OurTime Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does OurTime Work?

OurTime is a dating app which offers one main thing: A way to meet new people. Aside from meeting people, the app also offers a way to eliminate spam profiles.

OurTime considers itself to be a dating app that brings people together. With dating apps, you can search based on age, location, or height.

‘Like’, ‘Go’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Meet’ are also actions in the app (you can find out more about each one below in the section in this article on ‘Quick navigation’).

Depending on your country, OurTime is either an app, a website, or both. The app offers the standard features found in a dating app like swiping left or right to get rid of people you are not interested in, and messaging.

OurTime works on a three-phase matching system; you will get matched when your profiles have been successfully verified. Matching will then occur in three phases based on your communication in the app so long as both people remain active on the app (members take turns to send messages, swipe each other, and answer each other’s messages).

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

OurTime is a dating app that is currently owned by Match Group. It connects single people in the UK and neighboring countries.

It was created in the hopes of helping people find love.

Online dating isn’t something new, but it is still not always easy for everyone.

One of the greatest things about OurTime is that the registration process is super easy. There is a brief quiz that you will answer in order to sign up. You answer a few easy questions to determine if you want to make this your first or only time using this app.

Other options include the ability to search by age range. You can search by age range to bypass potential matches that seem irrelevant. These options are basic and easy to use.

While you can sign up for a free month of this dating app, they also offer a paid version. The paid version is more in-depth and allows you to even view who is currently online and looking to connect.

You have the option of a weekly subscription or a monthly subscription. This subscription can be canceled at anytime, so long as you still have one month left on your subscription.

The best part of the OurTime app is that you can message from any device you own. Whether you have a smart phone or a tablet, it won’t matter.

What About Design and Usability?

It is a free online dating app developed by one of the leaders in the online dating industry. Being part of the online dating industry means that they have all the resources and experience to create a great user experience.

As a long time online dating advocate, ourTime is the only app that we recommend. If you are looking for a free dating app with a high-quality user interface, uTime is your go to dating app.

It only takes a few seconds to create an account and start using the app. While it is not nearly as common as the likes of Grindr and Tinder, ourTime has no chat functionality, which makes it much easier to use.

Because there are no in-app purchase links, you do not have to worry about invasive advertisements or pricing schemes. OurTime doesn’t even have an option to upgrade so you can stay completely free.

While free online dating apps can be hit and miss, ourTime has consistently been highly rated by the online dating community for several years.

The downside is that ourTime has fewer users than the likes of Tinder, which means there aren’t a ton of people for you to match with. On the bright side, this means that you do not have to work very hard to go out on matches. You will find plenty of people to match with on ourTime.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The first thing you’ll notice on OurTime is this big, blue logo that they have in the middle. We’re not going to go out of our way to say this, but there’s a lot of guys on OurTime that are kind of ugly.

OurTime isn’t a dating site for uber-hot dudes or ‘Millionaire’ types, but there are good-looking guys that you’ll really like on there.

If guys are looking for a really hot woman, this is probably not the place for you. On the other hand, if you’re not too attached to looks and you’re more interested in personality and chemistry, OurTime is a great place to find that. They have a strong emphasis on personality, and guys really do look for that in a woman.

To help you figure out who is really here to let you know, there are few of our own efforts to help you find the better options.

A lot of guys on OurTime are over 50 years old, and there’s a surprising number that are under 35 or 50. The majority of registered members are over 35, but the number of men in younger age groups is growing.

The Mobile Application

Your social network, dating, and sex life depend on where you are in life. With an adult friend finding app, you can go mobile, meet singles, match and chat with good people in your own town; and maybe you will be delighted to find someone, who dreams the same dream as you. So, we suggest you read the OurTime app reviews – to see if the app is the right choice to help you go mobile, meet great local singles and singles in your hometown.

Safety & Security

OurTime has been rated 4 out of 5 based on 63 reviews from our users.

See OurTime Full Review

Scammers are constantly finding new ways to create fake profiles and swindle money out of unsuspecting people.

It is important that you take note of the following security features which are available and considered to be strongest and most important measures, these include:

  • Anti-Phishing Filters and Anti-Spam Filters
  • Picture Verification
  • Credit Card Security
  • Anti-Fraud Protection
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Deposits
  • Mobile Checkout
  • Tracking System
  • Activity Feed
  • Warranty plan

These features work effectively at preventing you from being scammed and also to keep the sanity of the person who you are chatting with.

