Feabie Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does Feabie Work?

Feabie is a platform that connects bloggers with people who are interested in craft, DIY, and home projects. You can register to become a Feabie and start a blog there.

Even if you do not have the skills to create custom personal crafts, you can offer your services as a freelance photographer, web developer, or graphic designer.

If you are looking for something simple that doesn´t take too much time, you can offer your services as a caregiver or a babysitter.

There are several service groups in which you can be part of, and after signing up you can renew your subscription whenever you can.

If you decide to create a project with Feabie, you can start creating your project page and all of the instructions you need to help people fulfill the task you propose.

You will need to make sure that your project is completed within your purchase period; after starting your project Feabie will send you an email about it.

If you´re creating crafts, you can post them in your project as a photo gallery. Other people will be able to invite themselves to your project and share their creations as well.

Feabie will receive the 90% of the earnings from the sales of the project, and you will keep the 10%.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

After you enter the site, you have to register. Feabie have different plans available. You might have to become a premium member for some Fbies. Some Fbies are not really Fbies (they suggest you many of those hairstyles and accessories for cheap prices). You can get a grip on all of their shops by filtering the sidebar (just click the sidebar at the top).

What About Design and Usability?

It is an easy-to-use and simple to navigate platform that is great for everyone in a couple of different circumstances, and then back to us.

The team work hard to make sure Feabie offers not just a service but also a space where you get to connect with other bloggers, meet new friends, share your knowledge, and discover great new writing every day.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

One of the first things that we look at in profile quality is their pix.

They can be grainy or pixelated images, low resolution, too much head posing and selfies, or just weird and funny photos.

Having a good, clear, selfie that makes them all look their best is good, but if they don’t know how to take selfies then the pix just isn’t going to be good.

People may only take three or four selfies a week, and they will all need to be good for them to look good and make the cut. So there has to be some good selfies.

They do need to look natural and relaxed though. So you cannot have one of your feebie friends go into the bathroom take a quick pic and present it as an example of their photography skills.

The photos can be just about anything but they should look like they are a normal part of their lives.

The Mobile Application

Feabie is a mobile application that we can use to find local events which are suitable for us as parents. It is a user-friendly mobile application that we can easily use on any device in order for us to be able to make arrangements regarding our child's daily activities.

The mobile application is easy to access even without internet. It is also a platform provided by the online cloud based solution of Feabie.

The people who created the mobile application are parents themselves who experienced a great deal of hardships during their own childhood. In order to ease the hardships that they experienced during their own childhood, they created the application which is available in four different languages. With their experience, they hope to inspire and motivate other parents to ensure the happiness of their child. With time, they realize that the application is effective.

The Feabie user interface is easy to understand. And with the mobile application, we are able to access the smart application for the different ages of our child. There are activities for babies, kids and babies and kids. These are arranged in a manner that suits the age of the child.

For every activity, we are able to choose the date of the activity. And with the mobile application, we are able apply for it.

The Feabie application is a unique application created by Feabie. It is a most important and essential application for the health of our children.

Safety & Security

Nobody wants to be a hacker… It’s actually quite a scary scenario; some high-end sites have been hacked and defaced, their content is even leaking and getting published on websites. Any small or low-end website could also be hacked and defaced if its security is not set up correctly.

Feabie security experts have carefully designed the data security system by taking the best security practices to achieve the security and safety of the user. The security system is just one of the security features Feabie claims, but the most important and great security feature is the data encryption. Also, Feabie utilizes the latest data encryption algorithm that is strong and hacker-proof.

It also utilizes rigorous user authentication features ensuring the security of each and every user. The data security system has tremendous features such as user authentication and password protection that are dead strong and can help users prevent unauthorized access.

Besides, the security system of Feabie is also unique; it utilizes two-factor authentication. This is another great security feature that provides a complete protection against data theft, ID theft, credit card theft, and hacking.

Additionally, the security system of Feabie allows users to customize their own security authentication parameters; the user will have the option to choose their own username, password, and level of security before they start the application.

Pricing and Benefits

Feabie is one of the best home maintenance tools for a handful of reasons. For one, it is fairly-priced and contains many individual modules for you to learn all about the care, feeding, and cleaning of your specific pet.

