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How does Datehookup work?

If you think of dating as an ongoing experience, the best thing to do is to be involved and try to get to know the person before you start dating your significant other.

This will help you figure out how compatible you are without having to commit yourself to all kinds of to-dos.

You can try to find people who are staying where you want to stay by looking online or asking friends and family if they know anyone.

Alternatively, you could join Datehookup and search for people who are looking within a specific location.

You can submit your profile, and once you’ve built a profile on the site, others will see it. You’re given the chance to decide on what photos and details to share. If you are interested in talking to someone only once, you can choose to save your last few searches. You can choose up to 10 searches to build your profile with. You can meet people and see if it’s a real connection as you share your bio as a profile. If you want to search again, your saved searches are available in your profile. You can add a wider range of photos, upload and change your bio, and even adjust your interests.

Registration – is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

You can at once judge the quality of Datehookup by the design. At first sight, Datehookup’s design looks really good and almost flawless. But it doesn’t take long to spot problems.

What immediately catches the eye are the bright, cool colors of Datehookup’s interface.

The upper part of the program – the so-called main page – looks and feels like you’ve encountered it a hundred times before.

It is divided into three parts which include the chat section, profiles and search sections.

While the chat section allows you to create a personal chat room for yourself, it doesn’t allow you to turn off your notifications which can be bothersome when you don’t want to be disturbed.

There are two main types of profiles you can choose from on Datehookup: female and male. While the profiles mostly look alike, it does allow you to get in contact with someone based on their interests.

When you get in contact with someone by clicking their profile link, you get access to more profile information, but don’t get any additional information about the person.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Shall we?

One of the biggest problems with online dating websites is that users sign-up looking for a date immediately, but then not at all again until the following year. If you find something that strikes your interest, you may not come back and see it until a month, or even a year later, but chances are, by then, it is already filled
and stale. The main goal of Datehookup is to eliminate that problem. Instead of requiring users to start creating a new profile every year or so, it automatically connects you with people in your hometown. That way, if you find something you like, you can see it sooner.

This makes it so much easier to find dates, and makes the process of actually finding a real-life match a lot less laborious.

It is worth mentioning that Datehookup has been very popular with singles from Seattle, so if you are looking for a date in Seattle, you should definitely try it.

The mobile application

Has been adapted from profiles of members of the same nationality. Most clients were from United States In the European part Google Play has been experiencing a shortage of traffic.

To remove the majority of users from the dating site, Datehookup has introduced a number of measures which clearly show that the site is not interested in having a wide user base.

It has been only a few weeks since the company changed its policy and began to work on the price list. The whole price list was revised and the users were forced to contact the verification department to solve the problem. Datehookup has announced that the price list will be revised every 30 days by the price list administrator. Datehookup policy called them "departments".

It is almost impossible to join Datehookup:

After registration the user receives the default message from the administrator of the service. For the first membership cycle, you need to enter a legitimate e-mail address that the client has to provide.

After that, the client is provided with a special invitation to the site. The invitation can be announced in social networks as well.

After a few days the client gets a reply from an employee of another company that is monitoring the user. The user has to send pictures with text of the address, a photo of the current passport and the other photos with a photo of the client. Photos and text must be in English. If this is not the case the client is denied access.

Safety & security

Datehookup is a dating site which has been created for people who are busy. This dating site is an offline version of internet dating.

Such data as dumat members is stored on a database which is available to the curators. Client's information is stored on a website and is protected by the data confidentiality.

Datehookup uses the SSL technology which encrypts all communication between your computer and the server. Datehookup relies on a secret alphanumeric key which is used using on dedicated servers rather than standard ones and therefore the information is not accessible to the third parties.

Datehookup’s own e-mail address is protected by a very popular antispam application and the data is transmitted to the server to protect it from being stolen.

There are no identifying details given to the members of Datehookup. Such information as last name, personal information, e-mail addresses are not provided to the third parties.

The datehookup website is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. By default, it is done assuming system has support for it.

Datehookup accepts payments via various Payment options including Paypal and prepaid-cards. After providing complete payment details, Datehookup sends your payment to the associated bank account.

Pricing and benefits

Datehookup is something you can use without any need to spend money. And I mean absolutely no money. It doesn’t cost a single cent to use it. It may feel like you are wasting two or three bucks a month with the small monthly subscription that it requires but trust me, you are not.

It is more or less like a dating site. It is just that it is actually being run by attractive women who will come to you at your own time and location in a safe environment and meet you for the physical intimacy that you are thinking of.

You can decide when and where to meet with the woman, and communicate with the women separately and in a safe manner over the phone or online prior to your date with her.

You will be happy to know that there is no need to give any personal information or give money to the advertising company to use this site at all. If you want to use it, you can always do it for free!

These are just some quick key facts about Datehookup:

It is an online dating service.

It is absolutely free to use.

As a free member, you can chat with the women online.

You can contact the women before actually meeting them.

You can disapprove or in any way change the time and location of meeting a woman before it happens for free.

Help & support

Datehookup is a dating site for singles who have a lot of questions about discovering real love. Our website reviews for this dating site will help you to see for yourself whether you should use our recommendations, or if we have left out some important facts.

Datehookup provides in-depth information on their members, which we think is really valuable. It seems clear that Datehookup reviews are designed to give many clues to each single, in order to decide whether to join.

