Feeld Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does Feeld Work?

Like most dating apps, Feeld is made to connect you with other single people. The important difference between Feeld and other dating apps is the mode of operation.

Well, where most dating apps would have a line up of people who are interested in you and how you might be interested in them, Feeld ensures you’ll never encounter someone who is already a match.

This means you can choose who is shown to you without having to worry about accidentally swiping right on someone who, for example, is a smoker or a heavy drinker.

In order to ensure this, Feeld uses a group of well trained and socialised "Matchmakers" to pair people up in groups and find them potential matches.

This means Feeld experts are finally helping people who are too busy or not interested in filtering through hundreds of profile and find their perfect match.

As you can imagine, this makes it easier for people to find and date someone. And it even helps to keep the conversations flowing because you’re actually enjoying talking to them.

Feeld Free Trial

The Feeld dating app comes with a free trial, which starts with a one week membership, but once this period is up, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

When I talk to people about Feeld, they say that it’s super difficult to sign up and that it’s always taking them days to get approved.

First, I would like to tell you that signing up and making an account is as easy as Eggo waffles. Entirely. Utterly. Incredibly.

If you have a real email address and you have never used any apps before, then your registration is complete before you know it.

If you have a fake email address, you will need to verify that, which is what the website will prompt you to do for. I myself only had to do it once. I have never even received a notification that I needed to verify my email.

If you are still unable to sign up, make sure you are on the same IP address so that you can track down your problem with the other request you had.

Also, try different browsers too, since many people use Chrome and it is the default for the website. If you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, most websites are similar enough for you to be in business.

If you can’t get on, here are some other ways you can sign up:

What About Design and Usability?

Feeld is a great design and one of the things that stood out for me during the usability and performance of the product. From the start you feel in command.

First thing you will notice is the polished user interface. Easy to use sharing functions and a key contact form makes it a great user experience. After the first video call you can start using the features of the service, such as video calls with HD quality up to 720P. There is nothing that asks for attention and you can use it with complete stability.

The design of Feeld is what sets it apart from other similar products. Everything is absolutely seamless and performed very well. You can start a new call or see all the recent calls with the utmost speed.

In the first stages of the product testing, we were only using the video calls and as it goes any product, we notice a few glitches here and there. We are able to find no major drawbacks in usability.

We are in love with the design of the app and we can say we don’t find fault with it. You are able to customize your video call from your desktop all the way to your mobile device. By default the voice and video is completely free, but you are able to purchase features from a few bucks to more than a hundred if you want to go over the top with the features.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Feeld is a new real-time feedback app, for both professionals and clients. It is a useful app to measure the quality of any community project. How? How can it enhance the quality of Teej?

It connects to the mobiles of all the users using the app. Thus, it offers real-time data on their behavior and allows the users to communicate with other users in-app. The users can get real-time feedbacks on their behavior and improvements in their outcomes by the other users.

It also allows two groups of users to communicate out-of-app, to build synergy. It also allows users to establish communication with businesses and private universities.

In this way, users of Feeld are able to identify their weaknesses and use them to augment their perceptions of the outcomes. The errors from the users are gathered in one place, so that they know what to improve or make sure not to repeat the problem.

It is also a great tool for leaders to identify their weaknesses and be able to make improvements. Feeld’s YouTube videos, Instagram feed, and other social media tools provide more information and data on their user’s behavior and can help them in decision-making.

The Mobile Application

Feeld is a mobile app to help you meet and hook-up with other local singles and swingers like yourself.

The app incorporates a dating app along with a social network. It is essentially like Tinder, with the extra ability to find members in your vicinity.

While both Tinder – a matchmaking tool for dating – and Feeld – a hook-up app – are both single app, each user only wants the other to provide one of the potential results.

The App To Meet People Guarantees Quality Dates
One of the main reasons people choose Feeld over Tinder is because they expect a better quality date, and for the most part, they are satisfied with the results.

The main review of Feeld is that it is a safe way to meet people. Those who claim that they have been able to have sex on a first date that they have met using the app tend to feel more comfortable when they are meeting in a public place.

These dates tend to be much more sexual in nature, and that is one of the reasons that some claim that Feeld is more successful than Tinder.

Safety & Security

Although we are not obliged to supply a safe and secure place with our feeder, we think that it’s important when there are such a number of things that have to do with safety and security.

That is why we insist that our feeder is made of high-quality stainless steel and is sturdy enough for regular use and handling, but light enough for you to be able to carry it around.

To our knowledge, there are no other types of feeders that weigh less than 5 lbs and are also safe and secure, when you handle them with care.

That’s why Feeld guarantees that it will stay strong and sturdy even after a year of regular use.

In the case of any damage to the feeder, we will be happy to replace it.

Pricing and Benefits

Crowded minds. Winding down. Rarely thinking. These are all distractions that cause you to lose your focus and even fall asleep when trying to read a book. It’s no wonder that reading is hard when you have too many new things, too many different things and too many distractions to think about!

Feeld is a book reading app that helps you get all the benefits of electronic books while leaving all the distractions behind. Join thousands of other readers who have downloaded Feeld. What you are about to read is unedited as close to the original source as possible.

Feeld is a book reading application and RSS feed reader that syncs across all devices. See your current and previous bookmarks, and get your own personal reading e-mail instead of a clunky RSS reader.

