Habbo Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How does Habbo work?

Habbo is an avatar-based social networking website specifically for teenagers, but has gained recognition as one of the most popular social networking sites for teenagers across the internet. Over the years, it’s become a social hot spot full of fun, great internet-borne interactions.

The way Habbo works is based around the concept of creating avatars and communicating with others online. Each user creates an avatar, or character, with which they then adopt an identity and social life. The user interacts with others and the information collected about them becomes a part of the user’s life as it grows and evolves as new members, such as yourself, join the Habbo community. To complete a social interaction with another member by having a group chat, or having a chat with another user face-to-face, the user must look for the avatar of that individual.

Depending on the type of interaction you want to have, various portion of your screen will change color and emote a certain attitude.

With the increase in technology each year, Habbo has tried to find ways to improve it’s ability to deal with what was happening online. As a result, a few options have emerged letting Habbo users use video chat, showing off their own content on blogs, and much more.

Registration – is it really easy?

Getting registered on Habbo can be tricky, mainly because you need to enter your credit card details and other personal information.

Thankfully, the registration is super easy. The first step is to enter the personal information and click on –Next.”

Then, the next thing you need to do is to click on –Next” again to insert a credit card.

What about design and usability?

Like any other social network, a special attention should be paid to the design of a website, to guarantee the highest level of usability. Unfortunately, Habboworld Co. LTD. does not look all too bright.

The website uses a minimalist design that doesn’t really appeal to users. The main color scheme (black and white) is a bit boring and the website doesn’t have anything too special to look at.

The banner ad on the home page has some cool images but the rest is simply too boring. The company has not even thought about the back-end of the website. They should have at least used some images to mark clear groups of functions or sections on the website that would help new users locate things a little easier.

Even worse, the content of the website doesn’t contain very much information. Most of it is just plain copy and that’s not going to help when the user is looking for some help or some information.

This seems like a simple website, designed in a shabby way and without much information. The look of the site is pretty basic and has nothing to make it stand out from one of the two million other websites around that specialize in helping people get rich quick.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Your profile is what defines your character. It is what makes you unique and what your friends will remember you for.

You can choose to have 6 different versions of your profile. One of your profile’s main features is that you can change its look and style at any point of time.

The variety of different types of your profile is pretty good. You can choose the color, color of the background, texture, and images for your profile.

Most importantly, you can choose the images that best depict your personality. Usually, you can change these from the bottom of your profile.

Apart from that, your character’s interaction with other people on the website is in your left hand pane in the front of your profile.

The avatar is the small picture next to it. Your avatar’s size is fairly large in comparison to the other people’s avatars. Otherwise, the avatar always accompanies the profile name.

Your interaction section consists of a text box where you can add a short description, short text box, long text box, and a link box. You can write anything you want to say to the other users of the website. In addition to that, you can place a link and a short link.

The mobile application

Safety & security

Habbo has a large variety of safety and security concerns to look into. These include the following.

As a risky business that does not care about its customer’s privacy, the company has also faced scrutiny. A whistleblower met a teenage girl who she said had been solicited for sex in Habbo hotel rooms.

Mark Zuckerberg was the controversial CEO, and since taking over the company, he has made a series of controversial decisions which have contributed to the decline of the company.

According to a study of 560,000 Habbo members, members reported douses being raped by other members and being stalked online.

Habbo had a large number of child porn police reports, and the company has been criticized for not doing enough to curb the wave of pornography.

Many users reported the establishment of fake accounts and credit card scams.

There have been reports of Habbo hotel rooms being used for drug and alcohol drive-by delivery.

Due to the amount of safety and security issues, the brand lost its importance and reputation.

As a result, Habbo began to lose from being a wealthy, thriving community. It dissipated and lost its users, becoming a merely a virtual place for the elderly to meet for marriage.

Pricing and benefits

Habbo is a website where users can create a virtual avatar and interact with other users from all over the world. It was founded in 2001 in Finland and is owned by Sulake. In 2009, Sulake was bought by Warner Bros; however, the game has not been affected by this and it still operates exclusively in Finland.

Habbo is available on both desktop computers and mobile devices, allowing users to have a desktop and mobile access to Habbo.

