PlanetRomeo review – what do we know about it?

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How does PlanetRomeo work?

If you have been looking for a place to buy sex toys and adult products, the PlanetRomeo website may be the best place for you to start your search.

PlanetRomeo is a sex toy store that sells adult toys for men, women, and transsexuals.

People have been talking about PlanetRomeo for a while now, but I did my own research and gathered my own facts and know-hows about this company, and it looks like an overall great company in general. It looks to be an open and transparent company and looking into its products, it does not look like it is doing any harm or anything illegal.

Many people and porn actors have been buying from this website a lot, which is a good sign for it. Some even recommend it to their customers over other websites like Lovehoney!

The company has some good designs and products on its website.

For example, the Rico-Bend, is a good sex toy and popular among penises.

The Rico-Bend is a removable bendable male masturbation toy that is a perfect addition for couples.

The Rico-Bend is used by people who have a full-state or cancer patients. It can also be used for people that experience nerve pain and people that are missing a part of their body.

Registration – is it really easy?

PlanetRomeo’s registration is pretty straight forward. If you have already registered with one of the 18 freely available dating sites, your data is already on their system.

We've gathered our experience of registration on the following sites.

Our data was gathered using a free application on these free dating sites. We have tried to evaluate your experience for each of these dating websites:

Since Planet Romeo is a privately owned dating website, it’s premium memberships and discounts are a bit different from the free dating sites. But through the data we gathered, we believe that it’s much easier to register on PlanetRomeo.

What about design and usability?

Planet Romeo is a dating app for homosexuals, like Grindr, the best in its niche. The design doesn’t differ from the case of regular dating apps.

The main features of the interface are the large photo album and the chat window. Users can also choose from the list of profiles of other users to chat with.

The profile of each user has his own photo, an option to choose his relationship status and the possibility to upload a video to his profile.

One of the newest features of Planet Romeo is the dating map where users can meet people in their own region of the world. It is not based on a geolocation system, but it is possible to see a user’s location by clicking on his photo.

The design of the app is simple and easy to use. One of the disadvantages of this app is that it doesn’t have a desktop version yet.

Let’s talk about profile quality

PlanetRomeo is a new dating site catering for people looking for gay Romans in their area.

It has no fees to pay (signing up is free), it has no categories for looking for gay or straight people, it is compatible with all major devices (and browsers), it is not spammy with affiliate links, and it does not show the profile to other people until you’re ready to start showing it.

The software used is known to be reliable and effective, though it is not ideal for compatibility testing and (as such) does not show full compatibility results. It does however gather interaction information and location statistics for each user via each major social media platform and uses them together with your input to help filter potential matches.

It has been well advertised recently in gay media about its existing hype and popularity.

The mobile application

May perform tracking and to help people find love. The application in a while has come up with its own method of how its system works. The number of people who are going to be featured in the searches are actually going to be there to start with, so there should not be any issues in finding them immediately.

The elimination of the dating scam should also be up to the standard of the application. Unlike all the other apps out there, this application is run by Cupid Media Limited. The company has over 2 decades of experience, so that should definitely be an advantage for the plans people have.

The most important focus of the application would be the background check of the person which is a part of the profile. The clients who will be looking at the people who will come out as a possible match for them are then able to have a track towards the history of the people they come across. They are able to have more information after a thorough check of Cupid Media Limited’s system.

The application is free for Android for all the concerned people. There are three credits that need to be put in though when it comes to trying out the application.

Safety & security

PlanetRomeo is a gay romance social network.

We believe PlanetRomeo is safe and secure.

We have plenty of precautions in place to ensure your safety.

We have an active moderation team on site to investigate any unwanted activity.

We constantly monitor our community to ensure we are providing a safe and confidential environment.

Ultimately, we want to make sure our members have fun. Using social bookmarking to find new and interesting feeds to subscribe to….it's the best!

Beating the Bounds Game:

But, there are so many things you could do in your spare time instead of working on your businesses. or the Planet Romeo game.

