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How does Only Lads work?

First, we only get our inspiration from the world’s source.

Unlike a lot of other adult website reviews, we do not serve as an intermediary between users and a site’s content or membership.

Our passion is uncovering the truth.

Second, we're extremely confident and passionate about what we're doing. We believe in what we do and we believe that it's important.

That's probably why we wrote this.

Third, as a reliable information resource, we don't have to enforce good content to users as long as they agree to abide by the following rules.

Finally, we have a very strong support team that will always meet your enquiries.

If you'd like some advice on the best adult site for you, you can reach our friendly customer service team via telephone or email. They’ll always be happy to help.

Registration – is it really easy?

This is something we find to be an extremely effective option when it comes to buying our alcohol. We apply the same logic to this as to buying any other item. The ONLY difference is that you have to pay upfront, THEN register/rent whatever beverage you bought and then claim your money back when the bottle is returned. That’s the process in a nutshell – there is no hiding your age or identity – you are aware that you are paying more than you would in the shop and you must return the bottle – the only criterion for this is that it must be still sealed or the seal on the bottle must be broken – you cannot open it. The ONLY people who benefit from doing this are kids or people who don’t have children of their own but want to enjoy being a parent. It’s really easy to register – it’s just a signature and two dates. However, there is more than one way to register – there is a different company who do this and it’s just as easy. It’s the perfect way to buy booze online without any fear of getting caught.

What about design and usability?

Sex has always been a big part of the design story of Lads. Obviously from the name, but more importantly from the entire experience. Lads is a website that gives loads of hot male content. Some of this is provided by the guys themselves, some of it is brought to the site by contributors. This includes male porn, live cam sex and escorts.

Beach bum 'n' chat, Peephole fun & Banging 'n' Rent.

Lads give guys a chance to express their sexuality, to have a bit of fun with escorts, to get access to sex chat and sex cam show and to get peepholed.

Blokes With Lads: Lads Fellatio

With Lads Fellatio, men can find out the difference masturbating with and without fellatio.

This obviously is a good way to find out if you like it or not, and why.

It is similar to other sites of similar nature, since men are often curious about these topics.

The content on the website is very explicit and can be accessed from all areas of the site.

The site gives access to sex chat and live sex cams, which are operated by Lads themselves.

Lads Fellatio aside, the rest of the site gives access to a chat forum for guys, which is often referred to as a sex forum.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Ever since we have been doing this ourselves, one question we have been asked over and over is – What exactly makes the Only Lads so good?… So we thought it was time we explained a bit more about our selection process.

We will start by explaining that we have a LOT of criteria… We look for:

  • being successful without having to resort to getting into ″Honeymoon Sex‰ or ″Lonely Nights‹
  • having a good sense of humour
  • having an interesting life
  • not being taking themselves too seriously
  • being up for helping make other people’s lives better
  • being open to things and not being ″one way‿
  • being open to new experiences
  • being open to trying new things
  • being open to having fun
  • being open to having a good time
  • being open to accepting truth

The mobile application

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Safety & security

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Pricing and benefits

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Savings Analysis

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How Long To Make Up The Difference?

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Help & support


This is set apart from the pack because it encourages the use of a dating profile.

Only Lads has a few unique features that set them apart from their competitors. Below we have highlighted a few things that set them apart from the rest.

Third-Person Profiles

Only Lads gives its members the ability to choose between a traditional profile or a third-person profile. This allows members to be more personal and open, who want to tell a little about themselves without having to take the risk of putting an actual picture up.

Automatic Introduction of New Members

Only Lads automatically introduces a new member to the regular members of the site. The site makes peace with the fact that it would be a little mean to not introduce new members to the regular ones.

October Dating Promotions

Only Lads is not jumping the gun on their promotions, and will be giving a free trial for all members from October 15 to October 17. This gives people more time to sit down and weigh up whether it’s a dating site that fit their needs.

Conclusion: Only Lads spends a lot on marketing … and it shows.

Is Only Lads safe?

Yes. Only Lads is extremely reliable and has never had any issues since it was started. It has an excellent team in place that has tested some of the most popular bets.

One reason to trust Only Lads is that we understand they are one of the few sites that focuses on football. If we invested in any form of gambling or scam, we wouldn’t be helping soccer lovers like ourselves!

Besides, we host regular betting tips contests with our users. We make sure all our readers have the best chance of winning.

Most of all, we run a rewards program… and we’re not afraid to say it. There are only two ways to win on Only Lads; by betting on the best odds and being one of the most active.

Only Lads offers you the chance to win some of the best free bets and cash prizes. All you have to do is join the honest and fun world of football betting.

Is Only Lads a real dating site?

Only Lads is a dating website that only accept gays and bi-curious from ages 18-70. Upon signing up, the members can opt for different services such as Facebook page, receive mail, chatting via Skype, dating to people nearby or in the world. Mostly it is a question? Yes, Only Lads is a real dating site, where you can meet casual sex. However, registration or signing up to the website will not guarantee you the encounters.

How do you use Only Lads?

Only Lads is the largest UK owned, independently owned & operated review site of heterosexual content. We’re also the proud owners of a 100% Bisexual guarantee, the most open & honest approach to gay scene reviews online.

We are excited about constantly growing and change, so it’s only natural that we develop a site that reflects that. We see it as a challenge, and want our site to provide the best experience.

Our review content is 100% independent by us, so it’s not affected by sponsors or advertisers. We’ve seen this happen so many times on other sites before, which ends in seeing bad or biased content, adverts that you don’t want to see and pages that are suddenly blank.

We know that when you come to our site, we want to give you an honest opinion of the content on our doorstep.

Be honest. Be open. Be fun.

Is Only Lads free?

Does Only Lads really work?

We don’t think so! The reviews online on Only Lads are scathing at best, but maybe that’s because the owner is an American and therefore unaware that a considerable proportion of the UK isn’t American.

The best thing about Only Lads is the artwork on the parcel is extremely retro, and probably from the eighties or nineties. That’s what we know about it.

But we don’t need to know any more, so feel free to sleep on the floor and watch Only Lads on a fifty-inch plasma television. It may make you feel a little bit better, we’re just not sure.


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Pros and Cons


  • Fun Design; Better than traditional chips & dips.
  • Nice Place to Work Out of;
  • Melt in Mouth;
  • Great in Hand;
  • Fun Novelty.


  • More Expensive than regular shaped chips and dips.
  • Not as versatile as regular shaped chips and dips.


  • Good Halloween food.
  • Unique snack.
  • Can eat with chips and roll or as a snack by itself.
  • All natural.


  • Expensive.
  • Fragile.


  • Low Height;
  • Very Good for Meals.
  • Can Cook all day without Burning or Flaring


  • Not Handy at all – Difficult to Dismantle;
  • Requires a Big Pack of Batteries (3 x AA).


Fun for Parties and Events.

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