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How does MilitaryCupid work?

The main purpose of MilitaryCupid is to eliminate the hassle of finding a partner through email and allowing you to meet beautiful single military personnel with the convenience of your computer.

MilitaryCupid was designed to pair you with someone in the military that would be compatible with your background and interests.

When you meet someone in the MilitaryCupid community, you can immediately begin emailing with them. You can share your location, pictures, and it even has a discussion forum.

You have the option to start a relationship with your match, and of course, if you don’t feel that they are right for you, you can choose to end the relationship.

Registration – is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

If you are looking from the standpoint of convenience, MilitaryCupid has certainly catered to this in so many ways, all of which we have listed below.

  • MilitaryCupid has succeeded in creating a sleek, modern and user-friendly website.
  • Through this site, you can define which gender you are looking for.
  • Once you have made your selection, a list of active members will appear, filtering them based on the options you have selected.
  • Real profile pictures of active members are used, what they look like in real life and, importantly, what they are looking for.
  • This means that the site will provide a level of speed, accuracy and authenticity that you cannot go out of your way to get elsewhere.
  • There is also a glossary at the bottom of the page which clarifies any possible questions you might have.
  • That said, why not let us do the talking and give you the lowdown on each section?

The Profile

Having been with MilitaryCupid for over a year and a half it is worth noting that the bio section of your profile is no different. You will still get the usual with things such as your height and weight, the number of siblings you have and of course, your location.

Let’s talk about profile quality

So I think that they have almost everything you need for start looking for love. I am from Russia and I have tried to use many sites. My experience is that most of them are scams and I was tired of wasting time. I even liked to pay money for services.

MilitaryCupid – I don’t say a lot about profiles, but I think that these guys were trying to accommodate even special requests. I also thought that since I am a military lady, it would be hard to find someone. But I’ve met significant amount of people with different backgrounds and interests.

Success rate – I see no reason why someone wouldn’t get a partner. I was a bit cautious at the start when I saw many ineligible profile, but later I figured out that they are at least 7 subscribers on every nationality.

Pricing – Now about pricing, I don’t think that they would increase their rates for no reason. They met with the competition and I don’t think what they have now is overpriced.

Shortcomings – I am very satisfied with this site. Try it and see.

The mobile application

Started out in April 2013 and it currently counts more than 2 millions users registered, it represents the third most popular military dating site worldwide, after Tinder and OKCupid.

The user base represents the worldwide military community and military personnel who signed up on the site and is almost exclusive to men focuses on dating a younger woman.

The president rule dating MilitaryCupid is not the traditional military dating site as it's targeting 20 to 35 years old military men living in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or German speaking Europe.

MilitaryCupid is free and registration is open to all members aged 18 years old or over instantly.

The site uses the military daters’ profile photo, physical and geographical location, interests and education, so that the site's algorithm can be made to find a match with the most accurate results.

After all, that’s the main idea behind a –cupid”, and the site’s algorithm is equipped with a –cupid-chip”.

The website and the mobile application make it very easy for members to create a profile as well the send messages to each other and to reply to others’ messages as you need to do this directly from your Smartphone or tablet.

Safety & security

Be sure to order your MilitaryCupid credit card payment safely only through the website. If the website does not display the option to pay safely, you can try contacting the company by phone, though it may take more time to verify your identity.

Pricing and benefits

If you are in the market for a new dating site that has true features that cater to military singles, we’ve got good news for you! MilitaryCupid provides all the same features of OkCupid, plus a few bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else. MilitaryCupid is offered at a MilitaryCupid discount, and it also features 15 singles’ profiles of military service members with 1,500 photos. The website boasts over 9,000 active members, making it one of the largest and most active military dating sites on the web.

Help & support

Since we can’t imagine your service without militarycupid, we can’t think of any easier way than giving you the option to contact them.

They will get you up and running in the blink of an eye, first by transferring all passwords for your accounts to you and by then assisting with resources to get you started.

Should you have a question about their program, you can either make a formal complaint or send them any feedback you may have.

All online military dating apps are well in control of the user’s personal information.

Couples is one of the most popular websites in the world, it’s not an abuse of your trust to use this dating app.

MilitaryCupid has won the credentials of the best dating website all over the world.


Is MilitaryCupid a scam or not?

No, MilitaryCupid is completely legitimate. In addition to being a reputable dating site, MilitaryCupid is also a well-known name in the social network. They are unique when compared to other web services because they are able to create real social media experience for their users.

