Military Cupid Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does Military Cupid Work?

Military Cupid is a military-only dating site that matches active-duty soldiers with it’s users. Technically, you’re not supposed to be using it, but it’s just so convenient!

Military Cupid has a match-making algorithm that uses your information from your profile to determine if you’re a good match. It then gives you the option to connect with matching members.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

The registrations are easy and fast, and the website is very user-friendly.

When you have been in the private sector for a while, it’s easy to forget that there are still parts of the private sector that haven’t evolved yet. When the time comes to register your business, you will simply give all of your information (name, address, phone number and fax number) in a spreadsheet and log on to the website, paying your monthly recurring fee in a few clicks.

Registration is available in many big cities, but they still have a few cities the team is concerned about, such as Atlanta, Washington D.C., Miami and Dallas. And if you’re in one of these cities, and your city isn’t on the list, make sure you register right away. This is something the Cupid team has taken into a great deal of consideration, and a big part of the reason why they delayed their launch for so long.

Once you’re registered, you can start scheduling dates. That’s all you have to do in order to start your membership.

What About Design and Usability?

Cupid is a very stylish wind resistant golf trolley bag. The trolley itself is made of hard plastic and seems pretty sturdy albeit too light for mountain biking but perfect for golf cart light and fast travel. It features a padded and breathable HDPE insert. The height is unique as well because it’ll fit most golf clubs. The build is definitely on par with a military trolley bag and won’t fail you in a desert tropical environment. What’s more the frame is height adjustable yet a separate support is needed when the club protector is on.

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Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

As mentioned, Military Cupid has a profile quality. It is armed with various qualities. Let’s discuss them one by one.


You are primarily dealing with military personnel. This profile sports military outline in the banner. So you get to learn about the career of this profile….

Triple Matches:

Triple matches means that this profile can match multiple preferences at a time. You can thus see a profile with numerous photos rather than just one picture.

24 Hour Service:

As you know, our Service is 24 hour. You can talk to one of our agents right away to match you to a military profile.

Recent Referrals:

This indicates that people who have previously joined our services have found this website most helpful. So you can be assured of a good experience.

VIP Service:

This profile comes with a VIP service which gives you the last word making this a truly one of a kind service.

Enhanced Experience:

All profiles on our website come with an enhanced experience that ensures that what you are getting is a true bumble through of the profile.

The Mobile Application

On the subject of going through deployment formally, or rather going through stuttering girlfriend breakups formally, by going through a relationship with a call girl, it seems there's another method to go through the trauma of being let go from a girlfriend you care about.

Cupid is a mobile application developed by Janne Quinn of Military Cupid that allows military members to connect with nice girls around them to go through with a wild relationship. The mobile application is a great resource for members of the military to identify the nice girls around them.

Military Cupid has been around since 2009, and its mobile application is currently in the top 20 of its category in both Apple and Google marketplaces. However, its competitors haven't been doing very well in the market because of its high ranking.

Some of the most critical features of Military Cupid include the ability to message girls through the application, locate girls who share similar interests, or even merge Facebook and personal email into the application.

Through the different functions of the mobile application, one can find it very user-friendly and appealing for members of the military, as well as regular citizens.

Military Cupid has strategic partnerships with other popular dating applications, which will bring more and more of their loyal user base to the app, thus increasing its appeal around the world.

Safety & Security

Obviously, one of the key benefits of the Military Cupid is that the unit is not going to fire unless the user has a device that controls the firing.

By the military, I mean the units themselves are made by them, so the manufacturing quality is very high and your chances of it breaking are slim to none. It also comes with a 1-year limited warrantee from the company that makes them.

What we don’t know is what type of controls are installed to prevent a young boy from accidentally getting his finger accidently on the trigger. Realistically, these units will never hurt a child, but it is important to know that they are safe to use properly. It is a little concerning that no one who would use a cupid is ever going to check the safety.

Pricing and Benefits

Military Cupid is a caffeine-free beverage that was designed to show the benefits of pairing and dating for the military community. People who have used it often say that they noticed an improvement in the relationship they had with the person drinking the Military Cupid.