It's important to take our review findings with a pinch of salt. Our website review for Datehookup has helped thousands of other singles make the right decision – so we are confident this online dating site review can be of benefit to you too.


Is Datehookup safe?

Well, it all depends on how you break it down. It is definitely safer for your information to be stored on a dating site set up by professionals than it would be if you were to set up a personal profile on your own website.

This is all thanks to the fact that the professionals who set up this dating site owned the data and servers and therefore have the ability to keep them secure and confidential.

However, it is important that you be aware of the issues that may arise such as security breaches. However, this is something that is to be expected with the kind of market that is in place, and is something that can be avoided altogether by signing up to the free trial in order to fully test out all of the available sites and get a feel for the differences between each one.

As long as you are aware of these issues, then you can make a decision regarding your security and privacy.

Is Datehookup a real dating site?

Datehookup claims to be a no-nonsense, no-nonsense dating site. With plenty of success stories on their website, it looks like they are definitely live and active. Is this a scam?

When you join, you get a real email address and a password, and can chat to other members in the chat room or in the instant messages.

If it all becomes too much for you, you’ll have the opportunity to move to the paid subscription….

They will also give you the ability to start dating, with the option of paying a fee to start dating beyond the basic membership.

This seems to suggest that this is a completely real and legitimate dating website with plenty of success stories to back it up.

Is it a scam?

There are no scam flags really on the website. And you can check out Datehookup for yourself to see how it looks from a member’s perspective.

But as with any dating online service, you should research the company’s reputation carefully. There are plenty of dating websites out there that scammed people out of their money in the past.

There are no scam flags really on the website. And you can check out Datehookup for yourself to see how it looks from a member’s perspective.

How to use Datehookup?

Having never used the service myself, I can’t give you a personal review of how to use it. But what I can provide you with, is an overview of my research and what online dating is all about.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, click here>>.

For everything else, the site delivers.

Datehookup offers you the possibility of connecting with 20,000 singles at all times. It has only been online since 2008 and has already gathered an impressive profile of over 1000,000 members.

It’s easy to use and to navigate, and has attracted a great number of women who want to find love.

Datehookup is a dating site that gives you access to one of the largest pools of members on the internet.

The initial registration can be done quickly by simply supplying your email address. Then you get to explore secret profiles along with fellow members before meeting tango. Datehookup is an online dating site with an emphasis on simplicity and online anonymity.

The decision process is as easy as it gets. You don’t have to worry about the usual application process that you have to endure in other dating websites. You simply have to create your profile and send a few messages to fellow members and you will be able to see who replied and who didn’t.

Is Datehookup free?

Datehookup has a free version so you can check it out but there are charges for various features including more active members, and advanced search options.

Is Datehookup really works?

Free dating site offers a unique opportunity to meet new people and get to know each other. Our site provides free dating services for free. The best thing about datehookup is it’s absolutely free. It’s like Closer, but 100% free.

Sign up and date other member who live nearby. You can meet someone in a few minutes. Our dating site is completely free, unlike other paid dating sites. Datehookup is easy to search and browse.

Our amazing staff is always there to help you. We maintain a girl-to-girl support system so you can feel comfortable asking any questions you may have.


Now like most dating sites Datehookup seems to be a too good to true site. And it is hard to believe that on this website can find hundreds of partners who would like to date with you. Our advice is to use caution and carefully consider your desire and cravings in relationship in your search for a partner. To datehookup find a lady for the purposes of learning more about dating sites and to discuss the service.

About Datehookup
Datehookup is an online dating website that claims it is the largest dating web-site in the world. According to their website “There are now more than 6 million registered members in over 196 countries signing up on an average of every 2 seconds! Sign up today and you could be matched with a date tonight or the love of your life!”

Datehookup Fees
Although dating websites will usually charge for subscriptions and will try to get you to purchase their premium services or subscriptions, Datehookup claims that their dating site does not require any payment of any kind.

The Datehookup Entrance Process
To sign up for Datehookup, you download their dating software and create a new user account. After a few simple steps, you are ready to start dating.

Pros and Cons

Which dating site is right for you?

While many online dating sites are free, there may be some restriction that limits your search to those who are in the same country or in your state. The cost-free dating sites limit your search to members in your area, or those who are on the same continent as you.

Other dating sites are free to register but charge a monthly subscription fee for premium services. In addition to paying your membership fee, the dating site may or may not offer services which are beyond pay-per-click, profile publishing and mailing. In most cases, a simple profile is rather inexpensive to create. The charge to publish your profile may vary per site, but is usually rather minimal. You should be able to save money by giving someone a call yourself or electronically, rather than paying a dating agency for membership alone.

Datehookup Review

Select a site that has a Membership that suits your needs and budget. Datehookup is the longest running online dating site with a database of over 1.7 million members from across the globe. All members have been screened and verified to ensure that it is safe to join the dating community.

There are some good websites for same-sex hookups. These are mostly places for minorities such as the LGBT.

Of course, there are different ways to measure how much traffic a page receives, but one common one is to simply count the number of page views that a page has.

Of course, being the most popular page on the web can be something to brag about; but to hone in on your own business, and figure out how to make that romance page become one of the most popular pages on a website, here are some basic things to look out for.