Jdate Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does Jdate Work?

Jdate is an international dating site that includes everyone from the ages of 18-and-up, so make sure you’re at least that age before signing up. The site is very similar to the regular dating sites like OKCupid or Match. It includes questions, profiles, and connections.

It works well for Jewish singles looking for such options. However, it cannot be used by Jewish singles who are already married, and there are no options to find who is Jewish or not.

Jdate is a lot like the others, in that the success of your messages are gauged by the judging of the site administrators and dating site administrators, and how many times you message someone is also a factor. You’ll be able to read the dating success stories and learn from their experiences as well.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

What About Design and Usability?

Jdate has a very usable and comprehensive user interface. Every feature on the website is easy enough to navigate and use. It’s quite simple to find something quickly.

Upon creating an account, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Log in to your account and you will be sent a confirmation to verify your email address.

Next, you will see a welcome page, and a few dating tips which are helpful to remember.

Jdate also has a huge online chat room. This is always a huge plus. Chatting with other singles is a lot of fun, but it can be hard to never know when you will catch them. You will know everything you need to know about them after you read their profile.

Once you are ready to go on your own initial search, click on the “More” tab and then click on “Browse Members”.

You will be able to browse other members who live nearby or all over the world!

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Profile quality usually refers to how attractive you look in your profile photo. Profile quality is especially important on Jdate as it’s what gets you noticed, and what eventually attracts you to someone.

Snags like too much noise, too little noise, poor lighting, poor colors, etc. can all make your profile photo look like its being shown on a 1970’s television, so use the power of editing to your advantage.

Jdate offers you the option of uploading as many photos as you care to. Leave yourself up to 21 photos total, preferably 10-15 good photos.

Be sure to include at least a few photos where you are smiling, showing some happiness. We all enjoy seeing happy people, and you will want to showcase those photos in your Jdate profile.

If you are working on dressing up for a specific occasion or going on a date, take good quality photos from different angles.

If you have a lab coat, a professional uniform, or any other type of uniform that you wear regularly, include these photos also. Good photos can outshine even a great profile, and bad photos can be burned by a great profile.

Keep your photos between 3-5 M pixels. Upload your photos to a test account to visually determine what the best size and resolution is for your photos.

The Mobile Application

To chat for free you can download the free jdate mobile app from the iTunes store or Google play-store.

Jdate is a dating service and Jdate mobile is a dating app developed by JDate LLC. The main developer of the application is the famous mobile application developer and creator company called JoliApps.

The purpose of the application is to make it convenient for users to connect with the other member. You can contact any other member that is registered with the application to meet them online and don’t have to worry about any trouble finding the other person online.

The application is mainly based on photo uploading and name searching and there are other features of the application such as the profile tab, discussion tab, email tab, chat tab and profile edit menu.

The jdate mobile application is ideal for the person who needs to join the online dating with his/her own profile. Generally, one needs to change his name and also to add desired photos before joining the online dating.

But the good thing in using this application is that you don’t need to create another profile from scratch because by using this application you can already change the profile of the update date and need not to create a new account and its already registered members. You can directly go to the given persons profile and then communicate with them. The good thing in this application is that you can update the profile of the member or add new member within the application itself.

Safety & Security

This note is not specific for Jdate, but is a general observation of dating sites in general. Many dating sites have had issues with security in the past. You should be aware of the following:

Only use a username that you have not already used with other online sites.

You should consider using an email address you don’t normally use with other accounts.

Make sure your information is note public, and neither your date’s nor your personal information should be publicly posted.

If there are fees, they should be clearly stated in your profile.

Don’t use your personal email address for your profile.

Once you are matched and set up a date, use a program such as Gmail to communicate.

Never provide your contact information (phone number, address, name, email address) to another computer or program; it may be intercepted!

Your email address or the email address of the site should never be used to initiate contact!

Keep all versions of the site’s URL for future reference.

Pricing & Benefits

For Computer Scientists, it is a good dating website, but it also an average dating website.

In Jdate Review, I failed to find it useful at all.

That said, I don't see a big need for computer dating.

If you are a engineer or a physicist who looking for a geek, it is a good selection, but all others just average.

Help & Support

JDate is a dating site for Jewish singles to find love, dates, and marriage. The site is a success with it’s devoted Joolia users, many who have found their soulmate through the site.

While the site may not be for everyone, and we can’t promise that you will fall ”head over heels” in love as quickly as some of the JOOLIA’s lucky couples, everyone can enjoy using the site for a time.


Is Jdate Safe?

Jdate was created to help Jews form, and maintain relationships based on people’s common beliefs, practices, background, culture and interests.

Jdate has come under criticism for providing a service where potential couples reach out to each other based on their religious beliefs and practices, and has been accused of being anti-Semitic.

The founder, Michael Rosenssen, responded to the accusations by calling Jdate a "thinking tool for Jews," and supported the idea that users create online dating profiles with their real name, as well as their location.

Rosenssen assured that all responses on Jdate are anonymous and give users the option to hide their location.

The service is also courteous to users’ religious beliefs by not allowing marriages to be arranged on the service.

When asked about Jdate’s anti-social claims and accusations of hostility towards minorities, Rosenssen responded, "Anyone can be anti-social, but that doesn’t make them anti-Semitic."

Jdate has also been criticized for allowing interracial dating.

Is Jdate a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Jdate is a full dating site where you can: meet singles, chat with them, share your interests, and create your matching profile.

Try Jdate free for 2 months to experience the best free Jewish dating service online!

How to Use Jdate?

Click on the "start" button and in a few seconds you are in the Jdate homepage. The homepage contains a rather small navigation panel with currently two buttons. One of them is for the main page, the other is for the help pages.