Military Cupid is a blend of B vitamins, cayenne pepper, and green tea extract. It is designed for someone who wishes to enhance their dating interactions while also alleviating stress.

It is meant to be used in a 1:14 ratio with a short-term goal being the same ratio for a month. It can be mixed with coffee for an extra kick.

The Benefits of Dating in the Military

Dating in the military is often difficult, in part because there are times where service members have to work together but also because of the separation with family. Military Cupid can help remedy some of that time being distributed to something helpful, instead of destructive. Say, for example, a coworker has a crush on that same coworker’s boyfriend. Or, a service member has a crush on someone who they don’t feel right about pursuing. It can be a great chance to have a talk and help that person work through that crush.

Help & Support

Military Cupid is a 100% customer-centric organization, that wants to provide an amazing customer service to meet your satisfaction. We make sure you are treated with a friendly and courteous service and the help are always at your service.

We accept orders Monday through Friday. Contact us and let us know if you have any questions or have any problems with your order.

  • 24/7 Customer Assistance
  • New account registration
  • U.S. Domestic & International orders
  • 24/7 Support
  • Live Chat
  • E-mail us
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  • Military Cupid Email
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Our policy matches the standard of the industry standards and the fundamental goal of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) is "mission success".

We are here to help meet your demands and put our customers first. We will provide exceptional customer service and an excellent degree of backup to those who order with Military Cupid.

The items that we offer on our website, we test and guarantee the product quality for every purchase. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your order and if there are any problems you should contact us.

Military Cupid will provide exceptional customer service for orders. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Q: "Are there any side effects to Military Cupid?"

A: "Some people have experienced mild side effects such as a headache during the first day. You can check the chat logs that are generated when you arrive at the site. All symptoms were minor ones, like headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite and dry mouth."

Q: "Why only US citizens are allowed to participate?"

A: "Because of the nature of the job you will be required to be in the area where you will apply for work. You will need to volunteer to live there for 6 months."

Q: "They sometimes have a ranking system. Could the number one ranking result in a global assignment?"

A: "There is no global assignment associated with this one, but if you are lucky you could be placed in another country where the recruiter would be able to get you a job."

Q: "Will it be a job that I could hang out and relax in? Or is it mostly manual labor and busy hours of the day?"

A: "There are days when there are no jobs to do. Most of the time the days are long and busy, so you have to keep yourself alert and ready to work."

Is Military Cupid Safe?

Military Cupid‡ is a specially formulated formula that helps treat and restore your sexual health so you can continue to perform at your best. It‡s a great addition to any man‡s overall health program, but it‡s especially great to include if you‡re part of a military community.

According to customer reviews, Military Cupid seems to work well for men who are experiencing lack of sexual interest.

But be aware that men of any age can use Military Cupid. It‡s safe to assume that it works just as well for men of all ages.

It is not a hormone or pharmaceutical product, so it will not make any permanent changes to your body. But it will treat and help balance sexual health so that you still enjoy getting intimate with your partner.

Military Cupid may also be a good option for men who enjoy role play, rubbing up against women, or in ways that they don‡t need a lot of physical stimulation to be aroused.

Military Cupid can be used with confidence by any man, of any age, for any purpose.

The active ingredients in this product include:

Tribulus Terrestris‡ (Tribulus)

Is Military Cupid a Real Dating Site?

Military Cupid is a unique site where far more women work to get the guys they like than men! In fact, there are actually more women signing up for the site than there are men and you don't need a military affiliation to join in the fun.

Military Cupid is the most exclusive online dating site out there where instead of men looking for love, women from all walks of life sign up. You're probably wondering what makes this site so great and whether it's really possible to find love online.

Well, if you're a single man looking for love meeting women who just so happen to be ex-military then you should take a look at Military Cupid. Ladies who want to find love online can join too, and even if you're not a military person it's well worth a browse to see if you can find somebody you'd like to meet.

Join today here and check out the full range of potential matches you can get on Military Cupid.

How to Use Military Cupid?

Military Cupid is available in the form of an aerosol spray.

You can effectively get rid of pesky flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, bees, dragon flies, no-see-ums, spiders, ants and moths without any harm to pets, kids or adults.