Habbo has the choice of nine avatars to play with. Each avatar is known for being ‘Young’, ‘Middle-aged’ or ‘Old’, as well as ‘Chubby’ or ‘Slender’. An avatar’s gender has no impact on their weight, however the weight is meant to represent nationality, so Asians tend to be on the thin side and Europeans tend to be on the chubby and round side.

There are various accessories that you can buy at the Habbo store for your avatar. These accessories are considered to be accessories for humans and include a number of things. These things include jewelry, clothes, furniture, and more.

Help & support

There are thousands of help videos on YouTube or search the Internet or forums for your support. Guide told that most of the users doesn’t provide technical support, but they provide the support by giving a link to a website to solve a problem.

All of the questions you asked many different sites with different responses, so use the search engine to find a way to solve the problem.


About the game of Habbo , through the eyes of a beginner.

Questions Asked about Habbo

Habbo is a game based on virtual worlds that consists of thousands of users that are called "Habbos" or "Habbosites".

A Habbo shall explore this immense world and socialize with other Habbo’s. He can find as much friends , help , fight or do whatever he wants with where you are special and unique .If you are a Habbo, you can easily make content with the help of social media , the community and the new functions made available .

Here Are Some Facts about This Game

The origin of the world Habbo can be dated at the end of 2005. It then launched a revolt against the company that was responsible for the game. I cannot avoid mentioning the brands of Virtual Worlds : " MondeAtlas ". We knew each other earlier and we have tried our hands at this kind of business. This time I wanted to try another kind of game. This time I wanted to try to make a game that would be fun and interesting to the game with the virtual world game like Second Life. I wanted to be able to have social interaction on a massive scale and the opportunity to experience socialization in the context of the game.

Is Habbo safe?

Probably the best thing we can say about Habbo is it is almost entirely safe for kids. The only possible criticisms were from kids themselves, as there are no features in the game that don’t have a parent approval button, therefore we are confident that Habbo is a child safe game.

Is Habbo a real dating site?

No, Habbo is a free social networking site that lets you chat with other users for free in your spare time. It is similar to something like MSN or Facebook, but places emphasis on a different area of communication.

Habbo is not a dating site per se, but it does have a community site, where members can chat together in a text and voice chat as well as watch music videos or play games. At Habbo, you can also visit plan room areas, where you can share photos, stories and more, but this is the point where Habbo comes into its own and makes it appeal to a more romantic audience.

As a community site, Habbo does not rely on events (such as birthdays) anymore for membership, as they are no longer actively running the site. Instead, they are now using an invitation system which can generate up to 4000 invitations per day, the maximum up to date, so you need to be patient if you wish to join the site.

In comparison to the rest of the web in 2006, I believe Habbo falls in between Friendster and MySpace. I say this because of its social aspect, as well as the large online community, if you wanted to find it.

For getting to Habbo, you can click on thebutton on the top menu bar, or you can type in the tab also displayed in the top menu bar.

How to use Habbo?

Habbo is a free social gaming website community with over a million fans. You can create your own room, showcase your random thought, art work and there are loads of games to chose from.

To create your character, you just can't choose your race, you have to enter 'other' as your gender and it can be anything else. Lots of people took exception to this and had a field day with it.

Is Habbo free?

Habbo is a free chat site created by a multinational online gaming company known as the San Fransisco-based PartyGaming plc. In 2002, Habbo was bought by Star TV, with all the expectations of PartyGaming on Habbo failing, and the Habbo company being flushed out with a few years, like Bebo and MySpace.

With rumours of an IPO in the USA. PartyGaming plc then released in 2011 a set of financial statements which, in addition to the IPO, describing a total turnover in excess of GBP12 million.

The site was launched in August 2000 after PartyGaming acquired Rocket Internet with the idea of creating their own online conference. They came up with the domain name Habbo, which Haber, a designer from Hamburg, later transformed to the current site.

The original concept is to become a new online community, similar to an online virtual reception centre. The developers used the same format as the reception desks in stores and libraries, and called the community "Habbo", derived from the German word 'Hamburg', which means Hamburg, in reference to the city's downtown, and the English 'hotel' together form the English word "Habbo".

Is Habbo really works?

