WildBuddies Review – What do we Know about It?

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How Does WildBuddies Work?

WildBuddies is a unique squirrel proof feeder hanging seed feeder designed to deter squirrels from eating the food from your bird feeder. It is made by Wild Bison, a leader in the wildlife feeder industry.

Squirrels feeders are designed to prevent squirrels from traveling to and eating from the feeders. You will have to hang the feeder to allow the seed holder to extend and food to fall into the feeder from where it can be eaten by seed eating birds. On the other hand, squirrels feeders are spaced to prevent one squirrel from eating from more than one feeder.

Squirrels feeders are designed to protect the entire squirrel family from predators while allowing large birds and other backyard animals to eat safely. It is important to note that Squirrels may not take advantage of this feeder because of the dabs of peanut butter on the perch that encourage the squirrels to leave the feeder before it is nearly empty.

Registration – Is it Really Easy?

WildBuddies is a very comprehensive system. It is possible to register with just an email and you don’t need to upload any photos, evaluations, recommendations, or star ratings to the site.

It’s also really simple to use the program to make your account. …

How Are the Results Derived?

Every agreement and review is open to the public, and Wildbuddies wants to give you lots of options. If you don’t mind, you can give out your direct email address, your phone number, your name and location, and other contact details.

If you’re a bit nervous about going with a perfectly free internet-based program, WildBuddies gives you the option to enter your credit card information to pay with Paypal.

How Is the Money Used?

In addition to rewarding Paypal users, WildBuddies also gives you the option to donate to one of the charities they are partnered with.

If you’d like to make a donation, just click on the option in the membership agreement to do so. You can choose between the charities of the WildLife Care Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Primate Foundation of America.

What about Design and Usability?

The design of WildBuddies is fantastic, not because of its cool appearance, but because of the functionality, which is surprisingly good. You will need to attach one battery to each pet. You can attach WildBuddies with the included screw-mount and need to drill a hole into your wall if you want to place a battery and WildBuddies on the other side. I think, this is the only way to create this battery system.

After you download the WildBuddies App> you will see a map of your yard and where are your pets. A colored dot shows you where in your yard are the WildBuddies and where the animals are. For example, if one of the WildBuddies is on the way to your pet, you will see a flashing red dot.

There is no subscription valid for WildBuddies, but you can increase your battery life.

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

I had some trouble deciding whether I should have set up WildBuddies as a solo reviewer over at the Bored Panda Marketplace or ask my husband to join me. With WildBuddies he gets to go out of the house, do a fun little task and get paid for it, while I get to raise awareness and raise money for the nonprofits we both love to donate to.

I am a bit more on the introverted side when I am working on a certain task (taking a shower is a good example of this, I am sure you all know what I mean. It is certainly not the tile that makes me want to not do something, but rather the fact that I don’t want to get all wet and do the actual work that I need to do afterward) and he is more the extroverted one.

After some discussion we decided to set the system up as a two person job. Since I can have the more introverted, but as important, part first, and he may not even show up for one of his outings.

Just to give an example. One of my friends called me because she had gotten a WildBuddies assignment with me. It was market research ” how do the products fit together? I immediately closed the browser, deleted the link and deleted the emails that asked me to respond to certain questions. Luckily, the model fell for that one.

The Mobile Application

The mobile application can be used to monitor the pups (we’re sorry, they’re not dogs) in the WildBuddies nursery. It will also allow you to monitor their feed and water requirements.

I loved the fact that the application allows you to interact with the pups. They actually have names, you can say hello and greet them, play with them, and change the background in your notification settings.

It will also send you a notification when they are full and you need to feed them more!

However, this app just provides you with the status of the pups at home.

What I really like about the app is that it makes you feel like you are actually taking care of these little guys in a way that you couldn’t see in the nursery. Check out the features below to learn more.

Safety & Security

Whip out that credit card, because the WildBuddies System is an environmentally safe, potentially life-saving wildlife deterrent for home property and business commercial use. This program is also touted to be a highly effective at deterring coyotes, foxes and other wildlife from roving and setting up dens on your property.