Overall, OurTime has a great rating in this area.

Customer Service

Customer Service is one of our major concerns because it is one of the most common areas for scammers to sneak in. There are two options when it comes to Customer Service.

OurTime has been rated 4 out of 5 based on 63 reviews from our users.

You can use the Reviews tab on their website to see what people are saying about customer service. You can also directly contact them for support.


OurTime has 5 different payment options available:

Pricing and Benefits

OurTime is a cost-effective way to meet single women in your area. You can create a profile at any time and start chatting with your matches.

Membership costs 2.99 a month and is billed annually. The subscription comes with free verification with few sign up bonuses, few additional features and a chance to receive a bigger discount if you decide to join for an extended time.

What to expect for your first month?
Your access to all features will be active for your first 30 days. We understand it takes time to build a good profile and make new friends. Therefore, we made sure to allow new members enough time to explore the site, become more comfortable on it and get in touch with higher amounts of people.

Help & Support

Their customer service is extremely good.

They have a long list of instructional videos to help you with your experience.

Account holders can contact their help counselors at any time.

They offer a free trial for some people.

Their customer support team answers queries quickly and efficiently. Their site features a live chat window that you can use to ask questions.

They also have a FAQ section that you can use to find answers to frequently asked questions.

The app is available on iOS and Android.

The available features in the app are similar on either app.

Users can manage their account, change their preferences, search for available users, and send messages.

The dating experience is like any other dating app. When the app is open, you can swipe through and view the different users, use the filters to narrow down your searches, or use the search bar to enter keywords and locations in a user’s profile to find people nearby.

When you’re viewing a user’s profile, there will be text, photos, and notes.

The side menus provide options for you to read messages, search for other members, and start a chat.

OurTime is a relatively new dating app. It debuted in 2014, and its popularity increased dramatically in 2015. It has a large base of similar dating apps, which makes it the perfect alternative.


With Dan: FAQs for OurTime

Q: Is OurTime a scam?

A: No. OurTime is not a scam. It’s a legit dating site, and it’s one of the largest online dating sites.

Q: Is OurTime a legit hookup site?

A: No. OurTime is not a hook-up site; it’s a dating site (yes, it does have a dating side to it, but it’s still a dating site).

In My Aching Experience

I've had luck with OurTime. For me, the success rate was low. But I did find a girl who has been a good friend.

If you want to get a lot of action, this might be a good app for you, but if you're looking for a relationship in the long run, this app isn't for you.

Is OurTime Safe?

Though everything is fine while using this tool, you should be aware of the possible risks associated with its use.

For example, this program has been known to cause some crashes and freezes, but nothing too serious.

Also, keep in mind that using any app for extremely long periods of time can have side effects, even if this particular app doesn’t contain any malicious programs.

You should proceed with caution and know the steps you need to take in case of any emergencies.

While we all have trips to plan, parties to attend, and birthdays and wedding anniversaries to make plans for, we might not always have access to the Internet and other forms of communication. This means that this program can become very useful in those situations where you don’t have access to your computer or main phone, and can’t rely on technology.

Most importantly, how does this program compare to other online dating tools?

You shouldn’t give priority to this tool just because it has more people signing up than any other app. After all, perhaps those people just don’t mind using a platform that is substantially less popular than any other one on the market.

Is OurTime a Real Dating Site?

OurTime is a great website for dating, chatting, and meeting new people.

It is for people who want to get back out there and make friends, date, flirt, or just have a good time.

With OurTime, you can chat, message, voice chat, meet and find new people to spend time with.

OurTime has over 11 million people registered with the site and is designed for the older crowd.

OurTime is not a social network that can be considered as the new and improved version of Facebook.

It is a dating site and niche community that has over 11 million members currently active.

Part of the website is to screen the profiles so you can prevent bots, spammers, and scammers.

Regular site maintenance is also part of the job when you are the founder of the site.

The founder also wants to ensure that the site remains healthy for the users, so he makes sure the site remains online at all times.

OurTime costs only a few bucks per month but one of the downsides of the site is that you will not have access to premium features.

However, the site continues to grow in popularity with new features and activities added frequently.

With OurTime, it’s all about the people and not the website.

OurTime has one goal, which is to help bring people together.

