Our Teen Network review – what do we know about it?

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How does Our Teen Network work?

Our Teen Network offers a variety of services, programs and resources to help teenagers, parents and caregivers stay connected. It is highly aligned with the values outlined in the Ontario curriculum and the goals of the Ministry of Education.

The Network's core values are Safety, Respect, and Community, and each of its programs have been developed to help teach respect and build healthy relationships.

At Our Teen Network, the creation of healthy relationships and community is emphasized through a three-tier structure.

The three tiers, which are the Individual (peer support), Family (relationship building), and Community (leadership training and development) and are interdependent.

At each level, the focus is on teaching youth about the importance of connecting and breaking unhealthy cycles and patterns that can negatively impact relationships with peers, family and friends.

The Network is available for volunteer opportunities across Ontario, from Local Communities to schools’ communities.

Contact a coordinator in your area and see how you can become involved.

The Network is established for improvement and support of the quality of healthy and safe living for youth in our society by developing relationships and providing programs which support healthy development.

Registration – is it really easy?

There is a registration process that we had to go through. Your teen has to sign in using your Facebook account, and then check their email for an activation link. It took us a couple of minutes to go through to get to the system.

The system presents a Promo Code which you can use to register.

Screenshots are attached for your convenience.

Also, you need to go through the three-step process before the promo code is visible and you can enter it.

The process takes maybe ten minutes, and the excitement is already palpable when you know what it means.

What about design and usability?

Our Teen Network review is based on the visualization of my college student work program that was used in a cinema. The program is full of great features, but the main focus is on the design which can become very useful for different purposes for a lot of users. This design can help them to get closer to the college and let them get the student opportunities with the best value on the market.

The website design now has a comprehensive structure, which has made it usable with the easy to use interface provided. The program has completed a lot of elements that can entertain and customize a lot of people; it has now to improve and work on the parts where the program is not able to perform well with the multiple errors and failures.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Many website reviewers have decided to share their thoughts about the Our Teen Network review.

In this article, we are going to let our teen network review perform with a professional XM slide review. It will take a few seconds, all you need is to follow the instructions and read the easy to follow instructions below.

XM Rapid Transaction
Clean, Simple, Valuable.

They are clean, they are simple, and they are valuable. The XM rapid transaction are fully verified, clean and fast-keying profiles that are simple to setup and simple to use for everyone.

The Our Teen Network Review is an online tool that allows website owners to check up on the surety that the members of their website are all who they say they are.

Through the profiles, a website owner can actually see the family or background of the teen member. There are no falsifying and no abusive profiles on it.

There are also powerful caption filters and powerful yet very handy photo cropping features. The administrator won’t have to use codes anymore to test the accuracy of teen profiles.

The Our Teen Network review contacts the administrators in real time through instant message.

It is a better option to choose this over Google AdSense.

Admin Features

With inbuilt administrator profile ability to manage profiles, the administrator can manage the profiles in the Our Teen Network review in real time.

The mobile application

OurTeenNetwork․ has been released.

Our Teen Network is an application that can be carried around in a mobile device. It empowers parents to keep track of their children activity and communicate with them. Our Teen Network is different from other mobile applications because it contains a messenger, a Facebook based activity tracker and a newsfeed where the parents can do a complete monitoring of their children‒s activities.

All the messages sent and received are encrypted and can be altered by the user. The information on the application can be accessed by only the parent, or any authorized person in case of the event where the parent is not available

Once you download OurTeenNetwork you can explore the application. The informative articles are where you can learn how to use the application easily. You can also see the application․s features including the instant messenger, what its benefits are and where you can find support.

In this article you might find some of the most important benefits and functions of using OurTeenNetwork.

First of all, OurTeenNetwork is a Facebook based application, so without Facebook, the app will not work.

Safety & security

Business Skype: We have to call it Skype as WhatsApp is included in this thing and you want to know how Skype worked for our teenager. For all the security and safety, Teen Network is standard. You can set only two contacts, the administrator will be one of them. The others include people like your teenage daughter or son are automatically blocked ( unfortunately, the contacts are not added to the password like WhatsApp).

It works abruptly in the background, no need to fuss with apps. Not just that, but its privacy is very high. No one knows what you are talking about it.

Only if you do not disable Caller ID, a computer will reveal your name and your corresponding number. Be sure to turn off the permission for the phone to show the Caller ID if you do not want your identity getting confused.

There is also a fingerprint scan on the activation process which makes you more secure and protected.

Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Gain access to all kinds of information from their specialist team of certified coaches.

Offer help and advice, get in contact through email, Facebook or phone.

User support is offered by the personal support assistants. They provide support and access to technical information in a variety of different ways.

Activities and exercises
Information on the relevant programme and activities offered can be found on the website.

Parents, grandparents, and students themselves share their experiences of the centre.

Information on the tuition offered includes the tutor’s credentials, and also the subjects offered within each programme.

A student subscription can give full access to a student’s lessons and tutor support. The site also has a forum for parents, grandparents, and students to ask questions or share ideas.

Students can also share their experiences in their own blog.


