OkCupid Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does OkCupid Work?

OkCupid’s website has a dizzying amount of features and data points and more than a few different types of user profiles and data points, so it’s difficult to know how each of these different features affect the dating site’s overall service performance.

But essentially, although OkCupid allows users to talk and swipe through potential matches for free, the site also allows registered members to spend money to see who likes them back and determine their compatibility.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

Registration is question that comes up from potential users. It’s a very easy procedure and the fastest way to get started. You have to get into The main OkCupid account (and have "Singles" checked as your audience).

But be aware that we are working on the new website and everything that has existed on this website will also work on the new website.

After you are sure about all the answers you provided to the registration process you can create a new account line up to you nickname, your pick gender (male/female), your country of country, your language, your birth date and your email.

Once the registration process is over you receive a welcome email. You can use it to check your profile form already.

After the registration process is over you have a very simple registration process with us. It comprises a few simple steps:

  • you send out a link by email or send it via social networks to your friend, usually after you have created a myOkCupid account. From there it can be shared globally.
  • your friend clicks on the link (or goes to the website) to see your profile, subscribe to your news feed, check your other pictures or messages.

What About Design and Usability?

OkCupid has an extremely simpler and functional interface than Tinder. Pressing the button on Tinder prompted the app to take up the whole screen. Whereas on OkCupid, it can be minimize allowing you to quickly browse other app’s while you can watch a video or take a picture or 2, or view the profile of the person you’re interested in. Their app has a lot of interface optimizations that perfectly handle all the UI purpose without the clutter.

There are no pop up ads on OkCupid. Like in its competitor, Tinder, it enables you to turn off the blocked or grayed out section depending on your privacy settings. The initial step of the user interface however is also simpler, more straightforward, and easy to understand.

I guess the irony is that the most simple design are the most enjoyable designs especially if it caters to all the needs of the user. This is the case with OkCupid’s design and they’ve mastered the art of design and user interface.

With a good design, the user has no excuse not to use your app. With a bad one, it puts the user off using it. How do you make your app stand out from everything else as most people use several apps for their interests? This is better done with a good mobile app design.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

A well-written profile can make or break an OkCupid user’s experience on the site. OkCupid sends users a variety of questions when they sign up to the site, ranging from your age to your favorite food. These are not to be taken offensively; they are questions meant to help you connect with people. Though each question is asked with an option you can select with a giant checkmark, there is no system displaying what the results are of swiping through all the questions.

According to OkCupid, it’s constantly working on improving the site, so this might be something they are looking at for the future.

They also allow for participants to spark up a two-way conversation with each other through messaging. Though you can do this from the home page, it’s far easier to message people on the site directly. This option removes another layer of data that happens behind the scenes before you can message someone, which also keeps the experience on the site a smoother one.

To add a filter to a profile of a potential match, you use another question that is specific to only that match and that’s been a requested feature many times. In the question, you click either a ₦ towards it or say … and what you feel in regards to it.

The Mobile App

OkCupid is a dating site for people who are serious about dating and it really works, our OkCupid review proves it…so we thought we should share what it is all about.

OkCupid is an online dating website that helps you date somebody. On this site you can create a free profile and communicate with individual or multiple potential partners. You can also use the website on your mobile phone so that you can see all your options anytime and anywhere.

If you want to help OkCupid produce new members, you can sign up for a free membership (for example by signing up with your email address), fill in a few profile questions and wait for the site to contact you. For the most part, this is how new members come across on OkCupid.

What You Can Expect from OkCupid

If you visit OkCupid after signing up for a free membership, you might notice a few things:

Many profiles. This site has hundreds of thousands of members and this makes it easy to find somebody who matches your preferences. It makes OkCupid one of the most popular dating websites in the world.

Excellent personalization. OkCupid offers an excellent personalization option for last names on the profiles. You can look for surnames or initials, you can even combine different surnames or initials.

Safety and Security

In the summer of 2011, OkCupid was hacked. The security company, Symantec, was able to discover that about 700,000 users’ information, e-mails, addresses, phone numbers, and passwords were compromised.

