MalaysianCupid Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does MalaysianCupid Work?

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

If you do a search for internet dating scams you can see that MalaysianCupid has been falsely accused of being a scam.

It’s easy to imagine being tricked or scammed by someone you trusting or confident to join an online dating site. Here’s the good news: if it can happen to them, it’s also possible to create and run a site that works for the people using it.

According to people who have used it, MalaysianCupid is a very trustworthy site that ensures each account is authentic, so you have shared a genuine photo, a real name, and real general details. When you create an account you are asked to provide your daily bus schedule, your phone number, and post so that you can easily be contacted.

There’s even a special validation process before you’re approved by a real person, so you can be sure your identity is safe.

What About Design and Usability?

MalaysianCupid is my first taste of a very ‘Westernized’ MalaysianCupid experience and the website layout, images and design reflects exactly that.

The user interface of MalaysianCupid is organized around a series of high resolution images of their women.

The in-text content will also take you through each of the women’s relevant details, including whether she comes from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, her interests and her age.

Placing these elements to the side of the user image results in a layout that is clean and well organized but ultimately less colorful than the colorful banners and images of their competitors.

The high resolution image is perfectly placed just below the navigation bar, which helps to ensure that there is plenty to browse around.

The user experience on mouse hover reveals the user details about the user selected from the image, which is an excellent method of filtering your options down in a user-friendly way.

The number of pictures is a little disappointing, reflecting the lower priority that MalaysianCupid places on user-led growth in comparison to the other PM–dating sites.

The in-text user details are incredibly well designed with a clean and easy to understand layout.

It’s a very minimalist layout that centers around a limited set of content without becoming clunky or confusing.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

MalaysianCupid has a strong profile quality.

First of all, there are over 100 million members and almost all of them could get a full-match.

Secondly, it is possible to find here hook up.

There a lot of members you can communicate with with no language barrier.

This feature makes you can meet people from around the world.

Thirdly, the system of online chatting through video and voice is provided in order to make communication more accurate and faster.

MalaysianCupid also provides profiles of both men and women. You can get a detailed information about each member just by clicking on –About Me” or –Quick Info”.

According to the system, the system also allows men and women to increase the match percentage by using the –My Matches” function.

Next, the –My Matches” provides voice and video chat and allows you to get more information about potential partners. Option Two is the –Quick Connection”. This feature allows you to get a quick match from other members.

MalaysianCupid offers different services with a premium membership. This means that the service can be accessed only with a subscription.

The Mobile Application

For MalaysianCupid.

It is available on the mobile platform essentially with different features than its desktop version. This mobile application which is called mCupid is the best dating platform for initiating relationships and making it stronger. The environment is the most suitable for you expect for dating.

It has a large database of users from Malaysia for registration for a secure and comfortable environment. This mCupid will be not only experience but because of its easy and fast system to accommodate the user.

This platform will provide you all that you have for search your match and make it happen with the rate of very high. For registration and you can download this app from your nearby app stores. For accessing you need to open the app and just claim your free membership. This is the safe and secured process for a direct approach in a network.

The app is simple to use and easy for navigation. It has a user-friendly interface that makes the user experience very much smooth and comfortable. It has about seventeen thousand active members in this website also.

You can visit to any nearby stand for your required download of the app at the nearest App store. The app network for your local site is available according the local languages so it can be the best experience for you.

The overall experience of the app makes the user able to reach at the right place and get the right people. This app gives the right communication processes for each and every user.

Safety & Security

Of MalaysianCupid?

MalaysianCupid has a very good anti-fraud protection. Still, it is advised to go through the site properly and decide for yourself whether you are wishing to take that extra step or not.

Using the credit card also feels like a very safe option and no third party is going to get your information. Finally, if you do decide to choose MalaysianCupid, you will be protected in case a dispute occurs.

The credit card fraud protection covers you against chargebacks fraud when you shop from all merchants that accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. However, the protection does not cover all losses or damage costs incurred while using MalaysianCupid.

$$Free Credit Report

Once you register on the site, you can claim your FREE credit report. All it takes is a few minutes. You get the report with less than 3 minutes after registration. You may choose which of these 300+ free credit reports you want:

That has been provided by a third party of your interest; or a free report from the credit bureau you are reported to on the hard credit report.