For another, the course modules are set up so there are no prerequisites. As long as you can read, you can take the modules one by one. You can start tutorials on cleaning, feeding, and even identifying your pet.

Starting right away is one thing that makes Feabie fun for many people. And the modules are simple enough so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Plus, the video tutorials make it easier to follow along and there are plenty of images so confusion is something that is easily avoided.

The modules are divided into four sections.

  • Feeding: how to feed your critter, how often, and which foods to feed them. And what foods to avoid and which are bad for them.
  • Pet Care: how to keep your pet healthy without spending a bunch of money on expensive visits to a vet. Basic veterinary care advice and care tips.
  • The House: household cleaning tips for your pet’s home.
  • Orphans: advice for a special brand of animal. Animals like rats, aquatic animal care, and cockatiels are among the topics.

Help & Support

Feabie comes with a wide range of learning materials. It’s also built on the idea that you want to share your own experiences and find your own answers to questions. While this means you can find tons of help if you are a beginner, it also means that if you are more advanced, you will probably find that you don’t really need a lot of it.


Q – I have a question about the feabie!

A – Great! Even though I like to believe we're nice people, we're going to do the interviewing here so I can't guarantee you'll get a nice reply. However… I'm going to be honest but honest alone.

Why don't you like the FEABIE and would you suggest to anyone that they should not use FEABIE, because you say it is one of the best known online communities?

You are completely correct. FEABIE is a great site and I'm happy to get the opportunity to speak about it.

However, with the FEABIE we're dealing with a particular type of community. If users have not visited this community, then they might not have a clear idea about what it is.

Surely many people have tried to browse FEABIE and left without knowing how to finish the video.

I think that in this situation, FEABIE could become a little less friendly.

The FEABIE community and its rules have been in place since FEABIE was created in 2006, and these rules are displayed during registration to avoid any visit to this community. So you spending a few minutes watching a useless video, and then this video will not stop you from joining FEABIE.

Is Feabie Safe?

There's no doubt that the Feabie site and community is one the most respected and trusted in the eHarmony industry.

With one of the larger qualifying pools and the ability to filter as much as you like, Feabie is a great option when you're looking for a quality, safe dating website. You'll find me in the coffee shop usually and if you don't recognize me, well that's ok.

You will be able to spot me because I am usually busy or on the computer, talking on the phone, talking with a friend, or in the back working on this website to fix it.

The good news is, their customer service is quick to respond, simply drop a line to yourlocal support manager and you'll get a response back within 24 hours.

Amongst many advantages Feabie has to offer, their customer service and security are well worth noting.

Is Feabie a Real Dating Site?

Yes. While Feabie may not be a paid dating site in the traditional sense of the word, and it certainly does not offer a premium dating experience, we still find it to be a great option for making new friends, looking for a date or even finding a long term relationship.

Feabie is a dating site that doesn't offer user matches. That’s why when you sign up with Feabie, you will not see a list of matches. The only way to get matches on Feabie is to login to your account, search for someone and see if they are interested in meeting.

But it is definitely a good site for finding friendships as opposed to finding a serious relationship.

How to Use Feabie?

The main use for Feabie is to share traveling experiences with friends and family.

Feabie actually has a number of gifts and activities and this can be specially purchased or created by the user and shared with other users.

This site is extremely fast which makes sharing and accessing information quite easy.

There are many sample questions to help the user interview someone and ask them questions.

The site enables you to save any item that you come across and suggest locations that you have visited or activities that you have done.

It also allows you to ask additional questions of people that you have shared experiences with.

The site is rather easy to use on any of the three devices.

Making a Feabie is easy and simple.

On the main page, you are able to access all of the options including, the main IOS and Android application.

The site is able to give you feedback on how you should construct a Feabie, especially if you have never created one before.

You are able to add as much information as you would like onto your Feabie, including as much or as little as you would like, in any order that you would like.

This means that the process of transferring a Feabie from one place to the next is easy.

Is Feabie Free?

Yes, allows site members to post free to view courses on Feabie, as well as the member forums. You can join Feabie for free and use it for a specific number of blocks. After these blocks are gone, you will need to pay to post courses.

If you use the membership to post a course on Feabie, you’ll be able to place a price and start earning revenue without lowering your chances of earning free coins, although you will earn less.