All of the users can create a profile for free, and they are able to get all of the relevant and useful benefits by making an account.

With the right tools, you will have an opportunity to control the strategy of your site. You will not have to waste too much time on this site. However, the situation right now is not good because it’s a totally free community and not an official site. There is no trustworthiness or reliability, which is a bad thing. You should think about the possibility of abusing this opportunity.

You will be able to find more information about the site and read the other reviews here. It’s worth it, but you should be cautious in order to stay away from the scam. The social media websites are similar to other dating sites. You can find plenty of scam web pages in the internet. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from scam sites.

Is MilitaryCupid safe?

The truth is, no online dating site is 100% safe or entirely free from scams. However, there are good reasons why we give militarycupid an excellent safety rating. This site has had a very long history of collaboration with law enforcement and military forces and consistently follows guidelines for protecting our personal data.

MilitaryCupid puts your personal safety first and that’s what gives it the safety rating we give it. You’ll know where the site is, how it works, why you’re using it and what information they are gathering and storing for their members. They also offer email support and a safe platform to meet new people, whether you just need a pen-pal or a relationship.

The best safety features come into play when you start using this site, so you can get on with getting your dates. Your personal information is never shared with other members, which means you only need to sign up once and don’t need to repeat your details with a new account.

What are the security measures on MilitaryCupid?

Is MilitaryCupid a real dating site?

This is the big question. They say it is free to join, but you can pay to send emails and even premium messages. Basically, it is a bait and switch kind of site where you HAVE to pay to send messages to a girl you like.

Your real message gets sent to the girl you like and to a bunch of other girls that you don’t like. Maybe it just seems like a fun gimmick to get all those premium messages and emails right away, but I don’t know many guys that would actually want to do that with all those other girls that they didn’t even request as options.

They Don’t Look Too Legit to Me …

What do people have to say about MilitaryCupid?

People really love the service, saying how gorgeous the girls are and how they never have problems finding a date. They also look like a great pick up location with tons of attractive single girls hanging around, and free drinks included.

How to use MilitaryCupid ?

Is MilitaryCupid free?

Does MilitaryCupid really work?

MilitaryCupid is a dating site specifically for United States military. Luckily for you, you don’t need to be a member to find out if it really works. You can try it out for free if you want.

MilitaryCupid is one of the only dating sites geared for dating U.S. military members and wants to make sure that meeting someone is as easy as possible.

When signing up for the service, there is no username, email address or other form of personal information required. This gives you a little more privacy than some of the other options available.

Since you need to send a password to your matches, it also means that your pshychological information is still private.

However, you should be aware of the possible downsides to this. Because of this, the service only allows you to communicate with other military members within a 100-mile radius.

Also, MilitaryCupid is not free, but is free to join. That’s one of the only charges involved while using the service.

If military Match is your only option, you’ll have a fun time using it. However, if there are alternatives available, it may be best to do some online research in order to find out if you’re getting more for your buck.


MilitaryCupid is, in my opinion, one of the best dating sites currently in operation. It’s easy to use and offers acces to intriguing content. The quality of the profiles on the site are top notch, certainly higher than I’ve seen elsewhere on the net.

I rated the site in 4 categories because I think each of the main sections of the site needs work and improvement. However, it’s worth just two stars for the overall quality of the site.

MilitaryCupid was founded in 2007 by a US military couple who have a shared vision of connecting military singles everywhere. By providing military singles access to comprehensive, member-curated profiles and plenty of opportunities for social and fun activities, MilitaryCupid helps to ensure that a successful dating experience, whether you’re active duty in the military, a veteran, an Army brat, or just love the uniform, is never out of your grasp.

The content is constantly updated, bringing you the best information and tools to help you succeed on MilitaryCupid.

Take a look for yourself, or send it the link and maybe one day you can return home to your one true love.

Pros and Cons

Which dating site is right for you?

Dating sites – online dating is one of the fastest growing online businesses, then it's an attractive market for each site owner. Which site is worth using? In which site attracts the biggest number of users? These two questions are becoming more and more relevant for all users of dating services.

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The dating industry is quite large and constantly evolving itself. Unless you are a dating expert, it is almost impossible to access the market adequately, in terms of figures, with just one piece of research.

Therefore, all dating sites are completing a mutual analysis of user statistics, demographic information, and information about successful products.

In addition, spending sufficient time on the analysis of the relevant information and putting together easy access information that has been obtained. This type of information is collected on each site in bits and pieces, which is entirely possible for each online service provider.

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