Pricing and Benefits

The normal charge for their membership programs are Market Price or a minimal amount of RM29 for a month.

If you want to get your hands on an effective and reliable dating site software, then Malaysian Cupid is the best money can buy. The price they are charging is the lowest you will get.

Help & Support

MalaysiaCupid is a free dating site with over 1 million users from Malaysia and the wider region and more than 40 nations from all over the world. We are dedicated to providing our members with a safe and secure environment where they can share their stories, opinion and suggestions to enrich MalaysianCupid as part of an interactive and social networking experience. So if you have any technical issue with our website or you have any suggestion, we would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us by using the appropriate MalaysiaCupid support form:


Q: I want to introduce friends and family into the site?

A: Of course you can, remember the members area for strictly MalaysianCupid members only! Let them login into your account and enjoy the experience.

Q: I want to add more friends to the site?

A: You're looking for more friends than just MalaysianCupid and Matchmakers? You can learn how to start your very own dating site here.

Q: I'm not a member, can I add a review?

A: Sorry you cannot.

Q: I want to make a website copy of the forums?

A: You can learn how to copy any website via our site's.

Q: Where can I advertise?

A: There are several areas for advertising but not all of them are available to non members.

Q: I want to advertise my website or product review samples?

A: You can learn how to do that here.

Is MalaysianCupid Safe?

It is a 100% safe online dating site. It is safe to say that it is one of the most trusted online dating sites which has been in operation since 2006. There have been couple of online dating sites in the industry which had shut down within their first year but not MalaysianCupid. The site is currently at position 1 as far as the largest online dating websites are concerned. It is also one of the best online dating sites and got joined by more women than any other online dating site.

Is MalaysianCupid a Real Dating Site?

Does it Work?

MalaysianCupid is a well known and notable dating website for Malaysia. It is a site with a focus on finding partners for people of common interest instead of having strict requirements which will make it work for everyone.

It is considered as one of the best dating site as it is playing an important role in bringing the Malaysian community together with various types of singles around the world.

The great part about MalaysianCupid is that it is a fast-growing site which is gaining the popularity day by day. It also serves the need of online dating which is a leading site in the Asian dating community.

The site has a great approach to targeting the Malaysian community. It is an international online dating website that assists people to check out various types of dating sites which provides the large pool of potential partner which helps to personalize search results and increase the chances of finding a real match.

How to Use MalaysianCupid?

We have compiled all the information you need to know to find a perfect match for you in the most efficient manner possible.

MalaysianCupid has a dedicated MalaysianCupidԮ app and website, so you can easily filter through potential matches, manage your search preferences, and browse exciting member photos online in minutes.

Once you start browsing, you will be introduced to a single interface that gives users the option of either searching from the site or optimising your chances with a dating guarantee.

Our site will find you the best matches out there – you could be out there messaging your potential partner any moment!

We know meeting your match in Malaysia can feel like an impossible task.

Since 2001, a growing online presence has expanded our reach and methods to include new and exciting ways to connect you quicker and easier than ever before.

We have streams of live, local and international members who are ready to meet with you. We have improved to the last detail to make browsing through members as simple as possible.

You begin your journey by making an account, and it’s incredibly easy to send a message. By just clicking on their profile, you can start messaging them and exploring a conversation.

Is MalaysianCupid Free?

This is a controversial topic among most users. Some say it’s free and some say that it’s not. But in reality, this site is not fully free.

When signing up, you’ll see a sign up fee of US$ 4.95 for six months. But you may cancel anytime within that six months. For a period of time, you can cancel the fees with a cashback of 40% but that has been discontinued.

It has been reported that some people couldn’t see the charges in their bank statement and just had to pay it.

Even in the terms and conditions of the site they have stated that they reserve the right to change their rules and withdraw the service for a minimum of US$ 4.95 or more.

Therefore, MalaysianCupid is not free but it will definitely save you some costs.

