Muslima Review – what do we know about it?

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How does Muslima work?

Another review you can buy that will provide you with such information is Muslima.

How does it work is not very surprising; it is a serum that can do powerful things for you in terms of skin care.

This is where the reviews you can buy will mainly help you. Using this product in the right way and getting the most out of it are key to getting a great outcome. This will ensure that Muslima works the way it was intended to and will see you achieving your desired results.

This product is used to combat the appearance of aging and increase the health of the skin.

This is made up of a couple of ingredients that work together in a way such that you see a notable difference.

These include niacinamide, caffeine, vitamin c E, and amino acids. These ingredients form a synergistic skin care system that works to make your face look and feel better.

This includes reducing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation.

The key to buying the best Muslima review is to make sure you make thorough research and find the best value for money.

Now, we will actually start discussing how this product works.

Niacinamide is one of the key ingredients that work with the others to achieve your desired look. This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that works to inhibit the signs of aging.

Registration – is it really easy?

No, it is not. Muslima has only one option. Dunia is the girl name from Mayana, the girl name from Muslima. However, with the new name …

It’s the control panel that is confusing people. There are several steps in order to register:

You need to enter your email

Enter your name exactly as it’s written in your passport and passport number.

Enter the number of your identity card. They don’t give you a choice, you simply choose …

Select the last step in order to register.

Once you click on … or whatever you need to use to register you will be taken to a new page:

Here you need to enter some of your information: your e-mail, your gender, your name, your date of birth, your birth sign and then you need to make sure you fill your body’s information …

Once you do this, it will send it the alert that you have successfully registered.

Please note, this is a security measure so that you won’t repeat the registration process.

What do we know about this?

What about design and usability?

Muslima is created in a black and gold design with an image of the Mehrab mirror to the left of the viewing window. The middle section is dedicated to the Quran and Hadiths, and are arranged in a detailed, pretty layout. The bottom two sections are for articles, with a convenient scrolling feature.

It’s a very interesting design, especially with the stand of the Quran and hukam (Islamic rulings) that turns the pages for them. The whole reflection of the mirror is incorporated into the screen, which works extremely well to display the holy text.

The site has a very modern and simple style that is easy to navigate through. The user might find it a little too bright at times, but it really depends on the religion of the user. Another very good thing is that the site is fairly universal, meaning that people from many different religions will be able to navigate easily.

Usability is again a strong point here, considering the site is solely based around Quranic content and features, then you’d expect it to perform well.

Let’s talk about profile quality

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  • Customer Reviews

There’s absolutely no wonder why Muslima Review is becoming so popular so fast. The reviews are biased towards the superior side of things, and the ones they get wrong, they have a means of correcting them.

Customers are very pleased with the service.

Service categories include healthy meal plans, healthy snacks, halal ecommerce outlets, fresh healthy meals app, ecommerce products, healthy meal delivery.

It’s engaging, welcoming, and has a lot of added value because of the options.

The mobile application

Is available for androids and iPhones.

Safety & security

The product does not mention about any warranty. In fact, it doesn’t really talk much about how its work claims are backed up. The ingredients are listed which one could look up for.

Back to the safety and security aspect, making sure the manufaturer isn’t giving inaccurate information is always important.

Some of the information given out about the product are quite misleading.

The instructions state to use it with hot water but it is not recommended. The reason put forth doesn’t make any sense.

Another confusing instruction is to put it inside the rectum close by a few moments. The beauty and effectiveness of manhood exercises is known to all and it is stated explicitly in the instructions!!!

The product comes in a box of 10 pieces, which is mentioned on their website. What made me suspicious was that it wasn’t mentioned in the initial email I had received.

Also, they do not state how and when to return the product. It only mentions that it has been guaranteed under the law. What law it is referring to isn’t clarified as well!

Now that the product has arrived at my doorstep, I have found that there are two pieces of rubber band in the packet. My inference here is that this is not a genuine product.

