Single Parent Match review – what do we know about it?

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How does Single Parent Match work?

We don't actually have access to the back end of the system. The customer service agents who answer the phone have no usable details about people who are actually using the site. They simply have a list of names and email addresses of people who have put themselves into the system.

They can send you a message if it's important to you to know how you're doing against your competitors. I think it would be fair to say that it's about as useful as advertising a job on a dating site because the numbers of likely candidates for the position don't match those seeking it. Businesses using it seem to find the information useful, but not in the way the system is intended to be used.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration for Single Parent Match is totally FREE.

In fact, the signup process is quick, easy and straightforward.

You’re asked to select your interests (i.e., relationship, internet dating, romance, friendship and communication) and just a few more details.

What about design and usability?

This is a well designed tool that has the power to help the single parent as well as the child or children and is very easy to use. The focus is on creating a single parent community, for the sole purpose of providing support for the people that are trying to cope with such a situation. Apart from that, the tool has all the necessary features like a patent-pending algorithm, a user-friendly interface with menu and sub-menu, calendar, notes, avatars, and much more.

In addition, the tool can use geolocation to create a single parent community that consists of people with the same location, profession, or age. And everything is available for free.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Here. We will check out the Single Parent Match’s scores and let you can get to know everything about this dating app.


There are in total over 10,000 members in the Singles Parent Match. There are interesting people for everyone out there and you can be sure to find a match. The numbers are pretty high, and you can read about members who join this dating app every second. This is the most popular dating app for single parents so the options are high. There are so many single people who are looking for friends and sometimes family. You can find at least someone who is ready to become your family.

SMP is a great place to meet again with the special person who made you happy as you decided to become a single parent together. Singles with children are looking for a long-term relationship so you can find some great dating app for single parents that you will understand. SMP is a great person to meet someone and for you to find an online match who is also a single parent.

You can make friends and possibly fall in love while you are meeting new people. Singles Parent Match is a great opportunity to build you relationship too.

The mobile application

Reviews Single Parent Match through its main functions; also it examines the reviews on app store.

According to its users, Single Parent Match app helps single parents to find potential partners for dating in their area. The app was developed in 2014. Single Parent Match app has many reviews on the market.

We analyzed many opinions of users while reviewing Single Parent Match app. The statistics of this are grouped on the basis of the applications functions, the opinion of users and their ratings on each device in which the app is installed.

Safety & security

The biggest feature is that no additional fee is required for using this app.

In case of unavailability of live chat customer support service, the app provides a 24-hour email support.

Free Search

The app provides a free search that allows users to filter users according to a variety of criteria, including gender, age, distance, and religion.

Satisfaction Determination

Based on the profile of each user created by the user, the app directly displays only relevant and genuine users.

Security Record

The app checks and analyses the user’s profile to provide a better experience to users.

Single Parent Match review – What do we know about it?

Squirrel Feeder

The app is very useful for those who want to feed squirrels more conveniently.

Stress Reliever

Single Parent Match provides an opportunity for both parents to get introduced to the other worlds and thus reducing any type of anxiety or stress.

Service Facilities

The app can be helpful in meeting a compatible partner to support and understand each other better.

Making Friends

People can get introduced to each other by using the app that enables single parents to creates a group of like-minded people.

A Free Lunch

As this app provides a more reliable match between single parents and single parents only can use the app.

Pricing and benefits

Overall, Single Parent Match – the leading free dating site for single parents – has a free dating website and an online dating service that costs money. There is also a fairly good paid website and mobile app called SingleParentMatch & Mobile Match.

Single Parent Match free dating website does not offer any discounts for paid members. It also does not offer a monthly subscription to the online dating service. It does not offer a one-month free trial to the free dating community.

The single parent dating website does offer some sort of paid membership with some sort of discount.

Single Parent Match offers free email and chat credits.

This dating website and mobile app costs money to use.

Single Parent Match offers some sort of paid membership which maybe have some sort of discount.

Single Parent Match has a mobile app for iPhone. But with no discount.

Once you sign up for any subscription service you will get the following:

{1}. Unlimited chat and video calls.
{2}. No limitation to messages.
{3}. Members area where you can post photos, write blogs, chat and many others.

