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How Does LDS Planet Work?

This is a great website if you want to save money on super foods and supplements.

It’s designed for Mormons, so that they can put together an LDS inspired diet. They have a variety of fruits, veggies and plants to choose from.

The company is based in Utah.

No, it’s not a scam, and it’s not for non-Mormons.

They do not give you a list of which items you may or may not buy. There are no restrictions on the food you eat as long as you eat healthy foods.

Everything is organic, and it’s all vegan except for honey which they say is a super food.

You can also choose to buy groceries to supplement what you buy through their site.

This is a good company if you want to save some money and eat healthy foods.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

If you’re curious about LDS Planet, you may not want to just sign up for it. You’ll want to be certain you can access everything you need to know because of the all-you-can-eat nature of the site.

There are a few processes you’ll need to go through – like registering for a paid membership level and activating your free membership.

The first task is simple enough, you just need to enter your name and email address. There’s no extensive questionnaire or anything like that.

You come back later and need to activate your free membership. The process takes a few minutes, and once you’re set to go, you can see all of the available areas that your free membership will give you.

There are a few content pages that you’ll be able to access upon your free registration. They include a few basic videos, a page of results from terms you’ve searched for, and an area for reading articles from the various interests you’ve selected while signing up.

The next step is to choose which area of the website you’d like to use. You can choose from Religion, Science, Health, News, Education, Sports, and Games.

Basic Information

LDS Planet is a registered trademark of LDS Planet Curriculum. LLC.

This company works with the LDS Church for the purpose of creating learning materials to help people improve both spiritually and academically. In our case, these materials have been created to help students further their LDS education outside of the classroom, as well as to help teachers enrich their current classroom lessons with LDS content. Teaching material is designed based on the pastor and teacher’s decision to make the most effective use of grading and content.

We offer four learning products to meet the needs of teachers and students. They are mostly self-paced online study programs that go beyond academic content and into academic mastery.

Our materials are ideal for anyone who wants to take their learning to a deeper level, whether they are in elementary, middle, high school, college or beyond.

They can be used by students and invited guests from either the church or the community.

Personal Details

You will find a lot of family photos here.

All LDS Planet members need to be active, though they don't have to be full-time.

You will need to purchase a membership before you can do anything on the site.

You can create an account by registering with an email address, or signing up with Facebook.

I found finding the right plan difficult – I had to try a few times before I managed to get it (and cheaper too).

I was able to contact members of staff for help with things that aren't common sense, and I was given clear and friendly advice.

I found the site to be easy to navigate, and I was able to work my way around it easily.

Login Credentials

What About Design and Usability?

They have a clean and simple design that identifies your registration as an LDS member. This is a real bonus for LDS folk. They have added the button menu on the left so that you can quickly skip the welcome screen, which makes it even easier to sign up.

The package includes six different packages and subscriptions so you can get one that suits you best. You can amend your subscription and length at regular intervals.

If you have an LDS profile, it can be linked to the package instantly.

While you can register via mail, another option is to log into your account online. This is a little easier and quicker.

Trying to use the site is very quick and simple.

Privacy and hack-proof measures mean that your details will be safe with them. You will have complete control of your account with LDS Planet.

For most people, an LDS Planet account is great for tracking your current subscription services. This may be the way that a lot of people go, especially if there are a lot of different subscriptions for things like growth, water, etc. It could even be the best way to do things if you want to have full control of everything without having to go through a third part.

Considering the options available to you, it’s a very good site. The value that you get here is exactly what you get and you shouldn’t have any problems operating with it.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The Mobile Application


This is one of the most popular LDS apps for both Android and iOS. It has a built-in map that acts as a browsing tool, but you can also filter the database by other data such as authority or chapter.

On the LDS.Planet app, I will first be looking at the map part.

My LDS.Planet

On My LDS.Planet, the map shows a detailed view of the USA in the form of a "Road Atlas" and can be filtered to show only US Ordinances, Study Resources, or at a large scale with everything. You can zoom in and out very easily as well.

LDS Home

The LDS Home page is just a way of finding resources specific to your area. For example, in my home area of Oklahoma it is for access to authoritative and historical data on Ordinances, photos, magazines, etc.

My LDS.Planet also includes a ton of user-submitted resources but those are just optional extras not included in the actual planet.

The map works extremely well as a breakdown of the US into different areas.