Here are some fun (and for some of these, leisurely) activities that you may be interested in :

Pricing and benefits

PlanetRomeo is a website that offers free services for gay couples. Adding gay friends and building up contacts has never been easier! Although it is a free service, it is rather popular for being useful and convenient enough for gay couples to start using.

In order to add your friends for free, you need to simply sign up with your email address. Your friends will never know and you can block their numbers later on. After that, all you have to do is socialize and make new friends. PlanetRomeo will help you search for the best local gay clubs and will even tell you where is the best place for a romantic date.

In addition, PlanetRomeo gives you plenty of information about gay clubs and the gay community. You can read about which countries gay are more open to. You can also find out about major gay holidays and events.

PlanetRomeo provides great reviews of places, service, and businesses on the gay scene. This way, you can educate yourself before going out and get ready to make the most of your gay night out.

Help & support

Getting the most out of these services is sometimes difficult. The support, however, is top-notch and effortless.

The support team is there to help! From chat to E-mail, they were quick to answer each question we had.

Most users experience the service more as a time-saver. The speed of the Translation service is great, especially when instant translation is needed.

Most customers experience great service when they have a question. The most common responses are via E-mail or chat.

Free trials are great … we know! But, for some, this is a tough call.

We were surprised to see the quality of their assistance was well above and beyond. A lot of companies deliver low-quality support.

Lots of companies advertise launch dates and claim that an app is ready, but it’s really just a demo. Planet Romeo have been delivering translated products since 2014, so they know what they are doing!


PlanetRomeo Review– What do we know about it and is it scam or legit?

PlanetRomeo is a social network built on an Instagram-like concept. In this review we look into how it works, what it is focused on and who the owner is.

What is PlanetRomeo? How does it work?

PlanetRomeo is a social network that has a very focused section of the market. They focus on relationships and on lifestyle. The concept is to help users better their lives by sharing with others and by making connections with like minded people. The business model of PlanetRomeo involves matching users with similar interests so that they may benefit from their experience.

PlanetRomeo may have started out in dating, however this is no longer the purpose of the network. PlanetRomeo focuses on relationships with people from around the world. If you are interested in finding a partner based on similar interests then PlanetRomeo can be used to find like minded people. The rest of the members are really just there to exchange ideas or connect with somebody interested in the same topics as you.


PlanetRomeo is a time proven software for evolutionary travel. It was created by an experienced scientific software engineer and focuses on ease of use and simplicity.

Nothing is rocket science or complicated; all you need is the Internet, to communicate to other people and there are no network connection problems. But this is not all. You need to know how to handle differences in age and body weight. Everyone is different, especially in the body weight department.

Therefore, your age and body weight must be considered when planning your trip. In fact, the weight difference in the passengers is one of the considerations when planning the tour. The minimum recommended weight for the tour is 55 kg and the maximum should be 110 kg for women and 120 kg for men. The maximum difference in the ages is 10 years, which means members can have different age gap. Also, there are weight restrictions on air carriage.

The PlanetRomeo Team has worked with many different tours in all parts of the world and offers the best experience ever. Please make sure you are in the weight and age groups required in order to select the correct tour.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of PlanetRomeo are what you expect. This is just a review after all; there was no review without any cons.


There are a few pros we can list here:

Plenty of sites are verified.


There are only so many cons that fall within the standards of a review:

  • No customer support
  • Very few advanced options
  • Sometimes difficult to use
  • Some people have had issues with email delivery
  • Other sites might offer more

Going back to the price, it’s an easy way to get a new account and save money on the first use. The only way to get your money back would be to break up with your partner and have no use of the account.

If you find yourself breaking up with your partner, then you’ll want to make sure you’re using a better dating site anyway.

Which dating site is right for you?

PlanetRomeo is also your solution when you want to meet new people. It’s free to join and you can begin creating your profile now.

You don’t even have to pay to meet your perfect match! All PlanetRomeo’s members join for free and can contact each other for free. So, join today and grow your dating empire – it’s free and easy.

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