Pricing and benefits

As mentioned above, Muslima is one of the leading brands in the field of grinding mills, diamond, and rollers. It has a wide range of products and sells a lot of them online.

However, all the food and drink items made by this brand are made in Pakistan. This is quite natural, since most of the countries located in Asia are Muslim countries.

A test of the quality and customer service in this product was carried out by over 40 people. It received a score of 4.5 out of 5 and a lot of praise from the customers for the consistency of its quality.

According to bio-diesel professionals and buyers, the food is not organic and is synthetic in its composition.

This is not the only problem with Muslima. Last year, an outbreak of hepatitis was announced. The contaminated products had to be destroyed, but it still remained in the food of 120,000 Pakistanis.

What can I say? It’s problematic to make food with no safeguards and regulations in place.

Another problem is that it does not offer any coupons or discounts. You will have to pay for the products in full for them to reach your order.

However, it is a trustworthy brand and a trusted company with some of the higher quality and premium products to its name.

Help & support

Make a call to the Muslima customer care team at your fingertips at any time. Our UK based customer care team is available here 24*7 to handle all your queries. You can contact them by phone, live chat, email or fax. You can also visit our website to know the address.

Muslima products are covered by a free 1-year replacement warranty for products bought from retailers.

A1 in-house 3 year warranty is available on all Muslima products.

We will stand by Pakistani women Pakistanis and stand against unethical practices. We will provide quality products, provide support to women, work in charity and will help in social projects for women. We will not let any unethical practices affect and tarnish our reputation of providing quality products.


Is there any side-effects to using the Muslima?

No side effects for most customers. The Muslima is actually an 'alternative' system and doesn't require the use of the vagina, alone.

Can I use it with a partner?

Muslima is designed to be used alone. Although you're probably not going to get it right first time, it will have to have a lot of practice before you'll get used to it. As it is a fully self-contained system, it does make things a fair amount easier but you will get there.

Do you become sexually aroused?

Many people are worried about whether or not the Muslima will be able to sustain an erection. With the right amount of patience and practice, the Muslima will be able to get you feeling good.

Do I need any kind of lubrication?

Simply use a little water-based lubricant, which can be wiped away easily. Most people tend to be a little worried, so it always gives a release of sorts.

How often do I have to clean it?

Is Muslima safe?

Well, many people told us that if we want to choose a product, we should make sure it is safe for us. Frankly, we don't think it's the kind of question you ask about the product you need to buy.

Why? Well, if you buy something because you believe it’s safer than another one, it means that you are more likely to use that product. And then… well, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Such arguments are subjective and it’s very difficult to force people to use specific products. For example, in the realm of Islamic products (products used for or made for a Muslim person), could we ever achieve that? Of course not!

However, we all need to care about our health and if it’s in your best interest to buy something that's proven to be safe (and no, we are not talking about religion here), go for it.

So, we went to the manufacturer’s website and checked their products. It turned out that in case of Muslima, the manufacturer provides with every product a clear information with guidelines on the application.

We are very thankful to the manufacturer’s reps for answering our email promptly and also for the information managed to provide us from the manufacturer’s website.

Is Muslima a real dating site?

The Muslima website in itself is real.

It is an online Muslim dating service exclusively for singles who are Muslim.

The name of the site is not based on the word Muslima, because obviously, that is not a common word. This is just a silly marketing gimmick, which is why we could call it fraudulent, from the users’ perspectives; it’s not scam, but definitely full of deception, from the company’s perspective.

Furthermore, the Muslima website is made by a third-party company, which is Imamblue, LLC, which is based in the USA.

You can find more information about this on their website.


Muslima was founded as a Muslim dating site in 2010, and in 2014, it was acquired by Imamblue.

In 2016, the site aims to become an even bigger success, and look further into the Muslim subculture.

Muslima is in no way affiliated with the Muslim Dating Site for Marriage, or the Muslima World, which are legit dating sites that are used by many Muslims.

The site’s functional of the Muslima online dating site are currently based on the free membership, which has the following functionalities:

You can send and receive messages through the Muslima messenger.

