MeetMe Review – What Do We Know About It?

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How Does MeetMe Work?

MeetMe has been implemented in the years 2007, at first its service has been available for free. In the beginning of 2010 the company started the process of introducing paid services for its users.

We know that recently MeetMe have been upgraded, and now at the point in time you can use MeetMe for free.

The company has been going through a lot of ups and downs. Its services are not free anymore, but we will cover it later in the explanation.

Does it have a free version?

Yes, a 3 day trial period.

What are the basic features of MeetMe?

According to our research and self-testings, MeetMe has a lot of features. Some of them are explained below.

Paging Your Contacts

Funny video, audio and text chat.

Location Sharing

This is an extremely useful feature to hear about, regarding MeetMe.

This helps you to know, how close a certain person is to you. It can be used by you to always know where your friend is.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Registration is absolutely easy and very quick. First you can register with a Twitter account. The registration process with a Facebook account is a little bit more complex.

Your information is secured in a secure data base of MeetMe and does not end in the hands of third parties or Google Analytics.

The information you provide at the registration is used to validate the information you provide during the registration process.

More important, however, is the fact that registration is absolutely free and gives you access to a lot of useful information. The app is easy to use and the design is straightforward for everyone.

What About Design And Usability?

Nothing great comes easy. MeetMe comes with a silver spoon at its mouth, meaning it is easy and quick to install, it is one of the easiest and quick ones out there. Initially, things appeared a little bit out of order, having difficulty in signed up, yet it would not let me go without a single attempt to get myself registered. It even had the ability to find your friends within the same app. The app was a bit buggy at the initial version however, later version of the app has been a total contrast. It has very less bugs and compatibility issues. However, the app is comfortable for use on your smartphone. One thing I would suggest, to introduce one more window to see notifications on the app, during which, all you have to do is swipe right to open the calls and messages. Notifications are displayed accordingly, leaving no room for ambiguity. App is easy to navigate and has very easy to understand settings. Its completely responsive and has a beautiful navigation scheme.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

MeetMe is an online dating website. It also appears to be a software for developers. As for the transaction fee it is not specified on the website.

To sign up, no credit card is required, but you have to create an account through Facebook.

It is a B2C and B2B platform. The B2B benefits for professionals include instant notifications of new matches, introductions of new clients and more.

It is completely free to join.

The MeetMe app can be installed on large monitor screens. It is also compatible with Google Chrome. The installation is available both for Windows and Mac systems.

Once you install the app, some data will be collected and saved so that you can start dating.

It provides tailored search tools, unique matching techniques and other features to help you find the perfect match.

In January of 2017, it discontinued services in the Indian subcontinent.

Some of the features of MeetMe included:

Some of the features they do not provide include:

It is not provided by MeetMe and is only accessible on special platforms.

For other features like 2-way, instant chat, private messaging, video chatting, profiles, search, match lists etc. contact 2nd Act Productions, a third party service provider that is not associated with MeetMe.

The Mobile Application

What are the Features?

MeetMe is a great tool for improving your productivity. The platform enables you to share your schedule and check up on your colleagues’ schedules too.

MeetMe‘s calendar and task management applications are both really easy to use and are a unique set of tools to help keep you on top of all of your commitments and tasks.

The main purpose of MeetMe is to help you organize all of your activities. It offers a mobile application that you can download, and a web platform on which to create and maintain schedules.

It tracks events right on your mobile menu as well. For example, when you meet a client, this is reported to the platform along with a time and a location.

You can easily see all of your closest colleagues’ schedules as well, since it’s all accessible from your mobile app.

There are two devices you can use to manage your schedule and tasks using MeetMe:

  • Mobile Application
  • Web Platform

The web platform is useful when you want to keep track of your schedule and tasks from your home computer. The mobile applications is absolutely fantastic.

It takes just seconds to enter your work activities around your current location and from there, you can manage everything efficiently.

The mobile phone application is great anywhere you go and does not require network coverage.

Safety & Security

MeetMe is created on the assumption that you'll let someone new access your computer if you've met them for the first time, just like if you were to see them in real life. If not, this isn’t a problem. You can be sure whoever was logged into your computer will have to enter a password and a verification word, which is set in advance during a registration process.

Pricing and Benefits

MeetMe is a free Android app used that allows you to find people in your area that have cars. You can then go to their homes, pick them up, and do a few errands with them.

The app costs nothing but the gas money to get to each neighbor’s home, and you receive a discount for each person that lets you use their car.

The app functions a bit differently than a carpooling service. First, you are not required to ride with someone else, so you can take your car and set up your own ride or use one of the free apps to find someone to carpool with.

Second, you don’t have to make reservations, but you can find destinations that people are planning to go to that day and see if there are any openings.

This is really convenient if you are in a hurry, and you just need a ride somewhere.

You can also create a meetup group, so you can see what other people in your area are planning to attend, and then get them together for a ride. I think that this is a great idea because you can get together with your carpooling group neighbors to do things like leaf clean-up, cartwheel races, or even exercising at a nearby park.

Help & Support


MeetMe – Is it Legit?

MeetMe is a leading sports drink formulated by beverage scientists. They claim to have the only sports drink which can revitalize you just by taking the first sip. MeetMe drink claims to be able to replenish electrolytes and hydrate you while replacing your body’s lost fluids.

MeetMe contains no artificial sweeteners and has no added colors. It claims to be perfect for both men and women for all fitness levels. It also claims to have lower calories than most sports drinks. This leads to quicker replenishing and better performance.

MeetMe sports drink comes in three different flavors – orange, electrolyte, and light. Each flavor has different antioxidants and nutrients to help the body perform better.

MeetMe also comes in two sizes, 24 fluid ounce and 12.75 fluid ounce.

