expected to be solid so apparently they are in a loss.

Is Connecting Singles a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Connecting Singles is a real dating site that helps single adults find serious solutions to their romantic problems. It is a romantic community that brings people together. We help place people on dates and we provide a forum where people networks can be formed.

<!–MARK–>Our applications for chatting have been downloaded by over six million singles around the world. On several occasions, we have been used by college students and we are frequently utilized by company executives, depending on the occasion.

A dating site that has been around for more than 10 years, Connecting Singles is one of the fastest growing and most trusted dating platforms worldwide. Our network contains more than 45 million registered members and our dedicated team works day and night to make connecting singles easy and fun.

As the original online meeting place for connecting singles, Connecting Singles since the start has been devoted to cutting-edge ideas in online dating technology. Our team of licensed marketers are ready to help you win at connecting singles. Whether you want to meet someone special or just make new friends, Connecting Singles gives you all your best romantic options under one roof.

A community of singles that offers fun and friendship for people of all ages. We are the no-pressure, fun way to find the love of your dreams. Our dating website is completely free and features a diverse member base.

<!–MARK–> A dating platform built on trust

How to Use Connecting Singles?

Although Connecting Singles has been around since the beginning of the century, serious players still get overwhelmed with the terminology. Connecting Singles give a new player that feel of being part of what has turned into a billion dollar industry.

The resounding success is a result of providing a level playing field in the competitive online dating world. To play Connecting Singles with little to no investment requires a little bit of dedication and time, but the Return on investment to the player is unlimited!

Subscription customers get 7 credits a month to play with, and the playbooks allow them to begin with low-risk opportunities with new prospects every time.

Many reviewers say that Connecting Singles is surprisingly easy to use and pretty well laid out. This is a high-quality site that does not expect the players to put in hours on end to find a match.

Connecting Singles is a tried and tested winner that has been around since the beginning of the century. This means that the site is pretty well grounded.

What Attracts Players to Connecting Singles the Most Is Its

Flexibility, privacy and superior chance of success. Players can use the site solely for membership benefits and boost their success through articles and newsletters.

There are many reviews praising Connecting Singles for the earnest services.

It is free to join and play with other members in the singles database.

Is Connecting Singles Free?

If you are serious about meeting other singles like you, then Connecting Singles is a great place to meet!

Although it is a paid dating site. It is actually a free dating site because of free trial period.

It is a huge plus for us that it only takes about 1 minute to sign up.

After that, it is 100% free for unlimited messages per month.

The payment only starts with the upgrade to a paid subscription. Therefore, if you are interested in a paid subscription, you would need to do the trial. If not, you would be able to sign up for free and receive unlimited messages a month.

Does Connecting Singles Really Work?

Based on our analysis, Connecting Singles does not seem to work as outlined in its website. We will look in more detail at what exactly Connecting Singles does and looks like.

There are several offers made in connection with the opportunity to participate in Connecting Singles.

The opportunities include the opportunity to find the perfect match and connect with many singles who are in search for a perfect match.

The second opportunity you will have is to guarantee an alternative way to find an ideal partner.

Either way the members of Connecting Singles can enjoy the fact that they are able to help someone who might be worse off unless they do something to help them.

It may work for some and some people might actually get connected.

There are several problems people should consider before making any decision.

Connecting Singles is a team who is trying to find a way for the people involved to connect and find a person they are looking for.

In order for this to be a success they will need to get a lot of members and get people to join and actually have the site. It may take some time to see how it goes and how many members they get attracted to.


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Pros and Cons

First of all, those who use this site, say its awesome! Some say it benifits the users by helping them meet someone who fits all of their requirements in only a few minutes.

So who would NOT want to sign up and try it out? “Connecting singles” is awesome!

But, don’t get me wrong, there are some cons as well.

It costs a little low, but definitely not free. They ask for a small fee to register, and you must pay to send and receive messages.

They asked for identity cards. Some say it’s creepy and they should avoid it if they’re not looking to date as some people like to date with hope of a longer lasting relationship. They also say that there are some stalkers on this site, and many members have reported personal information being leaked to other members.

So, much more information has been stated, but I have not tried the site myself.

Which dating site is right for you?

First, you’ll have to decide which type of person you’re looking for so we recommend reading our article What You Want to Achieve in Your Dating Life first.

With that taken care of, start by checking out our Dating site reviews to help find the niche you need to work with. Dating sites usually have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Instant messages
  • A message board
  • A community
  • Face to face
  • Social
  • Advanced search

Look for sites that have the features you need or feel comfortable with. Which will best meet your goals.

And if you’re having trouble deciding, check out our dating site comparison chart or give our Dating site comparison quiz a try.

Connecting singles, is an online dating service for single people. The website allows you to use only your e-mail to sign up and sign in. There is also a mobile site, but you must have a landline to join.

Being a dating site, you can be sure that it has many features and they are all mentioned on the website.

The website for Connecting singles has been around since 2001.

Take a look at the most popular pages on each of your site’s pages. How many of them have good navigations? Have you designed them with one-click navigation?

Have you used social sharing buttons on these pages? Do they direct users to a good place? A person delighted with your product may see a benefit of the product and might share it with their friends or share it through their social profiles, across their social newsfeeds.

Social sharing buttons are an important part of a website. It’s a communication tool that can use to announce to your fans the latest updates on your website.

Always include social sharing buttons with a clear link to your websites. Moreover, your website should also encourage sharing.

Consider if your web pages are shareable by using the buttons.

By using a site image with a social sharing link you can use the social buttons to share your site to your social newsfeed.

Use social sharing pages on each page of your site, so increase the chances of your website to be shared!