The knowledge clusters show you what areas of data are available, which is very helpful when you just want to look up a topic. It often takes you to a section within the app listing different areas of knowledge.

Safety & Security

Although the site has gone through a number of independent security audits, which is evidently above average for the crypto-casino world, it is worth mentioning that its security does not hold a candle to what, for example, a reputable online casino commands.

Safety is a huge concern in the crypto-currency world, and the team behind LDS Planet acknowledged it. Lauded online casino executives have learned a lot from the downturn that took place last fall and have made significant investment in the way of building secure online gambling resorts.

The security measures include sophisticated security encryption placed on each transaction, SSL certificate covering all data traffic and an identification server based on the Netherlands PKI standards, which makes it the safest crypto-currency casino in town!

In addition to that, the platform’s management team are keen on addressing all its possible vulnerabilities. The ultimate goal is to make sure that no unauthorised third parties can access players’ data.

The site does not have any known record of leaks and its security keeps its kids under lock and key.

The only feature that allows players to change the cryptocurrency they use is the option to manually change the interface language. All other aspects of the casino work in their native languages, which can be difficult for some people who do not speak one of the main languages.

This online casino also has no option to use Bitcoin or Ethereum but can issue virtual coins.

Pricing and Benefits

When you think of an online payment solution, you may have a list of different credit cards, check out software, and others to choose from. Some of these options are fairly expensive, some better than others, and some are simply distractions from the task at hand.

LDS Planet is one of those online vendors that offers payment solutions that come at a great price. Their pricing is definitely affordable for all, and the benefits are quite generous.

LDS can offer merchant solutions for over 12 different currencies, and has equipment that is suitable for all types of merchants, including online, brick and mortar, and mobile.

This is a company that cares about its clients, and the client/merchant experience. They don’t want to be your provider and take away your payment solutions.

They also understand the need for a safe and secure website. This is why their solution is bank-neutral, meaning that while it is an option for banks, your security is not a matter to be taken lightly.

All of their providers are PCI DSS compliant, so you can feel safe that you are getting the best of the best.

LDS Planet can be a great solution if you just want to get your merchant account up and running. Whether it is just to get started, or if you want to take it to the next level with a partnership, they can get you there with a few clicks.

Help & Support

This is the most important area of planet. You must see the help and support of your all members. Software should be very simple. If you see the help and support you will satisfied after subscription.


What is it – A program to take the place of F.A.Q. Staff since it stopped updating over a year ago. Staff has said that it will be replaced with a more search engine friendly solution to appease people that wanted this.

Payment Methods – None (as of June 11th 2014)

Note About Replacement: When the original site was removed back when it was in maintenance mode, only the source code remains. Which would mean individuals could rebuild the site if they wanted to. But since the source code was also lost, it's impossible to restore the original site.

Is LDS Planet Safe?

Yes the program is safe as they have not made any changes to it, there is no infected website and there is nothing malicious about it. – Ronit Katz, VP of Product, Website Liaison Intersect LLC

As with any program, we are not able to guarantee anything. But I do not believe they are spamming or doing anything malicious. – Pat Hardy, IT manager of Deseret Book

Is LDS Planet a Real Dating Site?

It can seem a bit suspicious that LDS Planet ranks so high on our list of dating reviews. Is it really genuine, or just an example of a scam site waiting to trip you up? It’s sometimes hard to tell, especially when you start noticing certain signs of a scam.

In any case, everything we’ve found about LDS Planet leads us to believe that it’s a legit site for folks looking for long term Christian dating and Christian friends.

That being said, there are a few things that make it a bit suspicious. For one, the level of quality and selection seems a bit low compared to similar sites. Also, the extra features seem to target LDS people to the point where it can seem like a recruitment pitch from a church.

There is a difference between coverage and looking for LDS members, but that’s not what you can tell when you use LDS Planet. This isn’t something that will be obvious to everyone, but it’s something to consider before getting too serious about LDS Planet.

How to Use LDS Planet?

If you’re looking for information on the “known” planets, you’ve come to the right place. This is a list of all of the bodies in our solar system that the LDS Church has recognized as definitely existing (not our Moon, of course) and which Joseph Smith’s account of those planets is taken from. The source we used was a pamphlet released by the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 2009 called Teachings of Brigham Young.

If you want to learn more about the nature of planets, disk shapes, what’s considered a planet, and lots of other fascinating things, click on the link below.

Is LDS Planet Free?