Feeld keeps you on task with all of the limiting features that dedicated reading apps offer. You don’t feed an ever-growing mountain of books. You don’t end up with multiple pages left on a page. You don’t even have an overwhelming number of books that you have to choose from.

Andrew "Bunnie" Huang of Relay RNA fame has a new company called "Feeld" and they have released a free beta of their app to let you experience Feeld.

Help & Support


What Is Feeld? Is Feeld a Dating App? Does Feeld Work?

Feeld is a dating app that aims to create a platonic connection between users. As of today Feeld serves over 50,000 women who are all looking to meet new people. Feeld is a social network that focuses on helping users connect with someone who shares their interests.

At the time of this writing there are no fees to become a member of the Feeld app or use its features. The location function allows users to find someone close by or other similar users who live further away. Hashtags are used to find other users who are interested in the same hobby, book, job, etc.

Media people around the world have been talking about Feeld since version 1.0 was launched in July 2016. There are approximately 500 sign-ups a day and close to 35,000 members. However, there are no contests to win a date and every single user must meet by the use of email, chat, messaging.

Why does it work?

The feminity of the app is one of the main reasons for its growing success. When we think of dating apps, we think of male-orientated apps, where it is the guys who are successful. But what if you want to create a platonic connection?

What if we want to meet guys in a platonic way?

Is Feeld Safe?

Safe is one of the foremost concerns of the majority of massage freaks. Still listening?

Anyway, we were happy to see that Feeld is actually not unsafe. The reviews indicate that it’s a good place to meet and stay safe. The current feedback score from your female clients is greater than 48%; this sure is an encouraging piece of info.

Regarding sex, you can regularly meet some amateurs.

Although your privacy is guaranteed, you need to understand that the number of guys for every woman is definitely limited.

It is also important to know that there are not many women on the platform. So, obviously, it is not at all rare to find all women at the same time.

Also, keep in mind that the number of guys is limited, in comparison with the number of women, regardless of your location or time of day.

Read on for the other stuff you can expect after trying this app.

Is Feeld a Real Dating Site?

We put all our efforts into creating a dating site with a look, feel, and interface that is 100% native app. And although that was our goal, the best part is that we achieved over 60% of the native behavior for connection, which is another goal.

So basically, we created a dating app for people to log in every day just to use as a dating app.

How to Use Feeld?

Is Feeld Free?

Yes! After you have spent some time on the site (we have a short 30 second signup time) there is nothing to pay. Here is what you get:

  • All Access to Feeld
  • Completely Ad-Free
  • Split Screen View
  • 50+ Video Clips
  • Full Profile Private Video Clips
  • Full Profiles Private Message Access
  • No Membership Fee No Virus Marketer
  • All Access to the Feeld App

Here are some additional feeld advantages:

Strikingly Different Looking Profile Pictures

Until now, the owners of a Feeld profile took the same stock photo of themselves and appeared all over the internet. Thanks to Feeld, they can now custom make their profile photo into just about any image they want.

They have many options to choose from and with the power of Photoshop, their creations can look amazing!

They Give You the Ability to Make a Profile Picture Match a Favorite TV Character

From the time they are little, young girls dream about a prince charming coming and sweeping them off their feet. For a lot of these girls, their fondest fantasy comes true when their favorite movie character comes to life and they can meet him. Feeld gives their users that chance.

Does Feeld Really Work?

We have visited the official website of Feeld and have found out that their website is not officially online and that they are a global company that have physical locations.

Feeld is run by a global team of people working very hard and a single person – CEO Avi Poe. We have found a lot of reviews from around the web on the company and it was making us curious.

Feeld was originally developed in Israel. They operate in the following countries – United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many others. They have, also, a CEO and a single person working at the top of the organization.

According to their official website, Feeld has a model known as the –squirrel army” or –squirrel power” model. This model is used by the largest global companies.

There is a single member that is the top manager. There is also a quarter crew and each quarter has a team member that is responsible for his or her working hours and duties to ensure things happen within the best possible way.

Feeld is still a new business and is still growing so it’s not possible to give you a complete picture of the company and how individuals operating in the company, how they work.


Could Feeld be the Next Tinder?

Have you ever been out and noticed that there were plenty of hot and attractive singles in your age group and you were left with one very disturbing thought, which was that “Woah, there’s so much cuter and hotter people as compared to me. Where are all these people coming from?” Well, if you have ever wanted to know that then you’re in luck, because that’s the reason why Feeld was created so you can date those super hot and super cool guys that look exactly like they just stepped out of a modeling agency.

Pros and Cons

Users of Feeld, the dating app for couples, have spoken on their experience with the app, and we have listed the pros and cons in this article.

Fast and Clean Browsing Experience

Fast and clean browsing experience Local in North America, Western Europe, and Australia.

Local in North America, Western Europe, and Australia Watch out for scammers!

Shows Users Too Much Attention

No more of your horrible, intrusive messages, spammers! You have been warned that you will be BANNED permanently from the app!

Please do not message any of the girls in the inbox. Your messages are like unwanted perfume on a girl's coat. Please kindly remove yourself!

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Which dating site is right for you?

Dating sites are intended for individuals looking to find a partner for friendship and dating. These sites are usually not for people in search of a quick hookup, or a one night stand.

However, if you are looking to find a quick hookup or a one night stand, I’d recommend you to use one of those hookup apps or meet-ups near you.

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