Jdate is the online dating site for Jewish singles (people who are Jewish by religion and/​or culturally identify as Jewish).

After clicking on the "Start Now" button, you are welcomed by the main page of the site. It looks a little disjointed.

It lists the most important details like:

{1}. Your full name.
{2}. Your photos.
{3}. Your Questions.
{4}. Your special features.
{5}. The option to "filter" your search by a specific aspect (Manage profile and by other criteria)
{6}. The option to "recommend Jdate» to your friends.

You can decide to take a glance at the site before really using it. I think it should be a positive experience since you can meet a lot of Jewish singles.

One of the best things is that you are a member only on Jewish dating sites and you don't have to pay to be a member no matter what. You can even find profiles for gay and bisexual singles.

Is Jdate Free?

Yes, it is – and there are actually only two big reasons you’d want to pay for Jdate.

The first one is better quality on the profile – and the extra content is the second reason.

Overall, the Jdate free version has everything you need.

{{{jdate}}}, as a free dating service? Yes, I know it sounds like a question.

Looking for a date is not much of a problem since our Jdate’s team takes care of everything.

Jdate does have a free dating site, but the free membership does not provide several extra benefits that you get when you upgrade.

The free dating site is a good way to meet potential dates and people from your locality.

The only things you get when you sign up are the option to search for people near you.

How to use Jdate for free?

When you sign up for a free account, you can create a profile.

You can use it for other things as well; but the main purpose is to meet single people of your choice.

After creating your profile, all that is left to do is to initiate contact with other people.

In order to use the app, you have to register for membership.

While registration is free, there are many benefits that you can get by upgrading your membership to the professional version.

Does Jdate Really Work?

Jdate sums up to be the biggest disappointment dating service I have ever tried.

Sure, this website provided me the opportunity to meet some new and interesting people, but with each story came a lack of substance.

The only relationship I've been able to come out of Jdate involved a match from 9 years ago.

I'm not going to sit here and make a blog for you all, talking about the negative aspects of Jdate.

Sure, some reviewer told me to 'try before I leave'; as if just throwing money at a website could get me even the slightest chance of meeting someone.

But that's a fool's game.

Having reviewed many dating services, it should be clear that there is no magic formula that will lead to meeting someone.

Link to a video about the same, from the creator of Jdate.

Neutral Quotes:

"Jdate is the tip of the iceberg. It's mediocre and just bloody confusing, but at least it shows potential in some parts"

"It's been four years since I last used Jdate, and I still remember how difficult it was to actually message new people. It's like they don't want that at all."

"I don't really recommend Jdate, but you can have some luck if you send a message hoping for a response."


Jdate is a dating site for Jewish singles similar to dating app. By offering a Jewish dating platform, the site helps its members who are looking for partners from the same background. The site was launched in 2003.

The site connects people from all around the world. Members can chat, discuss, and meet new people. The site has some nice features like the ability to contact matches, send gifts and also like members. All members need to be verified by a real member before they can start dating on the site. However, users can also browse the site and create their own profile.

Users have to pay some amount of money in order to open their own profile. This may be a little expensive for some. However, users do appreciate the security that Jdate offers. It is a safe place for all people.

The price is worth the money. Even though other sites are available, they are not as secure as Jdate.

Here are the best benefits associated with Jdate!

Good Pricing

First, the pricing on Jdate is reasonable and users agree. When you go through the transaction the second time, the cost is very small. Especially, for users who travel internationally. They can access a lot of people from different parts of the world without spending too much money. The website is absolutely website and been modified design to be very user-friendly.

Solid Security

Pros and Cons

Pros of Jdate:

  • (+)This dating site offers instant connection to other Jewish singles
  • (+)With over 400,000 members, you can easily find Jewish singles to date at Jdate
  • (+)Its free to join Jdate and you only need to give a bit of information
  • (+)If you meet a Jewish fellow in your area, you can easily see where you will meet each other in real life
  • (+)Jdate has a lot of personality and entertainments for its users to take part in, whether it be the official Jdate blog, Jdate twitters, or cross-posted blogs
  • (+)For Jewish singles in an actual area, Jdate can help you find relevant Jewish based events to attend
  • (+)It's an attractive site to many who prefer the traditional and orthodox views on Judaism
  • (+)The site can be exchanged between list Jdate signups and those who simply wish to browse profiles
  • (+)Its Jewish connections can make finding a serious relationship quite easy

Cons of Jdate:

  • (+)While the site does have a lot of personality and a lot for its users to do, it comes at a cost
  • (+)Jdate is a very young site, with only 1 million members when compared to more established sites
  • (+)It can come across as a little superficial at times

Which dating site is right for you?

JDate is very popular worldwide.

There are a lot of young single Jews on this site.

It is very free of charge.

It has been running for almost a decade and has a lot of interesting features:

  • search by age, location, self-description, photo, religion, and interests
  • free instant messaging
  • free extended search
  • paid membership as well

Registration is required.

Admin fees are required – no hidden costs.

English is the main language and Hebrew is available.

It is a very different site from other ones.

It is more focused on religious people.

It is focused on the Jewish people and their traditions.

If you are not interested in dating Jewish people, you should try JDate.

If you do open your profile and do not mind the fact that most people that are looking for dates on the site are Jewish, this is a great platform for you.

If you are not willing to put yourself on the line in terms of meeting people in your area, you are better off looking at other sites.

The sites below offer the best reviews of Jdate and are the ones I turned to, multiple times, when considering joining. I created a bookmark for each site and have kept them handy since.

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