DominicanCupid Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does DominicanCupid Work?

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

In a few simple steps you create your profile, set your preferences and start to meet others in a casual way, with common objectives�.

Now, if you are seeking this sort of service, it is recommended that you pay for it, since it can ensure you get more detailed statistics on people who are interested in that you are.

And, of course, you register on this website, you can not see if the person is very attractive or not.

If you are looking for a casual encounter, this is a good way to find the right persons around you.

Therefore, to register, it is not necessary to pay, but moreover, as soon as you join the site, you have the opportunity to pay for the features.

Once you pay, you will be able to see much more information about the person you have chosen.

For example, you may know her gender, how attractive they are, in what age range they are, how many members they have, and many other statistics that allow you to make a better decision.

And Do Not Forget to Tell that if You Want a Lot of People in Your Area You Can Activate …

"the Flag" which will open up the area to all members of the site.

What About Design and Usability?

At first glance, the DominicanCupid website appears quite professional and that’s how it should be. The design is quite basic with a clear navigation menu and information on your right hand side like the features of their website. And while you have the main menu, you have quick access to your account settings.

Inside the account settings, you have a list of your account information like your personal email and a few subscriptions that you have subscribed to. DominicanCupid is a great site to try if you want to save money on international dating.

When you log in to your account, you can see all the contacts that are in your list and any friends that you have. This only shows you their first names, but hey at least you know it’s them! For all your questions and requests, your account page will have Santiago as your contact information.

Santiago is clearly a legit profile, and I’m glad to see website with honesty like theirs.

I’m also glad that I have the option to chat in the messaging section because a lot of dating sites have these sections and it would be a shame for them to be empty.

On your profile, you have all the basic information that you would expect to see on a dating site and a list of your interests. You can click on one to see more information about it on the next.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Visitors to the DominicanCupid website will notice that the site is specifically made for Dominicans.

The success rates on the website for Dominican men and women range from 30 to 50 percent, and there are more females than males. While many websites have failed on the idea of making sites for Latinos in particular, DominicanCupid was able to create a site that not only performed, but far surpassed the mark for this niche.

To get this much success, the person behind the website needed to put a lot of money into it. This means that you will get a good deal on a premium account, but with the extreme success of the website, not everyone has been able to access the site.

Mobile Application

Safety & Security

You can read safety and security details in the DominicanCupid Review customer service section, but the main point to take from it is that DominicanCupid is committed to keeping your data safe and will never sell it, or give it to 3rd parties. As for the rest of the site’s security, they will keep your passwords in a variety of methods, but also provide you with the tools to see what’s going on at all times.

Pricing and Benefits

DominicanCupid is a free dating website that is geared towards people in the Dominican Republic, but it does include profiles for anyone wishing to interact with members of the country.

The website is free and offers a variety of features. You can look at members’ photos and even make a profile on the site, but you can also write and receive messages.

If you are interested in finding someone in the country, the site is an excellent way to do so.

Help & Support

The Dominican Cupid team member work 24/7 to satisfy the users who want to know more information about the service.

The support is always ready to answer to questions, support tickets and email.

The support team is ready to serve you at any hour (chat and phone), Monday to Saturday.

The support staff is available to offer you assistance during normal working hours and can respond to questions related to you account, purchase history and credit repayment.

You should use the form of support that corresponds to your most important need and you will be heard faster.

Here are the options that you can use:

For the web:

For chat:

Call US Toll-Free:


‘ What is DominicanCupid and how can you tell if it is a trustworthy online dating website?

We have examined DominicanCupid and determined that it is not a trustworthy online dating site. So, we will not be recommending it.

‘ If it's a completely free dating website, why would it ask for money in return?

Many free dating websites need money for various reasons. This website is doing this for a few reasons. First off, they want money from you to be able to send you a message. They charge just to send you a message, which is something that is seldom offered in the online dating industry.

Some online dating websites have recently come to light by paying out to partners and using deceptive marketing to attract new clients. DominicanCupid would be no exception to this type of behavior.

‘ How does DominicanCupid compare to other dating sites?