Definitely. For an age of 18 during the year 2002 created a British company, Habbo LLC. The global website, for his part, is still used to this day, although it is included in the group affiliated companies.
Celso Pereira, a Brazilian designer, was its original developer who created Habbo as social network in the early 2000s on both platforms: website and mobile phone application. The company was sold to InterActiveCorp of the Internet of AOL.

Habbo remains one of the most popular social networks of Brazil. Each year, the website gets hundreds of millions of unique users around the world. The General Market currently let it fun, but it’s also accessible to the customer’s immediate neighborhood.

The website is open during each week of the year from Monday through Sunday, from 15:00 to 22:00.

The Habbo Hotel has 865,000 rooms (floors) spread across the world. Each room accommodates hundreds of users.

Many users no longer meet their users for communication, but on the other hand, the Internet in no way exceeds the imaginable. Habbo has become a place where you find friends you never knew existed.


Habbo is one the most popular social networking sites that encourage the use of the computer language of Java. Habbo has been in operation of online sharing since late 2000. It is estimated that there are more than 12 million Habbo users all over the world and it is ranked the number one social network site on the internet.

Habbo supports languages such as Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. Before 2010, Habbo was only available in English.

Habbo allows you create an avatar of your own and participate in many social and online game modes such as; parties , games, and chat rooms. Habbo puts various limits on people because their site is for all ages.

You can get a very good user experience and good visibility of your profile when you have an avatar similar to people you would like to identify with. Some features on Habbo include; the ability to chat , create a profile , can add friends , use emoticons , make friends , use gifts and learn about new users .

On February 18th, 2013, Habbo announced an addition of hearing and breathing for your avatars , which wasn’t very well received by users.

Pros and Cons

Habbo is a unique social multiplayer game that allows you to meet new people, make new friends, and have fun.

It’s easy to learn, and very easy to play. It’s just as easy to jump in as it is to jump out.

You can find other people to chat with, make new friends, reminisce old times, or even find a date!

This game has a lot to give to anyone who is looking to play.

However, Habbo has a few downsides, which include occasional technical problems, and a rather short lifespan.

I could go on and on about the good things about Habbo, but I’ll stick to the basics.

What is this game about?

Habbo is an online social game that allows users to create a personalized character and interact with other players’ avatars.

The game itself is made of several play rooms or rooms that are available. In these rooms, users can meet and chat with each other, participate in games, and sometimes even play minigames or play with a group of friends.

Time is also free in this game, which allows you to have as much fun as you want.

Does the game have a lot of players?

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Habbo Review

Is it a Scam or Legit?

When you hear the name Habbo, what comes to your mind? When you start talking about Habbo in the playground at school, you tend to hear a lot of negative stuff. A lot of people are under the impression that it is a scam or a fraud and doesn’t pay. Habbo is a social networking site where people can create their own character and talk to other people. At its core, the qualities that make Habbo so popular are the same that make any social networking site attractive. These qualities include the bright colors, various themes to choose from and the ability to connect with other people.

No, Habbo isn’t like other social networking sites. However, the levels of customer satisfaction can be quite high for Habbo. The reason for this is the achievement of Habbo’s goals. These goals consist of Habbo’s motto of –Be yourself at Habbo”, creating a safe environment for people to express themselves, and delivering the user experience that they are looking for.

Most popular pages are those that most of the users go to and visit. A popular page would be the home page of the website. On Facebook and Twitter this would be the page where you can see the most attractive content. On Youtube this would be the “wish list” page.

Most Popular Search Terms

Search engine results also show the most popular search terms. On Youtube this would be the “related videos” page. On Facebook this would probably be the top trending ticker or the news feed page. There could be a lot of reasons for them to be popular. One could be because of the user experience of the website. Other reasons could be because of the content on the page.

When you find a popular page or search term it means that a lot of users are looking for that.

These stats don’t mean that these are the best pages. These are the most popular pages. There may be websites that have much better content and user experience.

Most Popular Brands on the Internet According to Alexa and Quantcast

Alexa stand for Alexa Internet and is an American company that manages a number of popular websites. Quantcast is another company that gives us useful stats such as, their measure of webpage, brand, or company popularity. Amongst these they provided us with the most popular brands online as seen on Alexa.