For this review, we spoke with several bloggers in the Teen Network. Please let us know if you think we got it right!

What inspired you to join the Teen Network and share your writing?

Ally: I wasn’t so much inspired by the Teen Network as I was addicted to it. (Boom! Cue Alyssa Milano …) You see, I have been a part of blogs for years, and I joined the Teen Network to get published. I would hop on there every two to three weeks to send my writing in for review. I was never asked to review before, but one day my review submission was posted. I was so so proud of myself and thought, ”Well, this is pretty cool that they are doing something about the chaff in the wheat.” (Everyone, please remember that I am using very literary, pretentious words today to make a point: it was a really big deal.)

Since that first time, I’ve been very active and sent in three to four pieces every two weeks. Several of the open reviews were mine and most of them have been reworked because they were originally submitted as my original unedited, first draft pieces. So it’s been really great.

Is Our Teen Network safe?

Our team research has shown Our Teen Network to be 100% safe. We have done extensive research and checked all the contact information from the company and the website and they are legit and safe. We found only positive and good reviews from people who have used them.

We did read one bad and one positive review from the users.

The bad review was from someone who didn’t care for it, and didn’t want to do anything about it so he filed a complaint with e-molnet. e-molnet has a review team that regularly will check any new membership program. They found the complaints and investigated them.

This particular website is a legitimate business as they are in the process of becoming a fully licensed state program. We found this information on the US Postal Service website. The business is legit and is regulated by the Government.

It’s important to check with the government before you purchase anything. Their site has a variety of ways that you can reach them.

Is Our Teen Network a real dating site?

Our Teen Network distinguishes itself from other dating sites with the aim of encouraging young people to develop their social skills, their English language skills, and their confidence.

Teen Network reviews are accurate and teen members say it’s true that Our Teen Network does indeed give them English language, confidence, and social skills help.

How to use Our Teen Network?

Our Teen Network is a brand new website that is currently in alpha release (meaning it’s still in development).

So the question might arise: should I buy a subscription for it right now, or wait for the website to complete its alpha stages?

Both sides of the argument have their benefits. The argument for waiting is that you get to experience the website in its current, unfinished state. This is usually a good sign because it may give you an idea of what our Teen Network might eventually be like.

If you do decide to wait, you can sign up to the waiting list for Our Teen Network to get notified when it goes live, or you can check out our other reviews:

Is Our Teen Network free?

Our Teen Network is free to use for all members‡! You can use it to find everything from a massage to a great restaurant to an online tutor in your area. And you can also find someone to watch your dogs when you are out of town. All you have to do is take a minute to sign up…and the rest is completely free!

If you ever have a question, you can’t find what you want on Our Teen Network, or just want to communicate directly with the site, you can easily contact them here: Inbox -> Customer Support -> Email Us.

Does Our Teen Network really work?

The My Teen Network Review contains the proof of the validity and legitimacy of this program. What You Can Expect From Our Teen Network is what I found out when I joined the program. I couldn’t believe how great and effective is my teen network software. I was afraid that my son would prefer video games. But with Our Teen Network, he makes practice his writing and language skills, he always watches a shower video. He loves then the whole attention. Every word he writes is hers. The results are coming faster and faster. Just like a lot of parents, I was also a bit skeptical about Our Teen Network. I was afraid that my son would quickly lose interest in it, but that didn’t happen. Through the Our Teen Network, it has been a great way for us to communicate. I recommend Our Teen Network to everyone. It works! To learn more, see my full Our Teen Network review or you can read the Our Teen Network review of another parent – her son’s experience.


The Our Teen Network’s customer service is amazing. Their support staff members are great and are always looking to help you out when you’re in need.

The products on offer are great and have all kinds of different bundles. Whether you’re looking for a simple starter kit or a much more intense program, there is a program here for you.

There are some concerns though. It is not clear what Our Teen Network does with the personal information they gather from users in the Our Teen Network membership system. The Privacy Policy clearly states that personal information is used to grow the business, but it isn’t very clear about how exactly it is done.

Pros and Cons

It's true that Teen Network is a good system for teens. But it also has its problems – its missing many helpful features, and also some things that could easily cause problems.

It doesn't support mobile phones. This is a major disadvantage. It would be good to be able to make a call, send a text, or use a mobile app from a iphone or android or windows phone. And even if a lot of teens don't have smartphones, most of them do at least carry iphones made by apple or smartphones made by Samsung, LG and HTC.

It doesn't provide a way to pay. It provides a way to send media, but not to pay for things. Many parents have no problem with teens paying "church bills" with a debit card or a gift card, but teens need the ability to make purchases with cash or in person with a debit card or gift card.

It doesn't support mailboxes. The limited no. of email accounts for the account proves this to be false.

The service supports only one address book. It does nice that the system can support only ONE phonebook.

It doesn't support sms text messages.

The texting functions include only text messages. It would be nice if users could also use simple social network functions, eg. facebook messaging, twitter.

The texting function can't be disabled.

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Dating never goes out of fashion, and there are great dating sites you can try.

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