Targeted towards residential, commercial and RIFS users, WildBuddies is a revolutionary way to identify and deter coyotes, foxes, and the taller gray foxes, from your lawn and other property. After an initial set-up, installation of this system is a simple, three step process. Removing this deterrent is just as simple.

WildBuddies offer this potential protection for your home, business or RIFS from these predators by utilizing proprietary state-of-the-art equipment that effectively targets coyotes, fox, and short-term and long-term hunting dens of these predators.

WildBudies – Coyote Deterrent System Affordable

WildBuddies catered towards both business residential and RIFS users, is a proven protective method of effectively deterring predators and giving advantage for property owners.

Pricing and Benefits

The WildBuddies are reasonably attractive to animals and are especially successful for rabbits, squirrels and groundhogs as they can eat seeds, nuts, and breads.

The wildbuddies are made of food-grade and are made out of different types of seeds, nuts and grains.

Therefore, the wildbuddies are preventing the animals from going to waste and from taking the foods from our properties.

Another benefit of the wildbuddies is they can conveniently be placed on the ground or the tree.

They are in the shape of berries and therefore they can attract different type of animals such as birds, butterflies and squirrels.

The wildbuddies can also be used as an animal attractor for cats, wild gerbils and rabbits in the rabbit hutches.

It is made from No.5 plastic and therefore they are environmentally friendly materials. This will not only help humans live prettyly but also the animals as well.

Another benefit of the wildbuddies is that they are used in controlling insect populations as well. This is a big benefit for both insects and humans as they only eat the specified food and will leave your plants or vegetables alone.

Help & Support

For any questions, you can just visit the official website of the WildBuddies Indiegogo campaign or contact them at any time via their website.

They promise to try to answer all of your queries, contact them directly and reply them within 24 hours.

You can find their phone number, email address and website below:


How does it really work?

WildBuddies is a squirrel trap that can be installed on your home’s attic and can yield results in as little as 10 days. The product claims to catch and lure squirrels to your trap with ease. But how does this work when every home has different conditions and the species of squirrel also varies?

The wild friends from Wildbuddies can be installed in a very short amount of time. The specific installation instructions state that you have to begin by measuring the area, removing any obstructions immediately and drilling and screwing the structural pieces.

The manufacturers claim that the WildBuddies will always protect you from the bites of the squirrels that are in the process of being trapped and that you will be safe. For this, it also requires that you be aware of three squirrels- the ones that are currently in your attic, the ones which will be caught and the ones that are not caught and will have the chance to find the entrance to your attic.

There are some questions on the direction of the traps. The response from Wildbuddies is that you can install the traps in any direction desired.

We suggest, however, that you go for the dorsal position, which fits on the main entrance of the attic. Alternatively, the traps can also be placed in any place your home allows for, the instructions on the product claim.

Is WildBuddies Safe?

WildBuddies is for the birds. In my honest opinion, I believe I would not invest my hard earned dollars into a wild bird feeder when I could go out and do that myself. There are better deals if you look at other wild bird feeders instead, like the Sunflower Seed feeder.

It is important to know that when it comes to squirrels, they do not compete for food. That is why you should also invest in squirrel guards.

There are a lot of other bird feeders you can consider, that do come with guards that will eventually spook the squirrels away from your feeder and leave it alone.

Is WildBuddies a Real Dating Site?

It is believed that WildBuddies is a real dating site. Its main purpose is to place individuals of the opposite sex, then let them connect with each other, step by step. This development is very good, as it helps singles find their life partner in an online dating environment.

How to Use WildBuddies?

When you’re looking for a place to drop your WildBuddies, you’ll just want to put it somewhere outdoors. This can be a park, a built-up outdoor space, a neighbor’s yard, a forest area, or even your own backyard.

With a handful of WildBuddies in each cup, all you have to do is get the kids in the car, go to the place you decided to plant the WildBuddies, and then just scatter them.