No. LDS Planet is free to download, but you’ll need an LDS account to get full access to the site. There are support teams and moderators for any issues and perks you can get by purchasing membership.

Does LDS Planet Really Work?

LDS Planet is an essential dietary supplement that has received loads of positive reviews. This product indicates that you are able to lose excess fat and body weight.

This same product has also been suggested to those who want to increase their muscle mass without bulking up.

These advantages make this product quick and easy to use.

One thing to keep in mind is that as a dietary supplement, this product doesn’t prevent health problems or illnesses. You should consult with your doctor to ensure that it is right for you to use as part of your regime.

Many of the customers who have bought the product have ended up losing lots of weight within weeks. However, figuring out how a product works is not as easy as some may think.

You are bound to see numbers, charts, and images when looking at other reviews of this product. However, these may not be a true representation of what it really does to the human body.

The manufacturer has been reluctant to share this information, but many people believe that these numbers are only estimates. Only the customer himself can know for sure if this product works.

The manufacturer has been reluctant to share this information, but many people believe that these numbers are only estimates. Only the customer himself can know for sure if this product works.


In conclusion we can say that most of the go-to resources for Church Doctrine (Including scriptures, lesson manuals, and manuals) are actually compiled and published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. It's the official website for the entire church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Church publishes their own church manuals for the basic doctrine of the gospel, which cover topics such as the plan of salvation and the organization and administration of the church.

However, for the true doctrines of the church, the Prophet of God is given the keys of salvation and is free to act as he chooses to, irrespective of what the presidency decides. This is taught in Section 1 , verse 6 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Pros and Cons

When LDS Planet first came onto the market, I was really upset with it! So much so that I started a thread on The Zombie Skinny of what was wrong with the site. Everyone was excited, they were making money and people were happy. All of my complaints were answered with, –It’s new”, –It’s just for the short term”, and –It’s not as good as advertised in the reveal emails”. And everyone was so happy!

So how did it go for around a year or so? Was I right or was I wrong? It’s too early to tell, but the site seems to have taken a turn for the worse recently.

The reason for this is that the list of active affiliate marketers has dwindled to the point where they have recently even removed the affiliate section.

Which dating site is right for you?

Obviously, if you have lots of friends who are members and choose to use LDSPlanet, it's the best dating site to join. LDSPlanet has a large and thriving user base, and most of its members are active, forgiving, and open-minded.

However, if you don't have a large LDS social network, need to fit your significant other's family's religion as best as you can, and want to find a truly compatible Mormon partner, LDSPlanet will be a great place to start, but the site is not perfect.

There really isn't a perfect place to find the Mormon relationship you are looking for, but you have to use something. That is why LDSPlanet is highly recommended, especially if you have friends with a large LDS social network.

The site reputation is not as good as E-Harmony, but it is to be expected.

However, if you prefer websites like Match or eHarmony, you may want to avoid LDSPlanet, since most of its users are Mormon singles from Utah, and your significant other may prefer different dating options for different reasons.

And information are linked to directly and independently from this site and we also provide short and elaborated descriptions to help you decide which offers the greatest value for your money. This web site has been made to help and clear away the confusion regarding the rules of this information so that you, the user, can make the most of your money and time spent with each website.

The LDSPlanet review site is not biased or attached to any of the websites featured and have conducted an objective review on the LDSPlanet strategy which is set out to give you options which guarantee that you gain the most from the website’s value.

In comparison to all the sites in the world, we were impressed by the extensive amount of content available online.

The LDSPlanet is a unique and innovative platform that gives you all the information you need to know in one place.

It is simple and full of features, which make this site great for both first-time website visitors as well as experienced users.

After a successful market survey of the products and services on the LDSPlanet site, we believe that it is an excellent website for its users and site visitors.

The LDSPlanet site offers a variety of products which are all the products you would expect to see on any other e-commerce websites, from clothes, to cameras, to groceries, to jewelry, to fitness products to electronics.

The most important part of a website is how much traffic it gets.

And a lot of the time, that is determined by popularity and it is not random.

Having well-organized website pages is a way to help people see all the things on your site and easily find the material they need.

Every website page should have the following structure:

  • A descriptive headline for the purpose of pulling in readers
  • An image that helps people see and understand what you are promoting
  • Description of the topic or product

You can also link to your other pages on your site, and there you can get a little more in-depth information.

While each page will vary slightly based on topic, this is a great standard for starting to create your own website pages.