How to Use OurTime?

How do you use OurTime?

OurTime allows you to track your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and activities in a way that works for you. You can log your activities and even match those activities to people, places, and things that matter to you! Doing this helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and helps you make decisions when you're not sure what to do. You can even share with the rest of the OurTime community what you've been up to lately.

Is OurTime Free?

No, OurTime’s subscription is not free. Most of its services are either free or have low priced packages. However, it’s not as expensive as its competitors— We rated as moderate in overall price compared to other apps with similar functions. Even so, a premium subscription is required to take full advantage of the app’s functions.

Does OurTime Really Work?

There are countless online dating apps available that are supposed to make finding singles easier than ever before.

But, how many of them actually work?

The bottom line is, if you’re trying to date online, you’re not going to get very far by using a dating app.


Because people nowadays will post a profile picture of them with their back facing the camera and their face half obscured by a hat or their elbow no matter how ripped they are.

You have to be up front with people. You can’t expect them to be able to pick you out of a crowd just by your profile picture. That doesn’t work in real life nor should it work online.

So, here’s the real question. Question is do people make mistakes when signing up with dating websites?

Do they get scammed?

Are they getting flaked on?

Did they sign up with the best dating website?

Well, the answer to all those questions is NO.





You can use our Time service, but only if you have no other opportunity for lesbian relations. OurTime charges $ 15 for a trial period and for a premium account. But after registration, we were told that we should register on the official site to 1 week.

At the time of registration, we were transferred to a survey which was so strange. This survey from Ourtime will collect many more wrong answers, but they did not have a response to the serious immoral questions.

They were directed to the following answer: We were instructed to click the 5-button response.

Once we have completed the 10-step process of registration, we were again directed to another short anonymous survey. Again, I have to admit I was very surprised to see the manner in which the survey was conducted in my opinion you have to have a reason. There is no response to serious questions.

In addition to the questionnaire, you are also given an option to post any dating goals that you have.

After all is completed and made, we were directed to our account. This is where we find our profile page and the interface.

This is the interface at the top of the homepage, we can also click a button that will bring us to the homepage.

At the bottom of everything, we will see the modal window which will deliver a survey after each post.

Our service continues to be very clean with minimal pop-up ads.

Pros and Cons

OurTime is an online dating platform with a focus on mobile compatibility.

This means that if you want to go out on a date with someone on OurTime, you need to meet them in person and can’t do so using mobile compatibility.

Mobile compatibility is extremely useful especially if you want to be able to go on dates or hang out with people without having to meet them.

Most people would prefer to meet a potential date in a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant than try to meet them in a more controlled environment on the app.

OurTime works well on all smartphones and tablets, and it also has a user-friendly interface.

OurTime Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of OurTime is the ability to get in contact with people that you share an interest in.

You can filter people by keywords and send stickers and messages as well as answers to questions posed on the app.

This makes OurTime unique compared to other dating sites and apps because you can interact with people that have similar interests to you.

The app is also really user-friendly for anyone who is interested in going on dates but unsure about where to start.

OurTime is also really easy to use on mobile phones and tablets, which makes it a good option for a wide variety of customers.

Which dating site is right for you?

OurTime is the largest dating website for people over 50 dating over 60 plus singles. It is a trusted and respected dating site that has a huge following that creates a good amount of traffic to it. Be online if you are apprehensive on online dating. You will get the most benefits that your hard earned money can buy.

Youtube, facialanalyzer

OurTime is a mobile app that allows its users, mainly females, to meet people in their city.

The founder, Justin McLeod, who works as an entrepreneur, designed this app in a way, he has a perfect understanding of its users (women).

According to Ourtime users can create their own profiles (claiming their location and age), which then can be viewed by other users within their community.

Users can also claim their own profile and modify theirs profile including their age, location, and interests.

Facebook is the life-blood of dating apps, however, anyone who’s tried to meet a long-term partner using most modern sites will tell you that it’s understandably daunting. People lie, people talk, people judge, and the sheer sheer size of such an endeavor can seem daunting.

The OurTime app’s algorithm works by taking into account the user’s Facebook information, personality, and interests in conjunction with the attractive profiles of others nearby.

The advertised app is designed to find suitable life-partners, singles for fun, and marriage, so it is a good way to build new friends.

It allows thousands of members to register in your city and see each other online.