PositiveSingles Review — What Do We Know About It?

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How Does PositiveSingles Work?

Most of the time, you’ve probably seen a dating website that always had you thinking, “that’s a bit too good to be true, right?” Usually, it is just way too good to be true, and any romance that comes from it is too good to be true too.

PositiveSingles is different. It’s not the most popular dating site out there, but they know what they’re doing and have people counting on them for giving full satisfaction for their services.

This dating site is unlike other sites around and provides more for everybody involved. It DOES cost money but the amount that you have depends on what you need.

The way the site works is you pay for your membership on a monthly basis. This is the main draw back as the positives of having this type of dating site costs money upfront for everyone involved.

However, this site is quite popular and has a lot of members for a reason. Their service is second to none, and their plan is here to make sure that everyone has what they need to start off on a better footing and then the relationship can take on its own course.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

It’s as easy as filling in a form and getting to work. Notifications for profile submissions happen once every 24 hours, so it gives you the chance to re-evaluate your submission after you’ve had time to think about it.
Sample profiles include:

  • Cyber stalkers
  • Disgruntled exes
  • Current flames
  • Cheaters
  • Serial daters
  • Brand Affiliates
  • Escorts
  • The’s and he’s
  • The keepers of Bad Relationships
  • Couples who have been together for a long time
  • People looking for new ways to flirt…

Once you fill out your basic information, you can upload some photos and add a video. Photos that are taken using the application are not uploaded automatically so you will have to add them, but that does not take long and the quality is always good.

In the following section, the questions will show up with a small preview of the answer alongside them, and everything is very simple. The field hint cards tend to be a bit more helpful than the ones in the dating sites, but check out the manual if you need some more guidance.

What About Design and Usability?

All the user guides and help can be found on the front page of the website prominently. It is easy to work with PositiveSingles website and the system is completely up to date. If you are looking for a professional and modern dating site that has advanced security against scam, you have come to the right place.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Most dating sites have a huge range of features for members to browse. The positive singletons site does not hold back on anything.

As far as standard online dating profile options go, it has a huge collection of them. A wide range of photos and more than the standard options of dates and friends are available.

The PositiveSingles team also states that its focus is less on credit card numbers and drivers license, these things are not required to create a profile.

This site has gained a lot of attention over the years for its fantastic ratings and success at connecting couples and singles. All of its discussion forums and social media are extremely active, and this can only mean good things for the site, and the members.

The Mobile Application

The positiveSingles mobile application is a worthwhile application to take into consideration. It can be used on virtually any Android or iOS device. If you are like most, you have had a tough time trying to connect with someone that matches up to you. Now you have the chance to take your dating life into your own hands by using a mobile application. This application is able to give you a lot of information that can help you in your search for that perfect match!

One of the best features of the positiveSingles mobile application is the ability to place yourself into a specific type of relationship that you are seeking. This means that you can find someone that is compatible with your interests and personality. Additionally, you can find someone with the same religious beliefs, as well as the same ethnic heritage. Most people cannot always find that one person that whom they can connect on an emotional level. However, the positiveSingles mobile application will allow you to preform this type of search. The application allows you to select between 5 different levels of compatibility.

Safety & Security

PositiveSingles credit card information is fully encrypted.
2. NegativeSingles credit card information is not stored on third party servers.
3. PositiveSingles homepage is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.
4. PositiveSingles email account is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption.
5. Successful matching ensures that you won't be contacted by another member.
6. PositiveSingles makes take various precautionary measures to ensure that your safety.

Pricing and Benefits

It is not too difficult to see that PositiveSingles does cost a little more than other dating sites. But in the long run it is cheaper, because once you create your personalized profile with a picture, you can communicate with other members in more than 30 languages. Free messaging, email and bulletin boards, search tools and many other features are included at no cost.

But this of course doesn’t mean to say that you will be flocking to pay the full price to join. PositiveSingles has a prepaid trial membership that is very affordable. It is called their Plus Membership, but it is more than enough for you to fully explore every facet of the dating world on their site and take advantage of everything else it has to offer.

If you do make the decision to sign up Full Membership, then you will have the ability to post a profile picture.

Do Not Believe Time To Join Them? Go –Positive Singles– their site and get free 1 Month trial membership.
The best feature is their –Search By Location” which can turn up singles by their location around the world, and allows you to talk with those you are interested in.

This is a great way to narrow down the field of available members while making sure you are actually talking to someone local.

Help & Support

PositiveSingles is a Christian online dating site. They claim to have been founded by gospel-based believers in order to provide an easier way to connect with other people.

They want their time spent on the site to be looking to meet people who have the same beliefs that they do and that the site meets them at their needs. Their goal is to provide a service that brings people together.

The site’s free membership is available to all kinds of people. On their website they state that Christians make up the majority of members, but they also have a large percentage of Jewish and Islamic clients as well.

They also state that you can find a person on the site who is looking to relate to you in the same way you are.

Due to the need for finding people who have the same beliefs, they have a forum that you can join and post messages for people to read.

However, other then a message board to meet people on, the site appears to have a fake profile section that instead has bios and fabricated photos of other people for people to view.

The site is available to countries worldwide and accepts people from all over. There are no age, gender or racial requirements.


Is PositiveSingles Safe?

PositiveSingles is a legitimate dating site and has 23,000 members in the USA and more than half a million members in over 100 countries. It’s safe to assume that there would’ve been enough time to observe any potential issues since starting this site in 2005.

PositiveSingles is an investment.

It wasn’t a proper investment for me since I couldn’t make enough money with it but it was for a guy who joined in 2010 and made over a million dollars.

Since the people who joined in 2016 have joined this site in the last 6 months, I personally don’t know if PositiveSingles would be an investment for you or not. But in the recent history of this dating site, this site has moved from 20 USD to 220 USD to 800 USD in a matter of 7 weeks.