This company is definitely not doing a great job of protecting their users’ information. If you are looking to build a healthy relationship, using this app may not be the best idea.

Pricing and Benefits

Help and Support

The ultimate source for discussion is the forum. Here you can ask questions and maybe even find a solution or answer to your problems if there isn’t one already available. The forums are free and are a great resource for new and experienced OkCupid users alike.

The site boasts 24/7 live chat support of all platform owners and it's worth looking into, as well as a number of other different methods for configuring everything just the way you want it to be.


What is OkCupid?

OkCupid is a free dating service that is designed to help people who are busy, have moved, or had their romantic fortunes shattered predict whether someone might be a good match for them before meeting in person.

You can use the free version, where you simply tell OkCupid who you are and where you are. When you go look at other people’s profiles, you can give a thumbs up to five profiles each day and the top-rated profiles are sent to you.

If you are serious about dating someone, then it’s not free, and you can upgrade to a subscription. The paid version gives you even more in-depth information about the people you’re matched with, access to people you might want to match with but are outside of your region, and the ability to chat. What we liked best about OkCupid and it’s advance search was that they let us see the location of the other person.

What is the scientific value of OkCupid's designs?

Is OkCupid Safe?

When someone is searching for online dates, you want to make sure that they find what they’re looking for. That’s why OkCupid is so popular.

Not only does it allow you to see if your match is compatible spiritually and physically, but also if you are compatible with them on a more personal level too.

You can also message your matches and then set up a date in advance, which means that you won’t have to decide what to do together on a spur of the moment.

We have talked about the different types of personality tests you can go through with your matches, but if you do want to know more about them they always have an advanced search feature that allows you to do everything from membership to their staff members, ratings, and their sexual orientation.

OKCupid also has a wonderful profile rating and review system, which is a people’s estimation of your characteristics:

  • 57 % of my matches are sugar babies,”
  • 2 % of them are deeply spiritual,”
  • 15 % of them are ‑Family Oriented‒,” and

Is OkCupid a Real Dating Site for All Relationships?

OkCupid is probably one of the most popular mobile dating apps in the world. It is free to use and is certainly useful for those who want to look for love. Most of its clients are quite old, but there are more and more younger people on OkCupid.

OkCupid allows you to communicate with other people, searching for new matches. You can easily create a profile in the app.

Add some photos and write few words about yourself. It is good idea to upload a few photos of you to the profile. It's a nice start to your communication.

If you're looking for a relationship, perhaps you can provide information about your interests. You can write about your religious views, preferred music, food and things of that kind. It's useful for men and women who want to meet new people and get better know each other.

You will also be able to specify your requirements. Maybe you would like to meet someone who is from the same country as you, likes hiking and hiking, loves travel, is active in sports or a vegetarian.

You can also leave your email address to let other people know when you're available to meet.

The best thing is that OkCupid uses a special algorithm to match each pair of people. You won't know a lot about your matches before you start to communicate with them. This feature is helpful for people who can't wait and need to start dating right away.

How to Use OkCupid’s Boost Feature?

This is a nice –second tool” to use for increasing your profile’s visibility. Unlike other profile upgrades, you won’t get an immediate boost to your profile’s visibility when using the boost feature. Instead, you’ll receive extra OkCupid exposure after having been –boosted”.

There are two different types of boosts you can give your profile. A manual boost will send your profile to a larger selection of people who only display –popular” profiles. An auto boost will send your profile to a larger selection of people who only display –active” profiles. Either way, your –boosted” profile will have a chance of being viewed by more potential suitors.

The boost feature can be accessed by clicking –Profile”, then –Boost in Search”.

Is OkCupid Messaging Free for Standard Members?

It is certainly not free for everyone. You have to pay in order to start using most features, but the free dating sites form the basis of our best list.

OkCupid is one of a great romance numerous dating sites, that includes everything from medical partners to elite LTR. Nearly a million people who join the site, also use Tinder, so indeed you can’t believe the numbers.