If you’re interested, you can use all kinds of wild plants that are virtually weed-free as well as suitable for Minnesota soils. Even though the seeds are highly nutritious, they remain unnoticeably small and can therefore be scattered in a large area without risk of trampling.

Hybrid wild grasses should be scattered in smaller or larger groups of 10-20 seeds in any area, bushier or more compact grasses in groups of 20-40 in any small areas, and low grasses in groups of 40-80 in the smallest areas.

Is WildBuddies Free?

It looks like WildBuddies is indeed 100% free for everyone. In fact, this isn’t just any other marketing & advertising scheme. It truly is a well thought out program designed with your best interests in mind. Unlike many other programs that may appear to be legitimate, WildBuddies does not test your credit history, your income, or any other aspect of your background before requesting to connect you with its members.

On the other hand, WildBuddies actually does require you to provide them with some important information about yourself, including where you work, your level of income, where you live, your marital status, your age, how many children you have, your nationality, your education background, your relevant experience, and other personal details. You can obviously consider any of those things to be relevant to "your lifestyle", but you may find them a little bit too intrusive for your tastes.

Once you have entered the application process, you will be asked to create a username and password. You will then be sent an authorization code that will be given to you to enter into the application to activate it. You also have the option to use an email address as your username. You will also have the option to save your username and password to your phone, and email you will also be given by email, and a link to update your account at any time.

Does WildBuddies Really Work?

WildBuddies claims to help you create a buddy that can control your pet dog. According to the official director, the product is based on a one-of-a-kind patent-pending formula that helps develop and maintain a deeper and more intimate relationship.

In this way, you will be able to create a truly unique bond with your dog, and a companion that will also be a lot more responsive to you than other dogs.

The product is designed so that it's easy to use. All you need to do is to apply the formula on your dog's paws and/ or ears at the start of each day. It should then be used regularly to create a bond and to see any expected results.

For example, WildBuddies claims to generate a more obedient, loyal, and responsive dog partner.

This is because they have spent over 8 years developing the WildBuddies formula. They claim that it is stronger than that of other similar dog products, so this is why it does not need to be used too often.

The manufacturer is also confident that this product can help you out with all sorts of dog troubles, including housing aggression, barking and how to simply train your dog.

There is also some science behind this product to support that belief- which is supposed to be about one-third of the formula.


The WildBuddies company was established in 2012 with an aim to make wild animal rehabilitation and education accessible to everyone. They create quality products that allow you to provide food and shelter to wild animals with no hassle.

WildBuddies offer much more than just a feeder that squirrels will use. They offer a full solution with a complete line of products. Their CSACOLEON Aquarium Cleaner Spray removes algae and cleaning crud from acrylic aquariums, keeping the water free of unwanted bacteria and impurities.

In addition to these products, they also offer an RAPTOR: Rodent Abatement Program. This includes both a feeder and a water container. The RAPTOR is designed for squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, mice and bats. The feeder contains corn, the rodent’s most common food.

WildBuddies is able to provide these items to everyday people by offering Kickstarter specials that give pledgers first access to products, and also by continuing with their mission to progress education and awareness of wildlife.

Pros and Cons


The WildBuddies articulating ball can be stored inside the unit that holds them.

The ball helps reduce the number of refills. With a rigid ball, you can expect to need to refill as infrequently as once a week.

This unit can hold up to 24 WildBuddies Balls, boosting your odds of being able to offer the wildlife that lives in your backyard a healthy snack.

The included feeding head is detachable by itself, allowing you to wash the entire ball quickly without worrying about the feeding head.

The included feeding head is made of metal. Plastic parts do not hold up well in the cold or under water, and tend to crack or shatter.

The feeding tip does include a suction cup, allowing you to mount it to the ground.

The feeding head can be removed quickly and used in a number of different ways depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.


The cleaning brush that is included may be beneficial in keeping your WildBuddies ball in tip-top shape, but is often unnecessary. You will find that the ball stays clean on its own as it gets worked on.

The balls can break or get scratched if you don’t handle them with care.

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