That’s pretty convincing for me.

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve reached out to the owner of this site to get VIP access to the members. So I was able to make some money.

Is PositiveSingles a Real Dating Site?

PositiveSingles is a paid dating site and is not a scam.

The site was launched in 2012 and is owned by PositiveSingles, Inc. It is a trusted, high quality online dating service that is available world wide.

The type of positive singles you find here are affirmatively, genuinely nice people who truly want to make a difference in the world. By signing up, you will be part of their online community and you will be invited to join events that you can attend and meet others who are also interested in being nice to each other.

PositiveSingles has a great reputation and customer service is exceptional.

It has been reviewed in the independent media and has received very good reviews. Click the link to see the review we did about PositiveSingles.

How to Use PositiveSingles?

Singles sites can come with added challenges for both the men and women looking for a match. Yet a word of caution because we are talking about the third kind of dating sites. Here are the PositiveSingles steps:

  • Registering your free account
  • Select your desired gender, age and location
  • Search through the profiles and choose your match
  • Flirt and start a chat

For the women it is recommended to select a profile picture for the men to be able to be attracted to you. If you are looking for a good starting point that can help you create your profile, then this is how PositiveSingles works:

{1}. Create a profile. Every profile must be well described.
{2}. Select your 5 photographs and add your full biography.
{3}. Choose a matching algorithm that most represents your personality.

How can you find your ideal match? There are two main steps.

{1}. By matchmaking given your profile
{2}. Matchmaking by using existing successful matching algorithms.

As per what most users say, this is how they find their ideal match.

{1}. Select and choose the matching algorithm.
{2}. Fill your profile by describing yourself, and your interests
{3}. Hosting your profile to prevent spammers, trolls or harassing users.
{4}. Get ready to put yourself into the waiting list of chats.

Is PositiveSingles Free?

Yes, it’s 100% free for singles looking for love, romance, and friendship.

Does PositiveSingles Really Work?

PositiveSingles is a dating website that is dedicated to helping singles find the best kind of relationship. They seem to have a goal of finding you a date that suits you and your needs perfectly, and we think it’s a worthy goal to shoot for in dating mats. They can even deliver you a date within 24 hours if you join up for a subscription fee.

With a free membership, you can search through profiles of singles and get email alerts when new ones apply and complete their registration. You can also read articles, blogs and news about relationship trends and search through your top matches.

For a small monthly subscription fee, the searchable database of singles is a lot bigger, and you can search through their best matches without free navigation.


Crap or Not?

Know a lot about NegativeSingles? Read our article to understand more about the broker and find out why it may the perfect way to meet a person who matches your desires and needs. You can also view all our reviews of all scammers, brokers and dating sites at PositiveSingles is one of possibly all dating site in the market that have had quite a lot of negative reviews. In fact, it is the most often referred to dating site of this type, but it is also the most likely to host a scam. However, it is probably reasonable to assume that such a deal is possible only by the planners of the workshop, people who have confidence in the reliability of the site theyre entering. Let's see how we can save money on them and contact with people of the opposite sex and how they are easy to use.

Pros and Cons

"(90+ positive reviews) …has every single feature most people would ever need when finding a match and the price is equal to that of several other services."

{1}. Free to Sign Up
{2}. Browse Profiles Worldwide
{3}. Chat Via Email, Facebook or ICQ
{4}. Create Risk-free Public Profiles
{5}. Fill out Detailed Resumes
{6}. Evaluate Potential Matches
{7}. Post a Personal Ad
{8}. Manage your private photo albums (100s of photos)
{9}. Protect your info with credit-card-verified security check
{10}. Elite Matches are reviewed by two leading relationship experts who can immediately tell if two people are compatible
{11}. International membership base with recurring members from all over the world
{12}. Follow an Elite connection if you're interested in long-term affairs
{13}. Elite members can use advanced matching tools to find their perfect match
{14}. Rate Elite members ONLY on the Elite Match System

Which dating site is right for you?

The majority of people who register with the PositiveSingles dating service are looking to meet other singles in their neighborhood. Looking at the site's demographics, it is clear that this dating service loves to promote the idea that its clients are looking to find love where they live.

If you have been on the hunt for the ideal dating site for several months, you have probably been frustrated by the nature of most online dating services. Yes, there are some good ones, but most of them come with a host of limitations.

PositiveSingles is one of the latter. This is the kind of dating service that I can confidently say I would recommend to almost anyone looking to find happiness.

This online dating service has just a couple major advantages when compared to the competition. That being said, it still has some of the same pitfalls.

The main benefits of the PositiveSingles online dating service are:

{1}. It does not have fees for dating.
{2}. It has a very comprehensive and lengthy listing system.
{3}. The fees are completely optional.

One very prominent aspect of this dating service is its commitment to its customers. The amount of information you will receive with each article, post, and news update is on a level rarely seen.

On positive singles.

If you are a single looking for a long-term partner, you can just scroll through dozens of personal ads or arrange a date with a person you clicked like on Facebook by searching his name. But it’s no fun to get rejected everyday so here comes the Positive Singles Review.

You can get an idea if he is a positive person and if he is hoping for the same things from the relationship.

If you are a single, online dating can be a great choice if you have a lot of stuff on your mind already. While browsing through the profiles of hot girls on our dating site, we can recall the times when we fell in love with one of those girls at first sight at the coffee shop, library, or even grocery store. If you are looking for the same thing during a dating session online, then the Positive Singles Review can help.

they can provide the kind of emotional support that is hard to find in casual dating

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And, what’s more important, from any user’s perspective.

In the case of PositiveSingles, we have got the data after we have tested it with HitTester tool.

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  • PositiveSingles Member
  • PositiveSingles June 2015 Matches

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