The free dating website Single Parent Match offers all of the above.

99% of the free members can send unlimited messages.

Help &support

Single Parent Match can help you in your struggle with childcare and other daily chores. Your children’s future depends on it. We know it, and we know you share our concerns about It! Don’t worry though as Home General Insurance understands. We have combined factors that will help you to change that worried look on your face to a smile.

If you are a single parent then you must be having a lot of work to worry about the kids. There is no one to help you, while in reality you need the help the most!

A lot of single parents put in huge efforts to make sure the kids are happy. They are the ones who take care of the kids the entire day. Parents put in a lot of hard work while bringing up the child. Even tough they are pulling their best, they forget the needs of their child in return.

It is a tough time to be a single parent and requires a lot of your time and effort. Make the task easier for you by making sure you do get help. This is why you should try Single Parent Match.


Your children tell about a big story, they open to mysterious dream, or perhaps a long-term trauma. It’s a terrible feeling in which your child looks at you with eyes full of tears and asks you, – Why do you have to be a single parent?” or, – Why do you have to be the only one who loves me? Why are you not together with my father?” –Why” seems to be one of the most important and thoughtful questions any child can ask.

The single parent is often not an easy role to occupy. Among the biggest factors that you have to take into consideration is the behavior of your children. Children from single parents tend to mimic behavior that are seen in their parents. As the behavior is observed and admired, children adopt it and therefore, a negative behavior becomes a negative pattern of behavior.

Why it’s important for children to have a meeting with a Parent?

–When children go through the most interesting periods of their lives, themselves become the most interesting subjects”

Is Single Parent Match safe?

Single Parent Match is an adult matching site that allows you to meet and form relationships with other single parents, like yourself, from all over the world.

Single Parent Match's safe-for-kids policies include:

There are plenty of single parent dating sites that claim to connect single parents, and Single Parent Match certainly isn’t the worse of the bunch. In fact, it’s not the worst dating site we’ve seen either.

There are a few issues, though. First, single parent dating sites generally aren’t the place to meet someone with whom you are interested in having a relationship. You’ll run into the exact same problem that you would have online dating websites too.

One thing to be aware of that’s rarely mentioned is that this site seems to have a bit of a double standard on the profiles, as well. Single Parent Match does not allow you to have a profile that shows someone you’re dating, whereas similar sites allow it.

If you’re in a serious relationship, Fine.

If you’re in something casual, on the other hand, it could be considered embarrassing for someone to see. This is no longer about dating alone. Now that you have kids, your personal life has to change.

Is Single Parent Match a real dating site?

Single Parent Match is a real dating website and not a scam or a hoax. You can trust our reviews as we have checked Single Parent Match thoroughly and are our top rated dating sites. All our member profiles will be reviewed and checked thoroughly.

But despite all this, Single Parent Match cannot be held responsible of the real behavior of its members and how they carry their dating lives out.

Whether you are looking for true love, a one night stand, a date or even a serious relationship, you need to be careful and ensure you only date people who are real and not scammers.

Always check someone's profile for photos and a quick review of the member bios before you decide to arrange to meet them. The best way is to have a friend approach the person for a review.

You need to don't trust a website's promise that you can find compatible single parents there. Although Single Parent Match claims that it will do its best to pair you with compatible people, they cannot guarantee that you will find someone you will find compatible.

Rather than trusting anything that a dating site promises, you will need to find out for yourself. They may have success stories for a reason, before caution. If you are planning to meet a person online, meet them in real life first and only then decide if you want to go on for further dates.

How to use Single Parent Match?

What’s the Number One Thing You Should Know?

You can use our service whenever you need to find others like you. It’s a free service and you can also use it to make friends, look for new dates and even find a soulmate.

Signing up is a simple four-step process. Here’s what you should know:

{1}. Provide your basic personal profile to us, adding the answers to our basic questions such as your age, weight, hobbies, etc.
{2}. Do a background check on you, it only takes a few minutes.
{3}. Add the people you would like to meet to your request list and select what kind of relationship you would like to have.
{4}. Start Your Match” Know That "It’s A Free Service"

You'll only pay the price of your favorite beverages while using our primary communication tools. For some reason, there’s a continual misconception that we charge you for this service. We don't. Also, put in your profile if you are already helping to pay for the service, like using a premium status.

