Happn Review – What Do We Know About It?

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How Does the Happn App Work?

Happn, which is available in more than 40 countries, lets you search for that special someone to share your life with. If you’re effectively looking for a partner, Happn is very useful. Dating sites are great, but for certain people, location-based services are more effective. Happn is a dating app where you essentially make friends first, so that you can end up finding your partner. It’s a thought-provoking concept which is certainly worth a try.

Three Dating Criteria on the App

Every person will have certain preferences and guidelines for how they would like to be contacted and how they’d like to meet that special someone. Happn has made it easy for everyone by giving you three criteria to choose from: intent, location, and language. The app works with these criteria to provide you with the best matches based on the criteria you have chosen. You get to choose which criteria matter the most to you for that particular search. It certainly makes it easier to find the perfect one.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Happn is a location based social networking mobile app that utilizes GPS to identify matches that happen by chance in close proximity to one another. Your Happn account can only be used with your phone’s GPS, so be sure to turn it on before you go out. The more frequently you use the app, the more accurate the match predictions become.

Once you open the app, you’ll see a variety of attractive male and female models you can interact with. If you’re a male user, you can swipe through the short profiles of each person and select the girl you want to talk to. You have the option to continue or –pass” if you aren’ interested. If you are interested, you can send her a –wink” to show that you really like her. If you both continue to match for at least twenty minutes, then it will count as a chat. If you break the twenty-minute ring, then neither person will know about it, but it’s still a good idea to acknowledge that you matched, just in case.

What About Design and Usability?

Happn is nothing like Tinder. It lacks one of the most important features that Tinder boasts about – the “swiping” option which allows the user to instantly let go of a person once they have swiped through them all.

This lack of ‘swiping’ is why Happn is not a dating app. Oh, it does have the other features that you are used to in a dating app like pictures and messaging, but its function is entirely different. Unlike Tinder, Happn is not for dating and it does not match you with someone out of nowhere and then whisk you off for a date.

Instead, Happn tries to connect people up who are in the same area. This is done through their locator function, which shows you the location of other Happn users who you are most likely to bump into if you were to go to that place.

Keep in mind that Happn matches are not always people you see. In fact, a lot of Happn users emphasize on looking for people they are attracted to even when they are in different locations.

Things Happn Does Well?

Happn puts a lot of emphasis on location. If you were to go to a restaurant with friends, you wouldn’t want to be seen by strangers when you reach your table. So Happn tries to prevent this by limiting the number of people who can see you on the platform.

Let’s Talk About the Profile Quality

Just like the app is simply a match finder, it matches your profile with other users’ profiles. It’s like Tinder for Happn, the thickness of Tinder’s profile line determines its suitability. This quality is your profile’ appropriateness with each individual user’.

Happn’s rating system gives you a sense of how and why your profile was matched with a particular match. You can choose to be yourself and show your real self, or you can customize your profile to be more attractive to your match.

How thick your profile lines are is different with Happn than it is with Tinder. The ideal thickness is about twice as thick as it is with Tinder. If you’re not sure how to prepare your profile, Happn has given you quality examples of profiles to follow.

My Experience

The Happn experience is much like the Tinder experience. The only difference is the message system through your profile.

When I first started using Happn, I was getting matched with way too many people, and I was getting declined way too many times. Soon, I realized that I had to tailor my profile to each individual woman that I was trying to meet. Happn’s quality system was what helped me do that.

The Mobile Application

The Happn mobile app was officially launched in the United States yesterday.

Happn is not only people-finding dating app currently available, but is also a social networking app where you can post about places and events you have been to, and see what people are doing near you.

This is what so special about Happn is that it helps singles and couples find each other as a collective within the Happn community simply by crossing paths in the real world.

Unlike other dating apps Happn is dating app that offers its users a real-world experience. One thing that makes Happn stand out from other dating apps is that no one can see your profile, likes, or interests until you make them visible to others. This means that individual users only see people they choose to see, whereas they can see the public profile of anyone else. The only information that appears about you is the location where you are at a particular moment, which is why the app calls itself the world’s first location-based online dating service.

Happn then uses your real-world location to increase your chances of running into someone that might be a potential match. You can also use Happn to see where your friends are hanging out based on their location. And not only that, but you can also see who is walking where, on what days and at what time.

Safety and Security

Better Online Dating has enlisted the help of both the Happn website and the Happn app for analysis. By engaging with the Happn app and Happn website we will be able to provide you with a detailed and honest review! Whether you are looking for Happn App download for your iPhone or Happn App review, Better Online Dating has you covered.

