Mobifriends Review – What Do We Know About It?

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How Does Mobifriends Work?

Mobifriends provides a way for you to meet new people from around the world and to get to know more about the people whose profiles you follow.

You are a part of a group of people of any age that is interested in meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and just generally sharing stories.

The development of the app has gone through different stages where it started with a simple Facebook-like group where you can share stories of your life and opinion and pictures of your activities.

That's when our friend zone problems started to arise, how can we know how people feel about us if we cannot ask them? And if they can't answer then there is no discussion.

Then the team realized that the group wasn't working effectively because of the topics limit.

So they started a closed group communication system that is quite similar to what you see in Yik Yak, where you can write topics and discuss it with the people around you.

However, it is a bit different in Mobifriends that you don't know who the people around you are.

But once you start to discuss something with them, you will find that is almost impossible to not getting to know a little about the people around you.

If you are a newbie to the idea of meeting people in person you can use the app to meet new people just like you would do in a regular chat room.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

The registration procedure for Mobifriends is simple and quick. You can create an account within a few minutes.

If you have a Facebook account, the registration process is even easier because it matches you to Mobifriends by following the online friends you already have.

You can create an account directly on Mobifriends and start inviting your friends to join. Or, you can do it the old-fashioned way by mailing them your link.

What About Design And Usability?

Mobifriends is an online networking app using a hybrid mobile web and your device’s native browser. This makes it available on all phones and tablets, and the design of the app has been really well thought out. It may not be as simple as just using the mobile web version.

It is just as simple to use as a mobile app as it is a mobile website. You just … log in, browse through the feeds, and post messages. Setting up an account is easy and straightforward.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The quality of your Mobifriends profile is very important because it sets the bar for the quality of your interactions with others. If you aren’t taking the time to make a good profile, you’re limiting the quality of conversations you’re having with people. It’s important to understand that your profile is how you will be judged UNTIL you have strong social skills.

You will have a chance to break through the barrier to charisma, but it’ll take a lot of work. You have to take the first steps and be willing to do the work it takes to become an outstanding person.

A good profile is helpful because you’ll increase the chance of people contacting you, because they will be able to tell right away that you’re active, and not just saying that you are.

At the same time, if your profile is filled mostly with filler text, you are going to be a strong candidate for being an uninteresting individual.

Check out an online image editing service called Cereal to see some sample Mobifriends image edits. I’ve seen some good results there, too.

The Mobile Application

Is another one of those fad "must-have" applications which only gets more popular by the day. Why is that?

Well, first of all, it's because if you have an iPhone, that's it. You have to have it. Second of all, it's because it truly is the best thing since sliced bread. When you run low on what is fresh out of the oven nuggets, you can say, "The answer to all your aching tummy’s problems is Mobifriends. " Okay, not really, but you can make it sound good. Here’s an overview of what it provides.

There are some cool features such as the option to build your own menu; and since it's so easy to use, you can change your menu more often than you can your socks. It's an app which is delivered to you straight to your phone and which, once it's downloaded and installed, you can run right up to the "warm embers" of your phone's enviable space.

What this application is meant for, is to give you the ability to order from any of your restaurant chains that take mobile orders. If you are a fan of a particular restaurant, this does allow you to order the foods that you love even if you have no idea where you might be when you're hungry (hunger strikes quickly, if you haven't noticed).

Safety And Security

Do you worry about the security of your accounts and online accounts? You need never worry about Mobifriends. The Mobifriends team never reveals your password to anyone. Mobifriends never stores any of your information on their servers and uses 128-bit SSL encryption which is the industry standard for secure commerce. It just makes sense to go with the online shop with such great security features.

Pricing And Benefits

Mobifriends is a free online platform that lets you connect with other people who share the same interests as yours. In this article we will be reviewing the following features:

  • Cost
  • Currencies
  • Market
  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

Help And Support

Mobifriends has a customer support team that can offer you free walkthrough on how to work with the app, and solutions to problems you may face when trying to use the app.


Does the social network Mobifriends is a reliable source of information for brand new parents?

The main thing that we can learn from this social network is especially to be careful with the information you pick up from there. People or friends who are starting a family do come onto social media in order to find out, for instance, about the best and the most important information for a new baby. As a result, there are questions with each of the social media we have encountered in the past regarding their social media features. In addition to answering questions and correspondences, you could also find groups that could be helpful and advantageous for your newborn.

There is also the option of perusing their website for useful information. Regardless of your gender, you would be able to pick up info regarding the different pages of the website as well as the list of features. Of course, you should find the feature you are looking for, then you would do perusing. This might happen if you are searching for a quiet place for rest and to have some conversation since they have the section named the “quiet lounge”. You can also see the general section of the website and the section of the FAQ. You will be getting everything that you would have wanted to find out about Mobifriends.

Is it helpful for the baby to be introduced to mobiles in the early stages?

Is Mobifriends Safe?

Mobifriends is a well known and trusted peer to peer social network, similar to Craigslist and WeWork. It has been on the market for a year and has a 4.4/5 rating on Google Play.

There are tons of similar sites on the market currently, but Mobifriends has a particular focus on business and work relationships. You may use the app to set up your own web developer firm, as a freelance web designer, or as an employee looking for the best way to reach coworkers.

You can post about your work expertise and post it for customers, much like entreprenuers using Etsy to sell mass amounts of items. Mobifriends is similar in function and is seen as a safer alternative to Craigslist or eBay.

There is a unique section for finding people to do trades, which will be reviewed below. You can also help other people out as an e-seller by using the communications rather than the sales portion.

Is Mobifriends A Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is a real dating site but it is also a social network that brings together 20 million users around the world. Mobifriends is the fastest growing online dating platform and is known to attract singles globally. The platform is popular because it gives the power to the user to create a profile and control their own experience.