DominicanCupid is a niche dating site but they do not have many users or members. As you browse through our review, we will be comparing many of the features of DominicanCupid to those of our most trusted dating website, POF (PlentyOfFish). If you'd like to know how to begin online dating using only one site, check out our POF review for instructions.

Is DominicanCupid Safe?

Yes, DominicanCupid is a very safe dating app and the obvious answer is Yes, it sure is! This is because of the services it provides for the users so that everybody can enjoy themselves completely without any hassles.

Perhaps the reviews of the users might look the fear that it is not very safe however, you should know that it is a very good app. I am telling you this is because I personally used the app and actually was very impressed with it.

An additional reason I think this app is worth trying out is that it is user-friendly. I mean, how friendly a website would you feel if you saw a lot of complicated activities to do on the website. Well, I am telling you that is not the case with the app.

Also, the interface of the app is very simple hence, even if you are new to dating, you will find yourself totally comfortable with it.

In conclusion, you should use the app for dating purposes of meeting and introducing yourself to single ladies and single men from Tijuana. Once in a while, you will get the best costumer support from the app team which will ensure that your problem is solved as well as your experience.

Is DominicanCupid a Real Dating Site?

We were skeptical of DominicanCupid at first as it seemed too good to be true. However, thanks to its thousands of members and its international members, all of whom are really active, we can confirm that it is a real Tinder-style dating app for Dominicans and can be trusted to help you find love in the Dominican Republic.

The site was founded by a Dominican-American, and it is one of the many dating apps that are now available to help people reconnect in their home country.

The site has a 5-star rating, and this is probably due to the sheer amount of people that have used it in the past.

How to Use DominicanCupid?

DominicanCupid is a dating site made specifically for people looking for romantic relationships or love. You can get paired up with a suitable date from the start by setting the age limit and the length of time you are looking for someone. There are also other preferences that you can set such as location, income, education, ethnicity, and religion. Once you start browsing the profiles of the people on this site, you will be able to see a rank for each profile as well as contact information for getting a date.

Is DominicanCupid Free?

Yes, DominicanCupid is free to join and to browse, it’s only when it comes to communicating that the site will start to cost you a small amount.

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If you want to send messages to other members, you’ll have to pay the site’s subscription fee. The free account will limit you to 2 messages a month. The paid account will allow you up to 250 messages a month.

A wide enough gap in cost should make sure that the site is easy to use for all members. Those who use the site regularly will be able to get by with the free account, while those who don’t want to spend too much time on the site will find the paid account makes life in the dating world a lot easier.

Does DominicanCupid Really Work?

There is no doubt that there are a lot of scams and fake sites out there. We strongly suggest that you use a well trusted and proven site that you know has strong customer support. There are a lot of scams out there that claim to be everything they are. Once you sign in, you can see for yourself with the great user-friendly website. The letters are rated by the editor as Very Good.


In a previous article we have learn how to fix the Internet connection, if you searching DominicanCupid Review then here we provide you an answer.

Dominican Cupid is one of the best dating cabbies for a couple of things, the first of which is its customer support. As you can guess by its goals, DominicanCupid is a legitimate dating site that helps its users to find a special someone from the Dominican Republic. However, for the last seven years, its reputation has been boosted more by its side service to meeting people and finding dates from around the world.

Dominican Cupid has been providing its services to people since their site started in 2000. It has been a way for people to find each other and connect on a personal level. Their business models and goals have grown, and now they are providing a way for people to date on the web.

As their user base grows, so does the site’s popularity and success. For instance, the company had a strong 6049.81 percent growth in 2013, and the numbers continue to rise. Their investors have been pleased with the accounting of their business, and they hope to see that continue as well.

Pros and Cons

Which dating site is right for you?

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We have selected the most reliable and trustworthy websites that feature the valid DominicanCupid review, one of the most reputable online dating services provider.

  • All the information obtained from the website is not free. You have to buy some of our recommended products like the title above.
  • Please remember to print your current passport and have it with you before you create your profile.

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DominicanCupid Review — This Is What We Learned

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