"""I say that dating has changed over the years but I would argue it’s not so much that dating has changed but that we are not dating in the same way. Take it from someone who has seen the world’s population online dating…you can’t just download an app and expect to have a good dating experience. Why? When you don’t know new people, you are not comfortable enough with them to go out on a 1st date. We are living in a different world but dating is still the same. The app is the best way to get in touch with people who have similar interests. I love KISS FM WFMU…not only do they play the best jazz but they are one of the most free spirited radio stations around. These were the types of stations that I as well as my friends were listening to at the time.

Pricing and Benefits

Happn is a location-based dating app that allows the user to find singles close to them nearby or far from them. In this article, we’ll be looking into the pricing, features and benefits of Happn app and website.

Early in the year 2014, Happn was acquired by the British company IAC and for a short period the Happn app was redesigned and rebranded as Bitly in the UK. This was not the Happn app that we have come to know today as it was just a highly redesigned version of the Bitly app. Happn stayed under the ownership of IAC after a few years. Happn is available on both mobile and desktop version for both Android and ios phones and tablets. The Happn app can be downloaded for free on both ios and Android.

The Happn app is available for both users with or without Facebook accounts. The Happn app can be used worldwide except in the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and the Muslim-majority countries in Africa.

Help and Support


” Can Happn be used by foreigners? [<br>M_I] Happn is not that popular with foreigners since it's originated from Switzerland.

Is Happn safe?

Most of the amazing Happn functions are indeed totally safe. The scenario becomes worse when the opposites use fake ID. During that kind of times, you can meet with the chance that you are scammed. Happn will not be responsible when something happen to you.

Is Happn a Real Dating Site?

Happn is a real dating app with over fifteen million users. We know for sure that it is extremely popular because it's concept and business model is so great that it couldn’t not be embraced by the majority of the population.

It is used as a resource in cities all around the world, not just in Switzerland.

Can It Work In The UK?

Happn definitely can. If you live in the UK, you can get yourself onto the Happn map, but there will be no data from the UK at the moment for you. Happn UK has a way to check if your location in the UK is live or not.

However, make sure you check for all social media profiles and any profiles you have, such as Instagram.

Your profile needs to be of a height and weight set-up so that it matches the Happn average, as it is all about putting accurate data into their system.

Some of the best profiles are found on social media and not on the app itself.

However, there is a section on the Happn app where you can put your age, location and what your hobbies are, so that you can get more data and that is important from the micro-level.

Is It Worth It?

Is Happn Free?

Nope! In order to use the dating app, Happn (and its other application, Happn BFF), you have to be part of the Happn membership program for £2.99 a month. This includes a ton of features, including access to Happn BFF, which we will look into later.

Does Happn Really Work?

It’s no secret that dating apps have exploded in the past few years. They’re really easy to use, and they provide an easy way to find compatible people all around you.

One of the biggest growing dating platforms is Happn, and there are no shortage of dating apps, but what makes Happn different?

Happn has been around in the market since 2013, and their last reported user-base registered over 15 million users per week.

This number of users is growing at a rapid pace, and Happn is a solid choice if you are currently looking for some casual dating on your own schedule.


Does Happn Work Or Not?

It’s a location-based app that shows users a list of potential matches who are within a given distance. Users can then swipe yes or no on these potential matches. All of the matches are real people who have also opted-in to the service. According to Happn, Happn’s users are more likely to meet the people they are already interested in. Relationship skyrockets and Happn also claims that these inspired relationship can lead to marriage and babies. However, Happn has not released more in-depth scientific research for this product. For your reference, we have done a review on Happn.

A new competitor for Happn is Tinder. Both of these dating apps have adult dating and dating services, as with Happn, it’s location-based technology. However, it’s different with Tinder. It’s a location-based app, but users can only find other users in their immediate vicinity. Another alternative for Happn is IAC Dating. The last alternative comes from the country: Wolk. This app takes some of the best features from Happn and t


Pros and Cons

If you are unfamiliar with the term, Happn is a dating app that detects your location to make sure that you and your matches in the area are close enough to meet up.

This is definitely the kind of application that can make you run into the Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble crowd. It is clear that Happn is the latest dating product on the block, but it is still a newcomer, and it’s more about what it isn’t than what it is.

This is one in a list of apps that helps you find someone in your city as opposed to the rest of the world, which is a big difference from other dating applications.

Which dating site is right for you?

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