How To Use Mobifriends?

Mobifriends is a chat app that helps you make friends, make contacts who are interested in the same interests as you.

To join Mobifriends you have to register with your email address. After that, you can write yourself your own profile that includes all your interests, your location, or you can set a private profile.

To make new friends you need to click on "Chat with Friends". In here you can see other people who are also interested (specially interested) in Activites, Food, Personalities, Pets and Group. When you click on your desired activities, friends list will show you all people who are interested in this top category. A contact is the contact you just added by clicking “Login” button near the top middle of the page. If you are not yet in contact, you can register by clicking “Register”.

To add interesting photo from Facebook, click on “Link > Attach” button.

To change your settings on the bottom-right corner of the page.

To block someone click on “Block” button.

To delete your account, click on “Cancel Account” and then “Delete Profile” and “Delete Account” on the next page.

To edit profile click on “Edit Profile” on the top left corner of the page.

Is Mobifriends Free?

Ever since it was first introduced in 2009, Mobifriends has always been a 100% free service with no trial period nor credit card requirement. For that, we can fully appreciate their success and can say that they are truly one-of-a-kind. But then again, we can also have this level of success without any real involvement into paid marketing. The truth is, no matter if you are a big or small business, it would be economically unrealistic to have a website like Mobifriends without a fee.

Is Mobifriends Really Works?

Unlike other similar marketing companies, Mobifriends is absolutely a real business and has an affiliate program. They offer social media management services and work with major vendors like Twitter, Yahoo, Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, and many more.

The Mobifriends program is made of 3 parts:

Part 1: Mobifriends manages your clients and retains their business for you.

Part 2: You get 50% of the fees that Mobifriends generates for your clients.

Part 3: You use link exchange and other techniques to get audiences for your clients’ setup through other programs or you make sales commissions by providing online or offline products or services to your clients.


Scam. There is no doubt that Mobifriends is a scam but it isn’t in the essence of scamming like many other internet programs that offer a way of making money in few clicks.

It is a scam and it provides a way to scam people but before we crown Mobifriends as the father of all scams, let us understand the whole story.

Pros and Cons

Considering that it has been on the market for more than two years, Mobifriends has proven to be a very well made and reliable company. It creates a community of people from all over the world. Mobifriends also informs its members—children, in the case of this review-on professional matters and helps them to make good choices for their education and health.

Mobifriends parents and children can communicate in real time, share photos, videos and express their opinions and support. It also has virtual games and puzzles to play and presents socializing and educational activities.

Mobifriends has a paid account and a free account. The paid account has constant updates and promotions, whilst the free account does not offer many of them. Creating a free account is simpler than creating a paid account, however, users can upgrade their free account by paying more. The chat function works well and allows Mobifriends users to talk to each other as well as discussing with other users.

Mobifriends has no time limit for using the chat function, neither does it require users to make an invite code. Some of the advanced functions, like chatting with non-users, become available the moment the user purchases any of the Mobifriends services.

Which dating site is right for you?

Then there is an issue of dating made easy – compare all dating sites that exist.

Dating sites are available that specialize in certain countries or in specific regions.

Many dating sites now offer a mobile version so they can reach their target audience.

No matter which mobile dating site you choose, you can find peace of mind and relaxation because you are aware that there are dating services that suit you.

The variety of mobile dating sites is extensive and our review will help you decide which one to choose and why.

Mobile Dating Suitability around the World

A dating siteÆs mobile compatibility will vary between countries.

If your boyfriend lives in Canada, then you will be able to chat with and meet gay women and gay men from Canada since the site is designed and optimized for the North American market.

If you love French and Italian food, then you will be able to find gay men, lesbian, and gay women that share your passion for authentic Italian and French cuisine.

Mobile Capabilities and User Friendliness

Every dating site should be able to adjust to the mobile phone user.

Different mobile phones will respond to the touch or will manipulate certain elements of the phone differently.

A dating site should have as much mobile compatibility as possible otherwise, the user will be frustrated due to technical problems.

For learning how to use a mobifriends is:

The mobifriends is software that's installed on one's pc. The software connects the person to other people who has a mobifriends account. Subsequent to setting up one's mobifriends account, the person can choose other people to get connected with. And one can be a "friend" of the other person or kids and teenagers can connect in a familial relationship.

Individuals can "add" one another as "friends" if they don't already know each other; the person may be a relative of the other, or just a friend they are not acquainted with. The person can determine who else is in the "network."

This program enables people to befriend other people.

Friends may chat between themselves, and the former will be able to see the latter's menus. The "friends" can share and exchange pictures, chat, send e-mail, send files, and more. The person can also activate the friend "window" as a floating window (similar to Windows Aero) and force the messenger window to open up on top of all other windows, allowing for easier control of the messenger window.

Messenger chatting can be set up with video and voice chat as well. The person will also have the ability to send files that will appear as a link in the private chat window.

With pages and sub-pages like about and contact sections, it would be fair to say that your entire website is one big page.

Luckily, we’ve reached the end of the how to properly optimize a website guide, where you will now be able to do several things that can help you customize your site.

However, people are always searching for the answers they need to solve their problems. So, it would make sense if your most demanded pages are handy.

An interesting fact about a website is that page 1 is a no-brainier because Google counts that as one. Unfortunately, that is not the case for your top pages and sub-pages.

You see, Google is an indexed engine and simply searches the top 25/30 pages of a website. This means that you can be in the top 10 pages that are search engine friendly and not have them in the top 10 search results.

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You see, Google is dumb and can’t read, meaning that a 15 page website may have something on the 15th page that is extremely important to a user that may be searching for it.

Take a look at a couple of examples from an actual client of mine.