Is Single Parent Match free?

Yes, Single Parent Match is 100% free to join.

Does Single Parent Match really work?

Single Parent Match has been filling the void for single parents who need an extra helping hand. The founders of the site were single parents themselves when the business idea was born, and wanted to help other single parents who are also struggling to get through the day. They saw the need for a consolidated portal where single parents could find the right people to help, and give them the resources to overcome their issues.

Social media marketing has proved to be the secret behind the success of Single Parent Match. It’s grown with the help of social media outlets, and that’s why social is a big part of their marketing strategy, too.

The site also implements a great affiliate marketing program to grow their business. That’s why becoming a rewards partner is a great way to get paid and help keep Single Parent Match successful.

We mentioned that referrals are part of the success of Single Parent Match. It really does come down to word of mouth. If you love the site, you will tell your friends about it. If Single Parent Match fails, it won’t be because the social media marketing isn’t working.

So, Single Parent Match is supported by social media and happily makes referrals as part of their marketing strategy. It’s a great company to work with.


Single Parents Match is a site dedicated to helping single parents looking for companionship or married people in search of a little extra fun.

The single parent dating site is a niche dating site for single parents. The main focus is to help people find a compatible partner.

Among the unique single parent dating conscritption of the site are a strict refusal-to-pay policy and no hiding of real profile pictures.

The actual Single Parents Match website is very straightforward and easy to use. The whole thing consists of a simple chatroom and profile page where you can add your pictures and personal info.

In total, there are 6200 members, most of them are currently paying, and you get three free hours to check out the site.

The chatroom for Single Parents Match is more than just quick introductions. On the contrary, real conversations, involvement, and sharing of opinions happen here daily.

When you register, you are asked to select a few interests and activities that you are willing to partecipate in. After registering, and after completing your profile you can start to search through the members in your city. Then you are ready to start chatting.

Single Parents Match include a money back guarantee. This offer is valid only if you are unable to meet a compatible partner. If you arrange a date and you`re not satisfied, you`ll get your money back.

Pros and Cons

Of Single Parent Match
Single Parent Match is a dating website that helps single parents (SMPs) find compatible people to date. It is available three services accessible via web, mobile and desktop. The service is free for all users, however upgrading the services requires a subscription plan. The service caters to children needs, which are listed as follows:

FREE features:

  • FILE – log on a new people for speed dating
  • BASIC – allows you to browse online register on the site and start match-making
  • ADULT – allow people to enter their age, their location and their preferences

FREE subscription:

BASIC – the standard interface that allows people to chat online, express their interest. You can still search, browse and connect with people.

ADULT – allows adults to make a profile, search, browse, chat and meet. Adult service does not allow you to input age or location.

ADULT PLUS – allows sign-up, searching, chatting, sending and receiving messages, discovering profiles and setting contact preferences. You can also indicate how far you are willing to travel for a date and your age to have a more personalized experience on the site.

Which dating site is right for you?

We all have different personal preferences for the dating sites we use whether it’s with our friends, family or in general.

To help you decide, we’ve decided to divide the dating sites up into two categories – Single parent match and dating sites for the over 50s.

The first category is for anyone who wants to meet someone locally (i.e. in your city), and the second category is for anyone willing to travel to find a new partner.

Our process for rounding up dating sites is more important than ever these days. People want to make sure they’re having the best experience possible.

We have a huge list of dating sites for you to browse through. But it takes more than just scrolling through profiles to find out which site is right for you.

You have to check out and sign up for each and every site before you can see who’s on there and whether you’d even have interest. Don’t think we’ve met anyone that has ignored our pro-tip, – Signup for as many dating sites as you can. It’s the only way you can see who’s on there.”

You can know a lot about a website using a great tool available online ․ What We Know About It. It will tell you how long a website has been online, the pages that are most visited, and the technology the website uses.