Does Feabie Really Work?

Although many of us are very busy and may have to work long hours, we still have time to do some things that we love such as playing games, painting, reading and even blogging. This way we can stay entertained while at work.

In addition to this, many of us also have kids who want to play some games to help them learn while they play some of their favorite game. With this game, it will be handy to the little ones in making sure that their skills are up to the mark.

Today, I will be reviewing this game that has an attractive app for keeping the children busy for hours. This is published by Feabie and called “Play the Play.” Apart from that, this game will be helpful for the kids to improve their creativity and sharpen their visualization skills while playing.

Does Feabie Really Work?

Yes and when you download the app, you will be able to have a quick look at how to play the game. In this game, you will be given the chance to play the game either with the help of some pictures you have made or you can choose to draw something new from scratch.


Feabie is a popular website that has come up with a way to help travellers make online Q&A sessions easily accessible to their followers. For those who can’t make it to a blogger’s live event, they have made live Q&A sessions accessible on the web. Now if you follow our previous blog post on how to increase your blog engagement, you should be more than interested to find out more about this application.

So far, the reviews have been mixed. It’s understandable to think that pricing commensurate with the attention the Q&A session gets wouldn’t make sense. While the basic package is free, you have to pay for a subscription to see the quality live session, so it’s not a great pay for value ratio for the quality of service.

Besides this, the price of the subscription is also set very high when compared to other applications that offer similar solutions. As a result, the subscriptions are very likely to get abandoned after sign ups rather than subscribers on an on-going need.

Pros and Cons

Of Feabie – What Do We Know?

With the recent trend of getting social and connecting with people and sharing pictures and videos has used many websites called FeaBie where you see other people’s pictures and videos. Feabie is one of them, which is recent and growing in popularity. According to the statistics, more than 5,8 million users use Feabie to share their pictures and videos. At present, the statistics of Feabie is that 18% of all users are having age group of 18 to 25 years. Company state that they update the website every day and if you are having any problem then you can go to help section and you will find all the solution related to pictures and videos.

Which dating site is right for you?

Feabie is a dating website which is exclusively designed for single parents. Around 65% of all their members are single moms and their family and friends.

This site has over 1,000 members. Their primary purpose was to enable single parents to meet a compatible partner. Secondly, the platform offers a big circle of relatives and friends to support you in your daily relationship.

To Sell and Buy, like Feabie.

Feabie refer You to Listing websites to Sell your items, that you do not want to utilize.

This list includes Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, The RealReal, consignment stores, etc.

So to begin with, suggest You to choose one of the several browsers listed here and perform search for web-portal, by which You would need to locate that site, by which You will be able to be enter by the website.

In order to avoid any delays, one need to select the most appropriate seller.

This would come as a very useful decision when you have to choose between few sellers.

The foremost advantage of selling some of our old but beautiful things is its authenticity.

There would be no possibility to find an insurance claim would be one of the points to be discussed.

Feabie is the most used search engine to find items to sell and buy, including examples of what not to post on it.

Feabie is also the social network of sellers, which allows you to communicate with other vendors and buyers.

Feabie also compares prices of various goodies and allows you to find the most economical deal.

Feabie also assist users in buying and selling homes, diamonds, gold, clothes, jewelry, plants, and electronics.

The number could be the most coveted metric by writers and anyone who works on a website. One of the more interesting and unusual ways to measure this is through a special tool called Feabie. It’s a website analysis tool that enhances lots of tools and destinations. From Facebook to YouTube, from Google Plus to iTunes, from WhatsApp to VK and Feabie, the view counts are quite a few.

Feabie helps marketers and experts in web traffic and marketing to find out about Feabie traffic index.

How to check it and calculate in Google Analytics.

Here is an example:

  • Follow this page
  • Go to Google Analytics and click on the web traffic > website section
  • Scroll down until you see Feabie next to Social Networks in the "Social Engagement" section
  • You can go to the next page to find out the latest number of views

When Feabie was created?

Feabie was created in the year 2011.

What it is?

It’s a social install sharing site which was created by the Joel Comm. It has features like installing mobile apps, watch YouTube and the like.

What the Future will bring to Feabie?