Does MalaysianCupid Really Work?

We have seen a lot of science behind Internet dating programs claiming that they are nearly 100% effective. In fact, they are very good at what they do, and more often than not they don’t work.

However, we think that one of the reasons why we believe MalaysianCupid works, is how human their customer care is. If you work through by phone or email, you have the chance to directly interact with their customer care team. If you work through the live chat, you have the option to reach the manager.

For us, that’s a great plus and sets MalaysianCupid apart from some of the other b2b dating platforms. Not only that, but we haven’t come across any bugs from the site which is another bonus!

This might not just be a good review from us, but also a review from the consumers themselves. Applying the common complaints about MalaysianCupid to their respective problems, the most common inquiries are about whether they’ll sponsor customers and whether they’ll contact other members when a customer is looking to party.

We’re not going to go into the details about these, but we’ll give you our personal thoughts about them.


MalaysianCupid is a dating site for Malaysians, both Muslim and non-Muslims alike. Members can join for free and get a Kuala Lumpur local to go on a date with.

MalaysianCupid has been criticised for being a scam and a Ponzi scheme, but that belief isn’t completely unfounded. Dating sites for Malaysians can be quite hard to find, as there aren’t very many around.

If you are looking for a Malaysian online dating site, MalaysianCupid can be a great place to start.

However, as always, make sure you keep your eyes open for scams. A lot of dating sites and websites promise amazing rates to attract more members. However, a lot of these sites are simply too good to be true.

If you’re looking to find a Malaysian online dating site, MalaysianCupid should definitely be one you consider.

Pros and Cons

MalaysianCupid is classified as a dating site, but it's not actually totally a 100% FREE dating site. If you want a totally free dating site, IndonesianCupid and eHarmony are two of the most popular dating sites in the world.

However, MalaysianCupid has some advantages over IndonesianCupid and eHarmony, which are worth noting.

The first is the fact that the site is completely FREE. You don’t have to pay for anything, so it saves you a lot of money. This is true until you are ready to sign up for their paid membership.

On the other hand, the site’s area language and many features can be difficult to read and figure out. IndonesianCupid is written in English, which is usually easy to read, but not as easy to figure out.

MalaysianCupid also has many dating features such as quizzes, instant chat, webcam and forums. IndonesianCupid gives these features also, but not all.

Here’s the biggest comparison between MalaysianCupid and IndonesianCupid. IndonesianCupid is a free website that is 100% free, while MalaysianCupid offers a premium membership after a small initial fee.

Which dating site is right for you?

MalaysianCupid is the only internationally renowned, trusted, and technically advanced online dating destination for Malaysians and expats looking for true love and lasting relationships.

MalaysianCupid is the world's largest online dating site and ranked one of Independent's Top 10 Online Dating Sites. They are committed to helping singles meet local dates online by providing access to a wide variety of genuine single Malaysian women and men from all over the world.

They’ve been featured in the Washington Post, The Herald Sun, and others as one of the best online dating sites for Malaysians.

The precise location and number of members from over 100 different countries around the world including over 1 million Malaysians make it the perfect destination for you.

MalaysianCupid features a totally secure and safe environment for people who want to date, meet and get to know other local single Malaysians.

The type of people on their site are young, slim and more attuned to social media. Basically, MalaysianCupid is a place to make some new friends.

MalaysianCupid users are more likely to value moving in with a new partner quicker (within a year or so) than other sites.

The site has over 126,854 active members.

Users can search in over 21 different languages including English, Chinese, Teochew, Tamil, Malay, and more.

SAS Global – Delicious, you can discover amazing products all around the world if you are willing to pay attention to it.

MCA – The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission web site.

It is a well-known fact that any site will see its most popular pages being clicked the most, every time a user visits the site.

Although it can be a bit confusing for a novice person, what are the most popular pages on a site?

You must know that the most popular pages in a site are “front and center”.

That is why you need to place them near the top.

Due to its popularity, we can also visualize what the most popular pages on MalaysianCupid are.

And, clearly, you should place a section for matching and eHarmony into your website as well.