Most effective insect killers are not as effective against mosquitoes and gnats. This is because mosquitoes are notorious for their ability to adapt and survive in a specific environment.

Exterminators, includes Military Cupid, the world’s most effective and safe mosquito killer. For external bites, steam treatments and other devices to get rid of itchy bites and skin rashes.

Easy to use spray on exposed skin. Can be used on pets.

You can cover up to 3,000 square feet with one can of military cupid.

Exterminators use low concentrations of military cupid and allows them to apply even more insecticides for laundry and other surfaces.

Can be used under clothing or sheets.

Is Military Cupid Free?

The formula for this product is very simple and does not contain much in the way of additives. You need to look at this aspect the same way you would any other product found in a capsule. You need to determine if it contains chemical ingredients that will cause negative effects on your health.

Military Cupid Review — What is it?

Military Cupid is designed for women who want to increase their charm and attractiveness to help get them dates. The good thing is that the product is natural and simple to use.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients found in this supplement are designed to increase your mating hormones and improve your sex appeal. Even though the supplement claims that it will increase your charm specifically, there is no evidence of this as all research was done on the ingredients individually.

Military Cupid Review — What’s in it?

The ingredients that are contained in this product include:

  • Fenugreek
  • Avena Sativa
  • Papaya
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B2
  • Zeaxanthin

The supplement does not contain any artificial ingredients including:

  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Military Cupid Review — What’s better

Does Military Cupid Really Work?

Having a great audience that likes what you’re doing is a very good thing. This is especially true when you’re a new product! Like anything, for anything, you need an element of trust. Having a popular platform with millions of users is a great way to get acknowledged in a crowd as an authority.

That is exactly the situation many people find themselves in when they find that their product is popular. The question is, should it be trusted? Googling Military Cupid for reviews offers the opportunity to find out what kind of experience people are having with this.

As we mentioned earlier, they claim that it works very well for them. But you’ll have to take their word for it, as it isn’t very well supported by scientific studies.

But then again, if it works for some people, why does it make them immune from whatever dangers they are talking about it? That’s the question you’ll need to look into before trusting it. At this time, there are no real studies on Military Cupid. Users that have tried it seem to be happy with the results.


On Cupid Fertilizator – Is Cupid A Scam?

We think Cupid Fertilizer is a great tool for anyone looking to speed up the growing process in their cannabis plants. In fact, this fertilizer has helped a great deal of us grow faster, get more quality buds, and have better looking plants. And we are seeing that our savings are starting to pay for the Box!

However, you have to find what works for you. If your plants aren’t responding to Cupid Fertilizer, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good product. It is a great product, and those that are seeing results should stick too it. We go over some cups that didn't do well with Cupid in this article. So if you don’t see the results Cupid Fertilizer provides, just keep trying with other nutrients and give Cupid a break for a while.

We think that if you need faster growth, a better quality bud, and better looking plants, Cupid Fertilizer is a good way to accomodate your indoor growing needs.

Although Cupid Fertilizer could be better suited for a soil grow, it is still a great option for a hydroponic grow. It is much better than Essentials and their expensive products targeting Indoor Grows.

Pros and Cons


The greatest thing Military Cupid has going for it is that it’s free, when it comes to training. This is more valuable than even an E-book as having to fork out money for high-quality training is often a huge deterrent for many. Instead, this is something everybody can try.

Even if you don't get the results you’re after at first, just persisting will eventually see results. This is a great confidence booster to have!

For certain people, having a goal is incredibly beneficial. In a way, it can give you something to work towards, so that you know you’re making progress.

Military Cupid is actually an option for getting results fast. The book is pegged to only be 6 months of training, which is less than what it takes to get a whole program from some other sources. There are fewer ups and downs to this method too.


Lastly, there isn’t any scientific background to the information in the book to back it up. Most of it is geared more towards New Model Techniques and related supplements, as opposed to older ways of training.

But it’s not all bad.

Which dating site is right for you?

For Military Cupid?

Military Cupid Review — Product Review by Mike Cucchiella

The best thing I like about this formula is it’s my favorite form of natural natural supplements that I usually can’t find other than on a regular basis.

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