Is MeetMe safe?

The team from MeetMe swears that TheMeetMe App is 100% secured, as they are working on SSL certificates one by one. Even if it’s not complete yet, it works and you are in no danger.

However, an iOS bug allows you to open every note you want by default. So, you don’t need to type someone’s name.

It’s only an issue for the iOS, but you can make sure your device is safe from this by opening the Settings, going to Privacy, and make sure that the Person icon there is not checked. That’s all it takes to protect your privacy.

MeetMe is also a safe platform as they’re not gathering your personal data and information. Only what you provide using the app.

Your Location, Photos, and Messages can be easily accessed as long as you are up-to-date on the most recent firmware updates that have been released for your MeetMe device.

Is MeetMe a real dating site?

Is it safe to use?

MeetMe has been an active member of the online dating community since 2005. The founders have in mind what a modern dating site should do, which narrows down to create a safe and effective online dating platform for everyone who wants to find love.

The uniqueness of this site is in the concept of video chat. It allows meeting people while keeping your distance and getting acquainted in video chat. This way, you don’t have to be always googling the names you see. This dating site is the best for those who want to save their time for real life activities.

MeetMe has a responsive design using cutting edge technologies such as HTML5 video, Flash, CSS3, and JavaScript. The site is divided in two parts, those who use this dating site for real fun.

The filters are simple and light to use, but they allow you to see all potential matches even if you have not entered your profile. The interface is pretty basic but does the job.
The biggest advantage of this dating site is that it works independently of the location. You can feel comfortable in having fun and meeting new people from anywhere around the world.

MeetMe offers a free platform to create your profile. It is not limited on membership, and you can find your person of your dreams in just three easy steps. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to the paid version.

How to Use MeetMe?

Most of online dating services do not allow you to upload your custom photo; however, MeetMe does not have this limitation. Therefore, you can actually upload your own photos and use MeetMe as the single dating site without downloading apps; thusly, giving you better control over your account.

MeetMe provides Smart profile, a one-stop solution for meeting singles. Through their Smart Profile, you can quickly find Openers and Start a conversation using keywords relevant to you and your dating preference.

More to it, MeetMe’s Smart Profile enables you to find your match and have a chat with your perfect date in the shortest time possible. Although most premium apps allow you to match with them, most people do not choose premium apps as they believe that they pay too much. Besides, the main reason why online dating is popular is to avoid meeting with a bunch of different people until they find the right one. But MeetMe shall give you amazing opportunities which you cannot find in other apps.

Also, MeetMe will provide a holistic solution for your online dating life; they'll introduce you to new people, give you a special place to meet them and help you live your best life as a single person.

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All dating site reviews have the following:

Is MeetMe free?

Is it a Scam?
MeetMe is a free desktop app used by over 2 million people worldwide. The app is recommended for use with Facebook and works to make personal and professional connections. This online tool for social media is recommended by a slew of reputable websites, including Techcrunch, Lifehack, SF Gate and Macleans.

This app’s active community has been rated positive by users in our reviews. However, MeetMe does not guarantee the security of its users’ information nor does it provide user privacy.

MeetMe is an online service that helps make connections between users like you and offers a powerful feature of the ability to see who has viewed your profile, and also automatically find your friends on Facebook.

Each person has a ten-digit identification number that is a type of code that can be used to look up your profile or to send you messages. You can also find someone based on the number they use to register.

MeetMe— You go first!

It’s completely free to create an account and search for people. You can also find new contacts by using the “introduce” feature.

– View who has viewed your profile… you can then message them or get back in touch with them as well.

Does MeetMe really works?

MeetMe is really good at anyone at any age, whether beginner or pro. The user interface is clean and simple, and the free plans are actually flexible. We like that it comes with an in-house web server, and that you can access your files from anywhere.

LSI: Yes. MeetMe is a great tool for people of all levels of expertise. Lots of LSI stands for Little Signs Interchangeability.

CareerBuilder: We've seen MeetMe used by students, independent workers, solopreneurs, and remote team members. We've seen MeetMe used by students, independent workers, solopreneurs, and remote team members.

Capterra: MeetMe is popular among contractors for its ability to be used on a local or remote computer.

BizSugar: Overall, potential employers are looking for skills that can be applied to the internet. Microsoft Apps for Office, Microsoft Teams, and MeetMe are all likely to be on their radar.

Campus Technology: This writer has used the program to write a blog post from a video conference. Using MeetMe Pro, a second person could access the blog post on the local computer from the conference, without the need to import the blog post into Word first.

WIKI: A simple word "no". Starts the web server.


MeetMe is not a scam. It is a good platform that brings chat lovers the opportunity to create their own community. Costs are great and users can take advantage of this. It is better than other chatting apps.

Pros and Cons

MeetMe is a great Social Networking and Communication tool for meeting people. It allows you to create connections with other people using your phone or computer.

It offers the ability to create groups and “event” lists. It is more suited for the business approach than casual hangouts, just by the nature of the business.

It typically charges for upgrades and offers a free category to start, but you get what you pay for. MeetMe is made up of 11 independent apps that are part of the MeetMe ecosystem.

MeetMe has an algorithm for sorting and matching people based on their similar interests and what they have in common.

In the app, you will see a conversation with each person on the page, which can be expanded to view more about each person.

It allows you to do video chat among its users and will save all communication into one easy to search location.

What is the Problem with MeetMe?

MeetMe is not as private or secure as other social media platforms.

The site’s entire philosophy is based on communication, and that means all data is visible to all other members.

Which dating site is right for you?

To find the best dating site for you, you will have to answer these questions, based on what you want and what you are looking for. We've made sure that we have everything covered for you to be able to find the best dating site. But remember that you also need to take care of yourself and care about your own safety.

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