How to use

Is Muslima free?

Whether Muslima is free or not, it is not known if Muslima requires you to pay anything for execution. It is pertinent to say that you have to pay for a Muslima registration. Like any other product, the price of Muslima will only depend on the features that it offers to the user.

Does Muslima offer its full version for free to promote the product?

It is true that a paid version of Muslima is available for free to some users. Like any other free product, Muslima is just an attempt for a company to increase its reach to the market. It is not yet confirmed if the company offers its full version for free in order to promote its product.

Is there a cash back guarantee if I buy Muslima?

A cash back guarantee is only applicable after the purchase of the product. It is crucial to read the terms and conditions mentioned in the Muslima website.

Is Muslima null and void if I don’t pay?

Muslima is not a null and void even if you don’t pay. Your money goes to waste and your product is not obtained by purchasing Muslima.

Instead, you get nothing.

Does really work?


The Muslima Tee by Dar al-Harb is one of the most popular Muslim fashion tees today. It is designed to fit women who have busy lives and don’t want to struggle with hours of laborious work to put on a decent-looking hijab.

There are actually three different styles of this hijab that are available for different occasions, ranging from a short-sleeve everyday hijab to a long-sleeve hijab for special occasions. Another purpose of this hijab is as an alternative for Muslim women to wear a headscarf in a professional, yet modest way.

The specific design of this product is ideal for those women who may find their hijab cumbersome to put on. It was designed by a woman who wears a hijab herself, and worked together with a local seamstress to ensure that the design is actually suitable for Muslim women, and won’t slip off easily.

Pros and Cons

The Muslima Sports Bra may be the most controversial item for the workout and fashion lover at the same time. It’s a sports bra created for Muslim women that has a few pros and cons.

To start off, one of Muslima’s biggest selling points is that it’s the first sports bra to be compliant with the hijab or other head covering. It’s perfect for a woman that wears a hijab or head covering and needs support for sports or exercise. While the sports bra has no real disadvantages (it’s not expensive or useless, as some claim) it doesn’t outright have any advantages that come to mind.

If you should decide to pursue a bold fashion statement but also want the support that your training regimen requires, Muslima may be up your alley. But perhaps you should look into an alternative such as the Xaira bra.

Which dating site is right for you?

Since dating sites have come into existence many years ago, the Muslima has risen up as one of the fastest growing and one of the most useful dating websites in the worldwide community. Since it was established and legally registered under the UK&I, and registered under the necessary PSINs, many details about Muslima were released. Many details were disclosed, and these features were kept as classified as possible.

Knowing that the Muslima is a legitimate site, it is quite disappointing to know that members have being charged with fraudulent charges and accounts by scam artists. Take note that Muslima, like most online dating sites, does not charge its members for sign-ups. Due to this reason, some scammers purposely sign-up to the site and post other fake profiles to steal your credit card information.

To prevent yourself and your credit card information from being a victim of fraudulent charges, change your password from the default algorithms to something with a combination of upper and lower characters, numbers, and letters. If you do not feel comfortable using your PIN as your password, try using your social security number, birthdate, or even your driver’s license number.

Know How to Spot a Scammer

Since scam activity is a global problem, you must be cautious when using any online service. We all know that Muslima is a registered and legitimate site, but check the profile to the left who is responsible when any fraudulent activity occurs.

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Muslima: is a new wearable device that can change your life!

The Muslima Review is the most shared, blacklisted and copied webpage among Muslim communities across the world.

It's a website where you can review any kind of product (as it states on its title ‥it’s an Islamic review”) and let people know whether it’s permissible to use the product or not.

The website was founded in 2006 by Fatih Uka and was started as an information website about Islam and Muslims.

Is It Really About Muslima?
No, even though they often call you …


It's actually the most-shared, blacklisted and copied Islamic knowledge website as it lists/displays the Islamic ruling (i.e. ․your Muslimah friend said, it… and so on…) it’s a great, great thing to check out whenever you need to find out whether something is halal or haram.