Does OkCupid Really Work in Providing Best Matches?

OkCupid’s mission statement does not include any mention of providing the best match. Therefore, we will proceed to what we know about OkCupid.

OkCupid is one of the most established online dating services, but we have to wonder whether it’s ability to initiate connections is the same as its ability to provide a match.

It’s safe to say that one of the main benefits of OkCupid is its massive database of users, which can be associated to a member’s context and preference.

This is a kind of matchmaking that can be very helpful when trying to make subjective determinations such as searching by relationship status or age preferences.

When considering the age range of members, we can assume to see a variation in the number of dates as well.

Maybe one could surmise, by the absence of additional features such as insight into body, personality, or lifestyle, that these free features make up for the lack of expensive offerings.

It is the private messaging feature that makes OkCupid stand out from other dating websites.

Most dating websites only offer the opportunity to advertise your interest in other members’s profiles. This is only a form of online flirting for the most part.

With OkCupid, users are able to engage in one-on-one exchanges.


OkCupid definitely opens up different lands of dating questions. But many questions were asking for offensive behaviors and sayings. For instance, okcupid changed their wording and asking for the local gay scene, because it revealed some bad wordings for the whites of the group being homophobic. In this case of the "standard questions", it revealed the non-acceptance of gays. It also revealed the non-acceptance of blacks. The reason was that they have enjoyed the white woman for many generations. Throughout the years, they started to be attracted to this kind of white woman. So they answered "no" to this question.

For the last group, the jewish question was asking about the more accepted jews. But they only answered "yes" to this question, because many had little or no knowledge about jews, the origin of the story was behind the question.

These questions had a double-edged sword effect. In most cases, it tended to work in favor of the white group. It created a sense of fear. All the questions above created a sense of fear for blacks and gays, especially, because they didn’t have any knowledge or general picture of discrimination or exclusivity. It was always based on fear.

Pros and Cons

OkCupid is a popular dating site for a variety of singles to use. It is a great resource to many people, and that’s why we have included it in our list of the best free dating sites. So, what are the pros and cons of OkCupid? What are we looking at here? Are we looking at a site that should break your heart? Is this a site to celebrate or a site to leave? You’re going to know already, but to start with the basics let’s discuss the pros and cons:


  • Quick and Easy Registration
  • Popular Site
  • Regular Updates
  • Good Prices
  • Quick Search System
  • Detailed Search Features


  • Bad Customer Support
  • Bad Interface
  • Too Many Spammers
  • Fees Too High
  • No Privacy Options
  • Bad Customer Support ․ OkCupid Is Bad at Customer Support

As we have already mentioned OkCupid’s customer support is pretty bad.

A lot of people have reported spam issues, and have also reported that they haven’t heard back from the customer support. While the site’s size is what has caused it to have such bad customer support, we would like to think that it could be improved.

Which dating site is right for you?

There are dozens of dating sites out there. They have different pros and cons that have to be considered before selecting one over another. OkCupid works off the assumption that you have already decided to go ahead and start in the online dating world or if you have made a choice yet, then you will have a clear understanding as to whether you’ll or won’t be going to OkCupid.

It works off the basic premise of compatibility questions. There are three primary sections to it, that you have to take the time to answer. Categories are the profile, you input your age, favorite music, movies, TV shows, browse through the profiles and search for someone that answers the questions you’ve answered on your profile.

Questions are concerned with the person you are looking for. There are questions about their favorite food, movies, music, shows they watch, also just general questions about their life.

There are three main parts to the site, the homepage, a recommendation section and a tab on your navigation bar. First, OkCupid’s homepage allows you to check out what’s going on, getting the latest news in the world of dating, blogs, forums and groups.

We have tested many dating sites in the past and there are a variety of good ones out there. However, we liked how OkCupid offers some good functionality and a list of great features.

Every website needs to have content that keeps the user interested. Adding new content each time you visit the website is the best way to make sure that users stay on your website. Since browsing patterns are different for different visitors, it makes sense to show them different pages of the website.